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L.A. ROT Characters


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Gracey Pearson
Mary Lou's friend
Reverend Gabason
The Reverend of the church that the Logans attend
The sherriff
Charles Jamison
Wade Jamison's father, and he owned 1,000 acres of land
Melvin Simms
Jeremy Simms mean, racist older brother
Ms. Davis
Little Man's kindergarten teacher
John Anderson
Mr. Anderson
Christopher John
Cassie's 7 year old brother
Dewberry Wallace
On of the three Wallace brothers
Uncle Hammer
Papa's older brother who lives in Chicago
Little Willie Wiggins
Someone that the Logan kids know
Mr. Simms
Jeremy's racist father
A woman who has a cart in Strawberry right next to Big Ma's
Harlan Filmore Granger
Mr. Granger
Big Ma
Cassie's grandmother, she technically owns the land, but really it belongs to all of the Logans
Kaleb Wallace
One of the 3 Wallace brothers who owns the Wallace store on the Granger plantation
R.W. Simms
Jeremy Simms mean, racist older brother
Paul Edward
Was Cassie's grandfather, also was Big Ma's husband, but he died
Alma Scott
Mary Lou's friend
Mr. Hollenbeck
The man who sold the Logans half of their land
The Caroline
A pond on the Logans' land that is named after Big Ma
Jim Lee Barnett
The man who runs the mercantile in Strawberry
The Logans' dog
Mr. Avery
The Logans' friend
L.T. Morrison
A huge man who used to work on the railroad with Papa Logan, and is now living with and protecting the Logans
Sam Berry
A man who has been hurt.
T.J. Avery
Stacey's friend whose family sharecrops on the Granger plantation
Big Ma's son who was drowned
Papa Luke and Mama Rachel
Big Ma's parents
Beacon Berry
A man who was hurt in the same accident as his nephew Sam
Mrs. Berry
Mr. Berry's wife
Joe Higgins
A man who works at a bank
Lillian Jean Simms
Jeremy's older sister who is very racist
Mr. Turner
An acquaintance of the Logans, he lives on the Montier plantation
Henrietta Toggins
Clara Davis's friend
Mr. Grimes
The bus driver for the white school
Mary Lou Wellever
The daughter of the principal of Cassie's school, who is very stuck up
Dewberry, Thurston, and Kaleb Wallace
Are three brothers who own the Wallace shop on the Granger plantation
Papa Logan
Cassie's father, who is away most of the year working on the railroad
Mr. Barnett
A shopkeeper
Little Man Logan
Cassie's 6 year old brother who hates to get dirty
John Henry Berry
A man who was killed in the same accident as his brother Sam and Uncle Beacon
Daisy Crocker
Cassie's perky teacher
Mr. Lanier
One of the Logans' friends
Harlan Granger
The man whose father was the original owner of the Logans' land, and he wants it back
Harlan Granger's Daddy
Harlan Filmore Granger Sr., he was tight with the penny (cheap)
Mrs. Jamison
Mr. Jamison's wife
Jeremy Simms
A white boy who likes to hang out with Stacey
Cassie Logan
The 9 year old narrator/main character
Mama Logan
Cassie's mom, who teaches at the kids' school
Wade Jamison
The Logans' lawyer, he inherited the land from his father, but didn't want it, so he sold 200 acres to the Logans and the other 800 back to Mr. Granger Jr.
The Logan's horse
A man who owns a plantation that lots of families sharecrop on
Sam Tatum
Someone that the Logans know
A woman who shops at Mr. Barnett's shop
Claude Avery
T.J.'s younger brother
Stacey Logan
Cassie's 12 year old brother
Moe Turner
One of Stacey's friends who lives on the Montier plantation
Mr. Avery's wife
Doc. Crandon
A doctor that the Logans know
The Logans' mule
Big Ma's first name
A boy in Mama Logan's class at school
Big Ma's son who was killed in war
A man who owns a plantation that lots of families sharecrop on

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