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Hypothesis Testing


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Research Hypothesis (H1)
Declarative statement that states how 2+ variables are believed to relate
Null Hypothesis(H0)
States there is No real relationships or differences between the variables
Nondirectional is --tailed
Two-tailed hypothesis
2 variables are expected to relate, but NO predicition on the direction is made
Directional is --tailed
One-tailed hypothesis
2 variables relates and predicition made on the direction
Steps in Hypothesis Testing
1) State H1
2) State H0
3) Specify Signficance Level
4) Compute stats
5) Decide on H0
Signficance level is also known as an...
Alpha level
Alpha Level
Indicates the risk taken in rejecting the H0
Decision Rule
Specifies what values will prompt a rejection or keeping of the H0
Statisticall Signficant
Mathematicla proability of the even occuring by chance is less than the rejection level set
Type 1(I) Error
Rejected the hypothesis tested when it was true.
Type 2(II)Error
Failed to reject the hypothesis tested when a given alternative hypothesis was true.

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