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10B/2 -Joey French + Success


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desire for success
wish to be successful
to be in uproar
a lot of noise, angry protest or excitement about sth
we're just overreacting
to react to something with too much emotion, or by doing something that is unnecessary
to walk or move unsteadily, almost falling over
feeling very happy and excited
naturally gifted
I did not see that coming
It came as a surprise to me
heavily sedated
Given drugs to make sb sleep
the body's natural high
the body gives us 'natural' drugs
something good (extra) that you did not expect in a situation
one syllable at a time
syllable by syllable
had a rough day
It was adifficult day for sb
barely feel the pain
hardly feel the pain
hatred, enmity
deeply ingrained
deeply rooted, firmly established and therefore difficult to change
our focus gets sharper
we can focus on sth much better
extremely hot, and also: used to describe actions in sport which are very fast or forceful
feel unbeatable
feel that noone can beat you
other than that ...
Apart from that ...; Besides that ...
hold a weapon or tool that you are going to use
prime yourself with sth
prepare yourself with sth
for your information
falsely accused of sth
Unfairly said to be guilty of a crime
a tool with a rounded blade and a long handle used for moving earth
struggle to get ahead
fight to be better (than others)
within our grasp
looks likely that you achieve sth, within your reach
give us a massive kick
give us something that you enjoy because it is exciting
short of sth
before sth
let's grab a coffee
Let's drink a coffee
a serious challenger
sb who competes or fights against you, or tries to win something
tugged on sth
to pull with one or more short, quick pulls
we are primed
we are ready, prepared
deep, serious
crucial mistake
very important, deciding mistake
fear for the runner's life
worry that sb might die
anxious for sth to happen
feeling strongly that you want to do something or want something to happen
lodged a protest
to make a formal or official complaint, protest
it was money down the drain
If you spend money on sth useless (throw money out of the window)
Fragile, could be hurt easily
get the reward
prize, sth that you get because you have done sth good or helpful or have worked hard
when with two activities or periods of time the second one starts before the first one has finished
too keen or excited to do sth
a severe pain that you get in part of your body when a muscle becomes too tight, making it difficult for you to move that part of your body

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