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History 8: Empire Builders: Hittites

Empire Builders: a series of warlike empires came to rule the Fertile Crescent


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How did an Egyptian source describe a Hittite custom?
They described a custom of wearing their hair in a long, thick pigtail that hung down the back.
What did the Hittites conquer?
What did the Hittites do?
They set up city-states on a plateau called Anatolia and built a well organized kingdom.
How long did the Hittite Empire last?
Until 1200 BC.
What region did the Hittite Empire cover?
It spanned Asia Minor, Syria, part of Mesopotamia.
What did the Hittites contribute to Middle Eastern civilization?
A legal system less harsh than Hammurabi's. It encouraged payments for damages instead of harsh punishments.
Who did the Hittites borrow their culture from?
Mesopotamia and Egypt.
What is Anatolia?
A central plateau where the Hittites set up their city-states.
What made the Hittite army so fearsome?
1.)They were the first in the Middle East to carry iron weapons extensively. 2.) They used light, spoked-wheel chariots that could carry two soldiers and a driver - gave an advantage because they could bring twice as many soldiers on to the battlefield.
What was the Hittite capital?
How did archaeologists find out about the Hittites?
1.)From writing on clay tablets found in Hattusas 2.) From records of people that they confronted as they expanded their empire.
Who were the Hittites?
About 2000 BC they conquered the local people of Asia Minor.

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