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Pedi Communicable Diseases


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Communicable disease characterized by a white then red strawberry tongue
scarlet fever
Feeding methods have shown to be a factor in this upper respiratory tract infection
otitis media
surgical procedures performed for children with recurrent otitis media with effusion
adnoidectomy, tympanostomy, myringotomy (tubes)
3 or more of these infections per year warrant removal of the tissues located in the pharyngeal cavity
palatine tonsils
remains infectious with chicken pox until vesicles have...
scabbed over
Where female lice most commonly lay their eggs
at junction of hairshaft (close to skin)
Communicable disease that develops in \"crops\" usually starting on trunk then spreading to face & proximal extremities
chicken pox (varicella)
Caused from infestation of a parasite or \"itch mite\" into the epidermis & is highly contagious
treatment of choice with ingestion of a corrosive such as Drano
dilute with milk or water
Communicable disease characterized by \"slapped face\" appearance
Fifth Disease (erythema infectiosum)
exposed to Group A Beta-hemolytic streptococci (GABHS) are predisposed to what 2 complications/disease processes
rheumatic fever & glomerular nephritis
When nystatin is best absorbed (used to treat thrush)
1 hr before feeding, or after feeding
Most obvious sign of post operative bleeding in a child following a tonsillectomy
gulping & swallowing
Bacterial infection of the conjunctiva
conjunctivitis (pink eye)
The drug of choice for treatment of infants & children with pediculosis capitis
RID, NIX, Eliminite
Last year Amarillo Globe News reported the outbreak of these communicable diseases
chicken pox & pertussis
The most common symptom of lice
itching (pruritis)
Complication of acute otitis media with residual effusions
hearing loss
Most common bacterial skin infection (serous filled pustular lesions) in children secondary to another skin lesion such as an insect bite or scratch
Fungal skin infection caused by dermatophytes
ringworm (tinea)
Current literature indicates waiting up to how many hours for spontaneous resolution of otitis media before treating with antibiotics
72 hrs
Bacterial infection of the subcutaneous tissue & dermis usually caused from a break in the skin
A common name for oral candidiasis in the newborn
Non-pharmacological treatment of intense pruritis associated with chicken pox
keep cool, tepid bath
Affected children with this fungal infection should not exchange grooming items, headgear, scarves, or other apparel that have been in close proximity to the infected area
ringworm (tinea)
The most common drug poisoning in children
An infant may contract this through inadequate cleaning of bottle nipples or pacifier
thrush (candidiasis)
Pharmacological treatment of Tinea Capitis
oral griseofulvin for 6-8 wks
goals of treatment for eczema
hydrate skin, relieve itching, prevent infection
Infestation of scalp by a parasite
head lice (pediculus humanus capitis = pediculosis)
Telephone # of the poison control center
To prevent moisture loss, children with atopic dermatitis (eczema) require application of this topical solution
Aquaphor, Cetaphil, Eucerin

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