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DE module 2


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allows view to the side and to the rear
what does BGE mirror setting do differently than tradintional settings?
braking results in shift to the
what color is the high beam sign?
when approaching a car when at a curb, come from the ______ of the vehicle
whats the first securing procedure?
about every 3,000 miles
how often should you change your engine oil
when parked in a lot, approach the car from the ______
in the trunk
where should you store valuables?
4 and 8
correct hand positions on a wheel
when parking, how many feet should you be from the spot/
bright lights on/off
whats the bullet?
between the steering wheel and the speedometer on the right is the
pos 1
lane positions in the middle is
pitch is caused by _________-
You should check your tire pressure
200 feet
how far should you be able to see through a rear view mirror?
15 degrees
how many degrees should your side view mirrors be
check the parking brake
whats the first starting task
genie cup
whats the sign for oil?
weight trans that causes fishtail
quick accelaration results in shift to the
LP to the left
slight pressure on the brake
trail braking-
Speedometer is in the _______-
5 and 7
hand position on wheel
front to rear
pitch is weight transfer from
5 feet
when angle parking, you should be __________ from the spot
in front of the driver
central vision
weight transfer from one side of the vehicle to the other . . .
broken glass, physical damage to the car, children around the car, things on the ground, have your keys out
five things you should check before getting into a car
maximum lock to lock steering movement in most modern vehicles is a total of ________ turns
Lower gear 1
L1 stands for what?
10 inches
driver should be ____________ from the steering wheel.
Lower gear 2
L2 stands for?
6 months
you should check your air pressure in your spare tire every
you should check your engine fluids
putting foot on brake but not pushing
covering the brake-
detects changes in color and movement out of sides of eyes
peripheral vision
use to read specific objects
focal vision
battery level
the H and the C stand for ________
set the parking brake
whats the second securing procedure
the right pedal is
climate control
thing that controls air vents and temperature
ABS brakes
whats the type of brakes that stop electronically without losing control
at head level
head rest should be positioned
4 and 5
which lane positions take up two lanes?
tight manuevers
hand to hand steering is recommended for ____
the left pedal is
lane pos to the right
before making a right turn move to lane position
when making a right turn, move to lane position
15 degrees
BGE mirror settings

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