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social studies


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a goverment order that stops or slows trade with a particular nation
thomas jefferson
preident 3 was a demacrtic- republican took oath in march 1801
steam/ water
these powered the machines of the past firstwater(mills) then steam (engins)
owned by spain sold to usa in pieces the last and largest piece fl pennesula sold in 1819
democratic republicans
undid popular federlist laws such as the whisky tax cut goverment spending-reduced size of army / navy
land of west appalachines
people moved there for cheap, fertil land this is the west the land was owned by native americans
jefferson thought this embargo would teach a lesson you need the usa so stop the bad things you are doing we won't trade with you until you stop your bad ways our main tradeing patner
war of 1812
started in june 1812 peace treaty signed dec.1814. last battle jan. 1816 result 1) no land gained lost2) impressment 3) eng. no longer sold guns to nat. amer. there by making the frontier safe for new settlers 4) amer gained cofidence in itself defeated the most powerfull contry twice
lewis and clark
Sent on an expedition by Jefferson to gather information on the United States' new land and map a route to the Pacific. They kept very careful maps and records of this new land acquired from the Louisiana Purchase.
great britan
made usa angry because1) they traded guns for furs-nat. amers. used guns for attack settlers on the frontire2) impressed sailors on the high seas
francis scott key
wrote poem "star spangled banner" while watching ft. mc henrey begin bomboard sept14 1814 became natinoal antem in 1931
commandore oliver perry
won the first naval battale on lake erie important because it was the amer. 1st win-1813
cotton gin
invented by eli whitney in 1793 it took out seeds from cotton fiber now cotton can be processed quickily and cheaply result more cotton is grown more slaves are needed for morre acers of cotton fields
louisiana purchase
the purchase in 1803 of french lands in north america that doubled the size of united states
samule f.b. monroe
invented telegraph? mores code. important because it redused time to send messages to distant places
south region
cotton became the most important crop king cotton more acers planted to cotton than any other crop cotton brings in the most money dependance on slave labor because slaves did the work-now that cotton is a profiable crop more farmes grow it more slaves are needed to do work
north west region
more factories : more canals?railrode needed to transport products
robert fulton
invented first sucsseful steamboat the cleremont now boats can travel up streams against the current
james madison
elected in 1808: is the fourth pre. democt.-repub.
northeners wanted to keep slavery out of new terr. states were not ready to fight slavery in the south
was made by hand weaving in us but an english machine could weave cloth faster/ cheaper the us wanted this machine too
missouri compromise
the 1820 ruling that admitted missouri as a slave state
internal improvment
The building of transportation and communications systems to help a countrys economy
erie canal
in ny went from albany (hudson r.) to buffalo (lake erie) linked the great lakes with the atlantic ocean? new york city finish in 1825
new orleans
Important to USA because this was the port city for Western farmers. The Mississippi River was the highway for these farmers and their products
industrial revolution
the period of the great change in how people lived and products brought about by power driver macheins
tax on imported goods
battle of new orleans
US won but it was after Peace Treaty. Andrew Jackson was the hero
an area of land that has not yet become a state
missouri comprimise
The 1820 ruling that admitted Missouri as a slave state
emporer of france wanted to have a war with england wants to sell la to get war money can't defend la from british might as well sell land

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