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HEV 155 exam 4


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what's a monofilament?
Very strong yarns made from single course filament fiber, used for sewing thread
what's throwing?
the term used for twisting silk yarns
what are tape and network yarns used for?
carpet backing, ropes, fishnets, bags and support fabrics
what is yarn performance and quality based on?
size, twist, bulk, evenness, apperance, and performance
what is the selvage?
part that runs parallel to length of fabric
what is off grain?
the angle doesn't make 90º, more like 120º
what is skew?
on an angle
what is bow?
what is fabric count?
number of warp and filling yarns per inch
what is a balanced weave?
the warp size and filling size are the same number
what is an unbalanced weave?
the warp size and filling size are different
What would 80x50 equal?
130, you add even though the x is there
What's a directional fabric?
a fabric like velvet that matter which way the grains face, so more fabric is needed
what are light weight fabrics?
Under 4oz, such as organdy, and china silk

also tissue gingham, lawn, chambray, challis, batiste
what are medium weight fabrics?
4-6oz such as taffeta, printed cloth, percale, madras cloth, muslin, glazed chintz, ginghams, flannelette
what are heavy weight fabrics?
greater than 6oz such as homespun, butcher cloth, flannel, tweed, tropical worsted suiting fabric
what are ranges for fabric counts?
low-10x12 or 48x44
medium-64x60 or 80x80
high-over 160

there are usually more warp threads than weft
how much energy do air-jet looms require?
3x the energy of projectile looms
what is knitting?
the inter-looping of yarns to make a fabric
what are traits of knited fabrics?
more likely to snag, skew, more likely to shrink, good insulation, not likely to wrinkle, the wale can collapse, less expensize
what are warp knits used for?
what are wales?
vertical columns
what are courses?
crosswise loops/horitzontal rows
the c's
what are the 2 types of knits?
flat and circular
Can flat knits be single or double?
How is yarn for knitting bought?
by weight, not yardage
What can circular knits make?
socks, t-shirts, hoses, undershirts
what are the 4 types of stitches?
knit, tuck, float or miss, or purl
Do double knits have knit stitch on one side?
no, on both sides
which way do yarns run in knits?
yarns run horizontally in filling knits and run vertically in warp knits
how are loops of same course joined?
to each other in filling knits, and adjoining course in warp knits
how do loops connect?
horizontally in filling knits, and diagonally in warp knits
how do insertion warp knits work?
have yarns laid between knitting w/o making part of knitting process. only laid in 1 direction
What type of stretch do warp and filling knits have?
filling knits stretch 2 way, warp knits stretch diagonally
Do warp or filling knits unravel?
filling knits
What machine are warp knits made on?
circular machines, filling can be on either
what are films made from?
polymer solutions
what are some uses of films?
shoes, shower curtains, upholestry, and plastic bags
how is foam made?
by adding air into an elastic like substance
what is a fabric from fiber?
tapa cloth used by pacific islanders
what are non-woven fiberweb structures?
dry-laid, wet-laid, spun-bonded, spun-lace, melt-blown
what is a composite fabric?
a fabric made of both filament and staple yarns.
what are other uses of fabric production?
needle punching, chemical adhesives, fiberfil, batting from new fiber, wadding from old fiber, fusible non-wovens, felts, netlike structures
what is a blend?
mixing of 2 different fibers into 1 yarn
what is a mixture?
2 different types of yarn w/o losing there identity
What are warp knits made in only?

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