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Japans 137


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hikiawaseru (引き合わせる)
to introduce; to check up
hikikaesu (引き返す)
to come back, to go back, to return
hiki (引き)
favour, patronage, influence, a pull; discount
hikinobashishashin (引伸ばし写真)
an enlargement, a blowup
hikeru (引ける)
to close, to be over; [気が] to be shy, to feel shy
hikisagaru (引き下がる)
to leave, to withdraw from
hikeme o kanjiru (引け目を感じる)
to feel inferior, to feel small
hikinzoku (卑金属)
a base metal
hikikaeken (引換券)
a coupon
hikifune (引き船)
a tugboat
hikeshiyaku (火消役)
a troubleshooter
hikinige suru (轢き逃げする)
to hit and run
hikiorosu (引き降ろす)
to pull down, to bring down, to drag down
hikiai (引合い)
reference; a witness; an inquiry
hikidemono (引出物)
a gift, a souvenir
hikinzoku no (非金属の)
hikiiru (率いる)
to lead, to command
hikenja (被験者)
a subject, a testee
hikidashi (引出し)
withdrawal; a drawer
o hikiite (を率いて)
at the head of
hikikorosu (轢き殺す)
to run over to death, to kill (by running over)
hikinuku (引き抜く)
to pull out, to draw out, to pick out, to single out
hikifune suru (引き船する)
to tow
hiketsu (秘訣)
a secret
hikinobashisaku (引延し策)
a dilatory policy/strategy
hikichigiru (引きちぎる)
to tear off
hikinna (卑近な)
familiar, common
hikaru (光る)
to shine, to flash, [星が] to twinkle, to be bright, [金/銀が] to glitter; to glimmer; to be distinguished, to cut a brilliant figure
hikeshi (火消し)
a fireman; a fire brigade; a fire extinguisher
hikiawase (引合せ)
an introduction; a check
hikido (引戸)
a sliding door
hikinobashi (引伸し)
[写真の] enlargement
hikidasu (引き出す)
to draw (out), to pull out, to drag out
hikerakasu (ひけらかす)
to show off, to display, to sport
hikiharau (引き払う)
to clear out, to quit, to leave, to vacate, to remove, to move out
hikiireru (引き入れる)
to draw in, to pull in, to drag in, [味方に] to win over
hike (引け)
closing; a defeat
hikinigejiken (轢き逃げ事件)
a hit-and-run case
hikiageru (引き上げる/引き揚げる)
to pull up, [沈没船を] to salvage; to leave, [外地から] to be repatriated; [値段を] to raise
hikikomisen (引込線)
[アンテナからの] a lead-in wire; [電灯の] a service wire, [鉄道の] a siding
hikinzoku (非金属)
a nonmetal
hiketsu suru (否決する)
to reject, to decide against, to vote against
hikigane o hiku (引金を引く)
to pull/squeeze a trigger
hikikae (引換え)
hikazei (非課税)
tax exemption
hikazu ga kakaru (日数がかかる)
to take some days
hikene (引け値)
[Stock Exch.] a closing price
hikiokosu (引き起こす)
to raise, to help [a person] get up; [事件を] to cause, to raise, to bring about
hikiau (引き合う)
to pay, to be profitable
no hiki de (の引きで)
through a person's influence/pull
hikikomoru (引き籠もる)
to shut oneself up, to stay indoors, [病気で] to be laid up
hikigiwa ga kanjin (引き際が肝心)
It is important to know when to quit.
hike o toru (引けをとる)
to be defeated, to be beaten
niwarigobubiki de (二割五分引きで)
at 25% discount
hikihanasu (引き離す)
to pull apart, to estrange, to get ahead
hikigeki (悲喜劇)
a tragicomedy
hikikaeru (引き換える)
to exchange [a thing for another], to cash [a check]
hikiai ni dasu (引合いに出す)
to refer to, to quote; to call to witness
hikiage (引上げ/引揚げ)
[沈没船の] salvage; [外地からの] repatriation; [値段の] increase, raise
hiketsu (否決)
hikigaeru (蟇蛙)
a toad
hikazeihin (非課税品)
a tax-free article
daikinhikikae (代金引換)
cash on delivery, C.O.D.
hikiagesha (引揚者)
a repatriate
hiken suru (比肩する)
to equal, to rank with
hikiniku (挽肉)
minced meat
hikinigeuntenshu (轢き逃げ運転手)
a hit-and-run driver
hikimodosu (引き戻す)
to pull back, to bring back, to restore to
hikinobashi (引延し)
prolongation, delay
hikimokirazu (引きも切らず)
incessantly, continuously, continually, unceasingly
hikinobasu (引き延ばす/引き伸ばす)
to extend, to stretch (out); [写真を] to enlarge; [期間を] to extend, to delay

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