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Vocab Lesson 20


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the remains of something that no longer exists ; Memory is one of the most important duties of the mind, for it is the only aspect which preserves the marks and vestiges of our experiences.
charming, sweetly engaging ; Little children often appear winsome and innocent, but don't be fooled - they can be real devils.
lively, spirited ; When I think of an optimist, I think of an overly-vivacious, unrealistic ignoramus just itching to turn hell's backyard into a playground.
to compete, to contest ; If a 2,000 pound bull and Chuck Norris were to vie for the title of rowdiest animal, Chuck Norris would down the bull in less than 1/7609.43 seconds. You can bet on it.
workable, capable of living and growing, able to succeed ; Speaking about problems can often help, but drugs are the only viable solution in every circumstance.
the highest point ; I am the pinnacle and zenith of ultimate swagger.
explosive, tends to burn quickly ; Mrs. Oldham tends to use the word 'volatile' a lot in reference to chemicals during our labs.
yearning, sad longing, a gentle desire ; When I am old I sincerely hope that I do not become too wistful for the "good old days."
to defame, to slander, to blacken the character of ; The prospect of vilifying me is only slightly more likely than the prospect of dethroning God.
extremely poisonous, malignant, full of hate ; It's ironic how one tiny, virulent strand of disease can kill so many.
immoral, lewd, deliberate maliciousness, having no regard for others ; I always thought the word 'wanton' had a much more heinous connotation than this book seems to convey.
wordy ; Being eloquent is not necessarily being verbose. Verbosity can often impede upon meaning, but eloquence is expressing meaning in a incredible way.
to be indecisive or inconsistent, to fluctuate in opinion ; One must be strong in opinion and action; to waver on any said decision portrays weakness and ineptitude in all fields.
a person with great enthusiasm for and commitment to a cause ; Obama is a zealot for change and McCain is a zealot for a "Christian jihad."
intense, forceful, marked by strong feeling ; When lying, one must not vehemently deny any allegations presented against him. This only serves to overemphasize and make said lie rather strained and obvious.

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