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Driving Test 2


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which way should you turn your front
wheels when parking down hill?
toward curb. brake on.
which way would you park up hill?
from curb.brakes on.
which way to park uphill with no curb?
toward curb.with brake.
how do you aproach hill parking?
always signal!!
1.parallel stop 6 inch from curb. 2.brace wheels. 3.set brake
4.put in park gear. 5.turn off switch
how to start on hill.
1.start motor 2.shift to gear. 3.signal
4.look look rearview mirror and turn look rear.5.release p brake. 6.check again
7.proceed driving when safe.
how to parallel park.
1.pull to car in front 2 feet away
2.signal 3.check traffic 4.turn front
wheels completely right and back toward curb.5.then turn wheels back left back in place 18 inches out.6. straighten wheels.
what do you do if a car is head toward you in your lane?
move to far rights slowing blowing horn.
how far from a railroad do you park?.
50 ft.
how many feet from a hydrant should you park?
15 ft.
what is an controlled access /limited access highway?
designed for uninterrupted travel at higher speeds

there are no stop or traffic signs or any railroad crossings.
what are interchanges?
entrances and exits.
how to change lanes.
look ahead and behind,check review mirrors,signal,look over your shoulder,look behind and sides again,check your blind spots and those of the car in front.proceed when safe.
how do you enter highway?
in acceleration lane=far right of entrance.
adjust speed and enter right lane when there is a traffic break.
how do you exit highway?
in deceleration lane=far right of entrance.
slowly and exit when there is a traffic break.
when should you begin to pass?
when there is 200 ft clear ahead,check rearview and over shoulder,signal,pass move over when car is in review mirror.
what is the arm signal that is for the left?
straight out.
what is the arm signal that is for the
what is the arm signal that is for stop or slow?
how to make a correct turn.
slow before starting,not while turning.
rules of right of way.
first come first serve,or person at right .
when to turn on signals when turning.
100 ft.
how to backout.
look both ways,turn to right and look through back window,back into closest

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