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Sexuality 2


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Finasteride (Proscar)for BPH increases the risk of?
birth defects
The main S/E of alpha-1 blockers for BPH is?
3 alpha-1 blockers for BPH?
cardura, hytrin, flomax
What are 2 complications of TURP?
bleeding, bladder spasms
Finasteride (Proscar) may not always help the symptoms of ___.
urinary retention
African-Americans have the highest incidence of prostate cancer in the world so they should begin screening at age ___.
Back pain associated with prostate cancer indicates ___.
Major post-op concerns after prostate surgery are (3):
hemorrhage, infection, urine leakage
What 2 problems are temporary after surgery for prostate cancer?
1. urinary incontinence
2. fecal incontinence
Women should begin mammograms yearly starting at age ___.
Women should get pap smears starting at age ___ or when sexually active.
Average age of menarche is ___.
Onset of signs of sexual maturity before the age of ___ in females need to be referred.
No menses by ages ___ - ___ without secondary sex characteristics warrants evaluation.
estrogen increases clotting factors
HRT is contraindicated in with these 4 medical conditions.
1. breast cancer
2. uterine cancer
3. active liver disease
4. thromboembolic disease
Implications for medications for osteoporosis
1. Take in the morning
2. Take on an empty stomach
3. Take with a full glass of water
4. Sit up for 30 minutes after taking the medication
With Tamoxifen, an anti-estrogen used to treat breast cancer, what 2 things should the nurse monitor?
DVT; abnormal vaginal bleeding

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