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pol 140 exam 3


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Convention on international trade in Endadered Species- prevents adverse impact of trade on vunerable species of animals
Chipko Movement
india--> women--> advocate conservism
Kyoto Protocol
Un requires 30 of the most devoloped countries to cut CO2 by 5%
United Nations Enviroment Programme- claims that 1/3 of cropland has been abandoned due to soil erosion
Food and agricultural oganization- leads programs to teach women farming/ agricultural techniques
flees country and recognized by international law -UN regognition (dangers -US granted asylum (political )
UN peace keeping mission
seperate the warning sides * death by aids than concept
Above the law
most human rights violations (small arms= most damage)
appeal to most people not involved in politics, we are good they are evil
internally displaced person- displaced with country
religion is politics
larger role
war on drugs significant in 2 places:
Mexico & Peru
Bush Docterine
attack them before they attack us
1% Docterine
1% chance we will be attacked, we attack first
Why is China's Foreign Policy described as a peaceful rising?
rise in economic status to be seen as non threatening
1. Jakalejeden 2. Uma
1. ignorance, sickness to the people/begning to infect Islam 2. Uma- community of muslims
we are the exception to the rules, what we do is good
Non Proliferic Treaty
Creating missle defense sheilds/ other countries will then make nukes
unintended consequences of U.S foreign policy unknown to U.S public
National Intelligence Estaimte
U.S is using its military to protect integration/ liberalization of markets
jihadist globalism
narrow section of Islam that wants to use violence to change the world to Islam
Challenges (5)
1. Natural disasters 2. Climate disruption 3. pollution 4. animal migrants 5. water/ food security
non proliferation of nuclear weapons- retricts legal posession of nuclear weapons
Estrada Docterin
named after prime minister- non intervention policy
Institutional revolutionary party: non intervention/ soverignty
Extra territorality
attempt to imporove ones rule outside soverignty
imposing ideas beyond its borders
leader of peru/ ally to the u.s war on drugs
Andean Strategy
goverments that agree to fight drug production in their own countries will receive military assistance
Sani Abacha Regime
critized by Americans yet we still buy their oil and that money supports them.
four maneuvers
1. divides people into good/evil 2. populists attack enemies from moralistic high grounds 3. evocation of crisis which tends towards authoritarism 4. defines the people as homogenous unit welded together by a common will.
3 variations of imperial globalism
1. globalization requires war on terror 2. free markets cannot spread w/o military power 3. America's national security is inexplicibly bound up with global integration

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