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BIO Exam I Review II


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resource partitioning
when organisms eat other organisms
The branch of biology that names and classifies species
Making drugs using genetically modified organisms.
The two major types of cells
Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic
All cells use what as the chemical material of genes?
major types of ecosystems that cover large geographic regions of Earth
Trophic Structure
concerns the feeding relationships among the various species making up the community
symbiotic relationship
an interaction between two or more species that live together in direct contact
Life expectancy
the average number of years a newborn can expect to live
a symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits while the other is harmed.
What is the lowest level of structure that can perform all activities required for life?
the cell
Interspecific competition
may occur when two or more species rely on similar limiting resources
Logistic growth model
describes growth of an idealized population that is slowed by limiting factors
All organisms are composed of:
mark-recapture method
animals are trapped, marked, and then recaptured after a period of time
Biology is the scientific study of:
competitive exclusion principle
two species so similar that they compete for the same limiting resources cannot coexist in the same place.
The dynamics of any ecosystem depend on two processes:
cycling of nutrients and flow of energy
Infant mortality rate
number of babies out of every 1,000 born each year that die within a year of birth
Eukaryotic Cell
larger and more complex and contains organelles
the scientific study of the interactions between organisms and their enviroments
The units of inheritance that transmit info. from parents to offspring
Alternative names for producers and consumers
autotrophs and heterotrophs
population density
the number of individual of a species per unit area of volume
Bacteria and Archaea are both in what type domain?
In the ecosystem energy budget, primary productivity is like
Characteristics that are inherited based on being able to survive in a certain place
an assemblage of species living close enough together for potential interaction
The diversity of a community has two components
Species richness and Relative abundance
Two main points developed in Darwin's book:
Descent with modification and Natural Selection
Prokaryotic Cell
simple,small, and contains no organelles
Organismal Ecology
concerned with evolutionary adaptions that enable individual organisms to meet the challenges posed by their abiotic enviroments
Temperature and rainfall determine what?
Age-structure diagram
relate to social conditions, such as changes in numbers of working-age people in a population
The three domains of life
Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya
a physiological response that is long term.
the consumption of plants by animals

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