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Production II Semester Exam


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First communication was based on what?
What replaced touch as a means of communication?
The Brain and Central Nervous system developed because of...
Wall etchings inside caves and temples are called...
What marked the beginning of recorded history?
The Alphabet
To ensure that society grows you need systems of (5 items)
member replacement
social control
Who invented the movable type?
Pi Cheng
What did the Egyptians invent?
Who invented paper?
the Chinese
Who invented the printing press and what was one of the first things he printed?
Guttenberg, and he printed the bible
Highways and railroads are our..
Who invented the telephone?
Alexander Graham Bell
Who invented the wireless?
Guglielmo Marconi
What is intrapersonal communication?
Within ourselves
What is interpersonal communication?
With other people
What was the purpose of early mass media?
To inform
What is a cut-in?
A shot that cuts into a central action.
What is a reaction shot?
A shot that cuts from the central action to a related subject.
T or F: Orson Welles owned several newspapers.
T or F: Rupert Murdoch directed citizen Caine.
T or F: Form is controlled by technology
T or F: Content is what you say with the pictures you take.
T or F: ENG is Electronic Gain Noise
F (Electronic News Gathering)
T or F: EFP is Electronic Film Presentation
F (Electronic Field Production)
T or F: The news should present things in a subjective manner.
F (Objective.)
T or F: Light comes in different colors.
T or F: White balance adjusts the camera between black and white contrast.
F (color contrast)
T or F: A Fade is a gradual transition from an image to black.
T or F: A Cut is a gradual transition from one image to another.
F (it's instant)
T or F: A dissolve is a gradual transition from an image to black.
F (image to image)
T or F: Maslow said that self-actualization is the need for humans to make the most of their abilities.
T or F: An Omni-directional mic picks up sound from all directions.
T or F: The key light is the secondary source.
F (primary)
T or F: Fill light is the primary source.
F (secondary)
T or F: Backlight seperates the subject from the background.
The average news story length is...
Between 1 and 3 minutes.
Is Framing good composition?
Where is the best starting point for a line?
The left side.
Do camera angles have an effect on dimensionality?
Do Camera angles have a psychological effect?
Who makes sure that things make aesthetic sense?
The director.
The rule of continuity tells us to change what when doing a closeup? (2 things)
size and angle.

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