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english renaissance


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date of the renaissance period
first king of the renaissance; first Tudor king; his marriage ended the War of the Roses
Henry 7
split with the Catholic Church to form the Church of England; married 6 times
Henry 8
Elizabeth and Edwards sister; "Bloody Mary", Catholic
last Tudor monarch; historical and literay era named for her; never married, Protestant, patron
Elizabeth 1
first Stuart king, patron
James 1
became king at 9 and died at 15, Henry's son by Lady Jane Seymour
Edward 6
revolted against the ancient church, founded his own
Martin Luther
queen of Scotland, granddaughter of Henry 8, was next to the throne after Elizabeth
Mary Stuart
the most popular playwrights of the Renaissance
Ben Jonson, William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe
types of literature
drama, poetry, prose
noble characters and a central love plot
romantic comedy
domestic situation at the center of the plot
domestic comedy
middle class characters, a London setting, satire
city comedy
type of characters created on the theory that the predominance of a particular fluid
humor comedy
evils and problems seem destined to end tragically are brought to a sudden, happy resolution
tragic comedy
a tragdy or comedy
essays, allegory, fiction, criticism
pastoral, satire, allegory, lyric
first major theater
catered to the upper class
catered primarily to the lower class
narrative in which characters,actions,or setting represents abstract concepts apart from the literal meaning of the story
addressing an absent or inanimate object
unrhymed iambic pentameter
blank verse
lower genre than tragedy,and the style often mixed prose and verse
two lines
3 Quatrains and a Couplet, Rhyme Scheme
english/shakespearean sonnet
10 alternatiing stressed/unstressed syllables
iambic pentameter
octave/sestet, usually in problem/solution form, Rhyme scheme
italian/petrarchan sonnet
8 lines
presents a simple and idealized world inhabited by shepherds who are cheifly concerned to tend their flocks,fall in love,engage in friendly poetry
pastroal poetry
gives grants,offices, honors,or financial support to a writer in return to complements in the literature
4 lines
holds up to ridicule and scorn a society peopled by fops and fools,l corrupt lawyers
6 lines
14 line iambic pentameter poem
rhyme scheme
spenserian sonnet
the fall of a great man from a high place
what did dante write?
Beatrice (italian renaissance)
Petrarch wrote?
Sonnet to Laura (italian renaissance)
Edmund Spenser wrote?
Amoretti, for his wife Elizabeth Boyle
Philip Sidney wrote?
Astrophet and Stella, about Penelope Devereaux
a wronged protagonist plots and executes revenge,destroying himself or herself in the process
revenge tragedy
the protagonist is blatantly evil
villian tragedy
the hero is larger than life, continually challenging the limits of humnan possibility
heroic tragedy

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