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Pg 40,41 Figure 2.2 Muscles of the Face/Head (CS)


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copy deck List of 12 muscles of the Face on Figure 2.2 pg 40.
You will see directional components incorporated into the names of a number of muscles. The following figures are provided as a visual guide. You do not need to memorize and learn each fi
1. frontalis
2. temporalis
3. orbicularis oculi
4. buccinator
5. orbicularis oris
6. triangularis
7. corrugator
8. nasalis
9. levator labii superioris
10. greater zygomatic
11. masseter
12. platysma The muscle surrounding the eye.
A. frontalis
B. orbicularis oris
C. orbicularis oculi
D. orbicularis occuli
C. orbicularis oculi Lower jaw muscle in the shape of a triangle.
A. triangularis
B. trangularis
C. masseter
D. triangularus
A. triangularis Muscle located above the eye.
A. buccinator
B. frontalis
C. frontallis
D. frontalus
B. frontalis Muscle which runs from the lower jaw down the neck.
A. platysma
B. platisma
C. greater zygomatic
D. platyssma
A. platysma Cheek muscle.
A. bucinator
B. temporalis
C. buccinater
D. buccinator
D. buccinator Muscle found in the nose.
A. corrugator
B. nasalis
C. nassalis
D. nasales
B. nasalis A muscle which lifts and is above the lips.
A. levator labi superioris
B. levator labii superiorus
C. levater labii superioris
D. levator labii superioris
D. levator labii superioris Muscle surrounding the mouth.
A. orbicularis oris
B. orbicularis oral
C. orbicularis oculi
D. orbicullaris oris
A. orbicularis oris Muscle found in the lower jaw.
A. maseter
B. masseter
C. massetter
D. massiter
B. masseter The larger of the zygomaticus muscles.
A. lesser zygomatic
B. greater zygoma
C. greater zygomatic
D. platysma
C. greater zygomatic Muscle located on the side of the head, just above both ears.
A. frontalis
B. temporalis
C. temporallis
D. temperalis
B. temporalis Muscle located on the forehead; it creates the "worry lines" or wrinkling of the brow associated with frowning. (Ruga = wrinkle).
A. corrugator
B. corugator
C. corrugater
D. currogator
A. corrugator

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