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The demonstration of consideration, cooperation and respect when interacting with others is the definition of _________.
Desribe methods that an officer can use to demostrate courtesy.
A) tone of vouice
B) word selection
C) mannerisms
D) attitude
E) respect of others
F) positioning of body
G) driving habits
What are some reson why courtesy is an important element of criminal justice work?
A) public relations
B) image reflects on your agency
C) creates support for officers and you
D) the public is your employer
E) reflects self-respect
What are some techniques to increase public awareness?
A) public opinion polls
B) meet on a regular business with citizens to help explain police procedures
C) relay information to city planners to have them think about crime prevention through better design
List some of the nonlanguage factors which contribute to negative response from the public.
A) officious and oppressive manner
B) disrespectful attitude
C) officious tone of voice
D) use of negative body language
What are the basic principles that must be followed when taking telephone calls?
A) prompt answering
B) appropriate greeting and identification
C) accurate recording of info
D) appropriate intrest and sincerity
F) quick and accurate routing of calls
G) service or info requested is provided
H) courteous termination of call
What are the basic qualitites of voice control that should be used in telephone conversation?
A) alertness
B) pleasantness
C) naturalness
D) distinctness
E) expressiveness
What are the 5 parts of Manslow's hieracrchy of needs?
A) basic needs
B) safety needs
C) relationship needs
D) ego-status needs
E) self-actualization needs
Personal growth, need to be challanged and a need to be creative are part of which set of needs?
self-actualization needs
Explain how a heiarchy influencs human behavior.
A) individual motivation
B) setting priorities
C) action taker
Food, clothing and shelter fall into which need group?
basic needs
Name a few of the characteristics of juvenile offenders.
A) may come from broken homes
B) low income families
C) high ° of irresponsibility
D) unpredictable behavior
E) influenced by peer pressure
What actions can an officer take in response to juvenile offenders?
A) issue cursiry warning
B) counsel and release
C) take names for future refernce
D) take youth home to parents with an explanation of the offense
E) refer to public or private agency
F) arrest and transport to juvenile detention
G) charge and release to parent or guardian
What are the main types of crimes committed against the elderly?
A) con games
B) thefts
C) burglaries
D) neglect/abuse
Desribe characteristics of the elderly population>
A) many live alone
B) many live in fear of crime
C) usually trusting
D) often reluctant to report a crime
E) populaiton is growing
F) elderly commit small % of crimes
G) many have physical dysfunctions
Define "culture".
a set of learned behaviors, values, beliefs, and patters of interaction shared by a group of people.
Define "culture shock".
the result of negative stres humans experience when removed from their native culture and placed in a cultarally diffrent enviroment whithou the skills to cope with change
Cultural effectivness is defined as
the capacity to recognize cultural attributes and use information gathered to effectively function within any given culture
What is ethnicity?
refers to characteristics of people who may share traits of history, national orgins, or cultural patterns.
Define ethnocentric?
my way is better
prejudgement of a person, situation, or group
class of people who may share common physical charateristics
behavior based on predjudice
an exaggerated belief associated with a particular group, the function of which is to justify or rationalize one's attitude and conduct towards members of that group
A psychological and/or behavior problem that impair functionin in daily living is a ____________?
mental disorder
Mental disorders do not include ______,_____________,_____,__________?
mental retardation, developmental disability, simple intoxication, or drug addiction
What are some of the most common types of mental disorders?
thought disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, organic disorders
thought disorders include?
disturbance of speech, communication of thought ie. schizophrenia
mood disorders include?
disturbance in fellings or emotions
ie. depression
What are the most common mental disorders?
thought, mood, personality, organic
What is an example of an organic disorder?
alzheimer's disease
How much of the general population has is mentally retarded?
Can mental retardation be cured?
What are the rights of a deaf person?
right to a interpreter and the right to make a phone call using tlelcommunication device for the deaf
Where does the interpreter for a deaf person stand when you are talking to the deaf person?
1/2 step behind the person speaking
Substance use is
just the use of a substance that alters mental functioning
The associated cognitive behavorial and physiological symptoms indicating that a person has lost control of substance use and continues to use substance regardless of adverse consequences is a _____________?
substance dependence
A dependence on a substance is called ____?
an addiction
When you take a drug you build up a what?
When substances change the user's body system so that the body becomes accustomed to and needs the substance to function normally it is called________?
physical dependence
What are the for ways drugs are taken? and how long?
A) injection - 2min or less
B) inhalation - immediate effect
C) ingestion - delayed 20 or more
D) absorbtion - 20 or more

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