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it's hard to commute by car from your place
너희 집에서 차로 통근하는 건 힘들어
i'm thinking about taking the subway
지하철을 탈까 생각 중이야
it isn't a good idea to attend such a party
그런 파티는 참석 안하는게 좋아
but my close friend invited me
하지만 친한 친구가 나를 초대했는데
what did you prepare for your father's birthday present
아빠 생일 선물로 뭘 준비했니
i bought a fishing rod
낚시대를 샀어
my aunt always sclods me for my carelessness
고모는 내가 부주의하다고 항상 꾸증하셔
but your aunt's advice is not always bad
하지만 고모의 충고가 항상 나쁜것만은 아니잖니
this memo was on my desk when i came back from lunch
점심 먹고 와보니까 책생에 이 메모가 있더라
who wrote is
누가 쓴 건데
how much does the student's ticket cost
학생 표 는 얼마에요
it costs 5000 won
who composed this piano concerto
이 피아노 협주곡 누가 작곡했니
it's mozart
who's going to teach you to drive
누가 너에게 운전을 가르쳐줄거니
you are i hope you're a great driver
네가 가르쳐줬으면 하는데 너 운전 잘하잖아

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