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Chapter 11 Sec. 1, 2, 3


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Al-Khwarizmi, al-jabr
Who writes about Algebra and what did he call it?
Abu al-Qasim
Who made an encyclopedia on how to make certain drugs and its side effects
1 million square miles
How big is the Arabian Peninsula?
desert plataeu with sparse vegetation
What type of land is the Arabian Peninsula made of?
the City of the Prophet
What is Medina or Al-Medinah also known as?
because some people supported Ali and others supported Uthman
After Ali becomes caliph why does a war break out?
What is the main natural resource of Saudi Arabia?
a tawaf
What is it called when you walk around the Kaaba?
arid desert, little rain, and extreme temperature changes
What type of Climate does the Arabian Peninsula have?
Rabi'ah al-Adawiyah
What is the name of the Sufi slave who was freed because a light shone on her face and later became and writer and poet?
What invention allowed people to chart the stars and find our own position?
General Tariq
Who was a Berber that went against the Visigoths in 711 AD?
The government was broken up into ________
There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger
What is the first pillar of Islam?
True or false: King Abdallah is the only absolute monarch in the world today?
Who is known for differentiating between small pox and measles
________ are groups of slaves which organized into an infantry.
empty quarter
What does the name of the desert in the Arabian Peninsula mean?
a mosque
What is the building that Muslims worship in many times a year called?
no god but allah, muhammad is his prophet
What are two central beliefs of Islam?
community centers
Mosque's were also used as ______
return to Mecca with an army
In 630 AD what do Muhammad and his follwers do?
at an oasis
Where do Arab nomads spend the summers?
What percent of Muslims are Sunni?
What is the struggle to defend the faith?
_______ was considered their highest form of art
Religious minorities grouped into communities are called _________.
Give Zakat
What is the Third Pillar of the Faith?
at pasture lands
Where do Arab nomads spend their winters?
Rub 'al Khali
The Arabian Peninsula has one of the largest deserts. What is it called?
What is it called when multiple wives are allowed?
What does algebra mean?
in Mecca 570 AD
Where was Muhammad born and when?
What religion did Ottomans follow?
there is only one god and his name is Allah
What does the angel say to Muhammad when he sees him?
632 AD
When does Muhammad die?
What year is it in the Muslim calendar?
the woman
________ could refuse a marriage
Muhammad's courtyard
Early mosque's were modeled after ________
pharmaceutical, distillation
Had advances in _________ work and developed _______
What are the chapters of the book of Islam called?
________ is someone who doesn't believe in Islam according to Islam's
They were not allowed images of ________ in their art
Khadijah; 595 AD
Who was Muhammad's first wife and when were they married?
Baghdad, Iraq; Cairo, Egypt; Cordoba, Spain
Name the three caliphates.
a Sultan
Who were the Turks ruled by?
What group lives simple lives devoted to god?
the Ottomans
What group captured Constantinople in 1453?
Who succeeds 'Umar?
the Hijrah
What is the journey called when Muhammad and his followers leave Mecca?
walk around the outside counter clockwise 7 times
What are you supposed to do at the Kaaba?
What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
There is no official _______.
free their slaves
The Qur'an urged people to _________
fight Meccans
From 624-627, what do Muhammad and his follwers do for the next few years?
Abu Bakr
Who was Muhammad's successor?
makes the capital Damascus, Syria
What does Mu'awiyah do?
What is the name for Arab nomads?
What title was given to successors of Muhammad?
geometric; floral
In their art they used mostly _______ and ______ designs.
Pray 5 times a day towards Mecca
What is the Second Pillar of Islam?
Iraq; Kuwait
Saddam Hussein came from what country to attack what other country?
3.7 million square miles
How big is the U.S.?
the father
________ was responsible for the needs of the family
How many figures did the number system they use have?
Shari'a Law
What are the rules called that deal with politics, economics, banking, social issues, etc.?
What was the center of life?
Persian rugs, woven tapestry, and steel swords
The Arabs made and traded, _________, _________, and ________.
Marriages were ________
a lack of drinkable water
What is a big problem for people living on the Arabian Peninsula?
Abu al-Qasim
Who established the first school of pharmacy in Baghdad?
One Thousand And One Nights
Scheherazade was the basis of ______
Which group believes that descendants of Muhammad should decide things?
Make a journey to Mecca atleast once in lifetime
What is the Fifth Pillar of Islam?
an absolute monarchy
What type of government does Saudi Arabia have?
Saud family; 1902
Who established Saudi Arabia, and when was this?
coastal areas for water and milder temperatures
Where do most people go in the Arabian Peninsula and why?
What is the main occupation on the Arabian Peninsula.
Who succeeded Abu Bakr?
Who succeeds Ali?
_______ was allowed up to 4 and means having multiple wives
Jabal Tariq or Rock of Gibraltar
What is the name of the rock that the General of the Berbers passed?
Saudi Arabia
What country is considred Islam's birth place?
same god, qur'an, and hajj
What three things to Sunnis, Shiites, and Sufis have in common?
The three sections that the government was broken up into were called _______
What is Yathrib call today?
Damascus, Syria and Toledo, Spain
What two places did the world famous steel swords come from?
300 million
How many people live in the US?
Manzikert, Turks
At the battle of _________ the ________ defeated the Byzantines in 1071
Muslims did not want the meaning to be mistranslated
Why was the Qur'an not translated into other languages until the 20th century?
Ibn Sina
Who wrote the Canon of Medicine?
Who sent people to other countries to tell them what they saw and than made a map?
pork, alcohol
Muslims cannot eat ______ or drink ______.
the Turks
What was the next group to rule after the Moors?
about 28 million
How many people live in Saudi Arabia?
King Abdallah
Who is the chief of state/head of governent of Saudi Arabian?
Abu Bakr
Who was Muhammad's second wife's father (father-in-law)?
What are direct descendants of Muhammad called?
submission to the will of god
What does Islam mean in Arabic?
What sect did Muhammad follow?
the Qur'an
What is the "bible" of Islam?
the Franks at the Battle of Tours
Who defeated the Moors and at what battle?
their location
_________ was good for trading
What percent of the world's known oil reserves are located in Saudi Arabia?
the Hijrah
What marks the first year of the Muslim calendar called?
Who was Muhammad's son in law?
In what language was the Qur'an originally written in?
When Muhammad was a kid most people were __________.
Why was 'Uthman killed?
How big (in percent) is Saudi Arabia compared to the U.S.?
________ do not have to make a Hajj
a semicircular niche faced in the direction of Mecca
What was in a mosque other than the praying place?
What are the sayings and actions of Muhammad called?
Moors and Berbers
What are the two names given to the Arabs that were originally from North Africa and than went to Spain?
rededicates the Kaaba to Muhammad
After defeating the rulers what does Muhammad do?
on the Arabian Peninsula
Where is the Islamic Empire located?
Who uses decimals in their book?
_________ is permitted in Islam.
Galen, Hipprocrates
For medicine they took ideas from _______ and _______
to the Kaaba
Where are you supposed to go in Mecca when making a Hajj?
114 chapters arranged from longest to shortest
How many chapters are in the book of Islam and how are they arranged?
40 years old
How old was Muhammad when he saw an angel?
religious practices, laws, daily life
What three things to Sunnis, Shiites, and Sufis differ on?
Who lead the provinces?
a Hajj
What is a journey to Mecca called?
the man
__________ was required to give a wedding gift of either property or money
What language is spoken in Saudi Arabia?
Which group believes in the community deciding things?
1. one god, 2. pray five times, 3. zakat, 4. fast during Ramadan, 5. Make a Hajj
What are 5 key words for the 5 Pillars of Islam?
What are the leaders of the Arab nomads called?
_________ cannot be slaves.
conquered people
They learned sciences from ________
fast during the month of Ramadan
What is the 4th Pillar of the Faith?
What number system did they adopt?
the last month of the Muslim calendar
What month are you supposed to make a Hajj?
Abu al-Qasim
Who made an illustrated surgical hand book that was used for centuries in Europe?
convert to Islam or pay a tax
If you did not follow Islam and you were conquered what would you have to do?
Arabs were known as _____.
Who is considered one of Islam's greatest doctors?
A _______ was attached to the outside of the mosque for the crier to call 5 times for worship
What is the holy month during which fasting takes place?
sun; moon
The Christian calendar follows the _____, while the Islamic calendar follows the _____.
622 AD; Yathrib
When and where did Muhammad and his followers go when they were persecuted?
How many times bigger is Bahrain than Washington D.C.?

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