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black tea
leaves rolled, then set to ferment
british east india company
dominated DEIC in the late 1700s to 1800s
james freeman
founded blue bottle caffee in emeryville
family of plants coffee is from
where/when coffeehouse began
600 years ago in Persia
dutch east india company
world's first multinational corporation involved in the drug trade; in 1600s was richest company in the world
camellia sinensis
tea; originated from China and SE Asia
paullinia cupana; from brazil; seed that's dried and ground to make powder to make tea
yerba mate
ilex paraguariensis; primary caffeinated beverage in s america
cola acuminate; from africa; famous as source of name cocacola
when tea was introduced to europe
green tea
leaves picked and briefly heated to kill germs, then rolled to release flavor
coffea arabica
latin name for coffee

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