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A+ Test Questions


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QUESTION 1 Which setting must a device have in order to interrupt the CPU?
B. I/O address
C. DMA channel
D. Memory address
Answer: A Explanation: Interrupt requests (IRQs) are used to interrupt the processor
QUESTION 2 A customer calls and says that her computer will not boot. She can hear noises and see lights on the box but nothing comes on the screen. What should you take to the site to fix the problem?
A. Hard Drive
B. Video Card
C. Pow
Answer: B Explanation: The computer is starting but nothing is displayed on the screen. The Video Card might have to be replaced.
QUESTION 3 What is the memory contained inside the CPU called?
Answer: C
Explanation: The CPU uses fast cache memory to improve speed.
Incorrect Answers

A: CPU does not contain RAM.
B: CPUs often contain micro-code. This micro-code is either hard-wired or stored in ROM. However, this ROM memory is not so well known. Therefore this alternative is not the best answer.
D: Virtual memory is logical memory, not physical memory.
QUESTION 4 A user often gets "Out of disk space" error. Which actions should you consider? (Choose three)
A. Add more RAM.
B. Add a larger hard drive.
C. Replace diskette drive.
D. Remove unneeded files.
Answer: B, D, E Explanation:
B: Additional hard drive space is one solution.
D: A more prudent solution is simply to remove unneeded files.
E: Defragmentation only improves the performance of a hard drive. No disk space is freed. However, this is the third best option.
Incorrect Answers RAM and the diskette drive do not affect available hard disk space.
QUESTION 5 Which of the following source present a risk factor for virus infection on a PC? (Choose two)
A. A floppy disk received from a friend.
B. A downloaded file from the internet.
C. FDISK/MBR file on the hard drive.
D. . DL
Answer: A, B
Explanation: Floppy disks and downloaded internet files can be infected by viruses.
Incorrect Answers

C: FDISK/MBR clears the master boot sector. D, E: .DLL and .CAB are not executed and does not contain viruses.
QUESTION 6 While playing a stereo CD audio, adjusting the left hand speaker's volume from windows, effects the right hand speakers instead. What are the most probable causes? (Choose two)
A. An IRQ conflict exists.
B. The volume controls are
Answer: C, E Explanation: The problem could be with a defect CD audio cable or simply that the right and left hand speakers are connected in a reversed way.
Incorrect Answers
A: An IRQ conflict would not produce this error.
B: With muted volume controls we would have no sound.
D: This is not a configuration problem that can be solved by configuration of Windows.
QUESTION 7 A video resolution of 800 into 600 would constitute which video mode?
Answers: D Explanation: 800x600 is SVGA mode.
Incorrect Answers A, C: EGA and CGA are older standards with lower resolutions. These standards are not in use any more.
B: 640x480 is VGA mode.
QUESTION 8 What should you do first if the mouse pointer is not moving correctly across the screen?
A. Clean the mouse
B. Reconfigure the system
C. Plug into a different port
D. Check the mouse drivers in the operating system
Answer: A Explanation: The mouse could be dirty. We should clean it first. Incorrect Answers B, D: This is most likely not a configuration problem.
C: A faulty port seems unlikely.
QUESTION 9 What is the DMA channel for the floppy drive controller?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: B Explanation: The floppy drive controller uses DMA 2. This can be checked with the Device Manager or System Information on Windows computers.
A. Ensure that the board is AT or ATX.
B. Match the manufacturer and the model number exactly.
C. Any motherboard will act as long as it is specified for a laptop.
D. Ensure that the board is from that manufacturer and that the boards a
Answer: D Explanation: When replacing the motherboard in a portable computer you must make sure that the boards are interchangeable. Motherboards from different vendors, or even different models
from the same vendor, might not be compatible.
Incorrect Answers

A: The AT and ATX standards only apply to Desktop computers.
B: Different models might be compatible.
C: Different models from the same vendor, might not be compatible.
QUESTION 10 What is the default I/O port for COM2?
A. 2E8H.
B. 3E8H.
C. 2F8H.
D. 3F8H.
Answer: C
Explanation: COM2 uses I/O address 2F8.
Incorrect Answers

A: COM4 use 2E8.
B: COM3: use 3E8.
D: COM1: use 3F8.
QUESTION 11 Which settings determine which IDE device are master and which is slave?
A. Hardware settings on the device.
B. Hardware settings on the motherboard.
C. Software settings on the operating system.
D. Hardware settings on
Answer: A Explanation: The jumper settings on the hard drive are used to configure the drive either as master or as slave.
QUESTION 12 Silicon lubricants can be used for?
A. Drive heads
B. SIMM installations
C. Keyboard performance
D. Floppy disk drive door mechanisms
Answer: C Explanation: Silicon lubricant can be used to improve keyboard performance: remove the keys and spray silicon lubricant on each bottom side of the keys.
Incorrect Answers Silicon lubricant is not used for drive heads, SIMM installations or floppy disk drives.
QUESTION 13 In which circumstance is it necessary to replace the CMOS chip?
A. If it is a non flash type.
B. When the CMOS is full.
C. When you upgrade the CPU.
D. After you have flashed it several times.
Answer: A Explanation: If you must upgrade the BIOS, for example to support a new device, and your BIOS
is not flushable, then the CMOS chip would have to be replaced. Incorrect Answers
B: The CMOS chip cannot become full.
C: A CPU upgrade would in general not require a replacement of the CMOS chip.
D: Flashing the CMOS chip several would not force you to replace it.
QUESTION 14 What is the most important difference between standard USB and IEEE1394?
A. IEEE1394 is faster.
B. USB cable is bigger.
C. USB is Plug and Play.
D. IEEE1394 is hot swappable.
Answer: A Explanation: IEE1394 (fireware) is a more recent and faster interface compared to the USB interface. Incorrect Answers
B: The cables are about the same size.
C: Both USB and IEE1394 support Plug and Play.
D: Both USB and IEE1394 are hot swappable.
QUESTION 15 Which of the following must be changed when replacing a hard drive? (Choose two)
A. Voltage.
B. DMA channel.
C. Cable orientation.
D. Controller address.
E. Drive select jumper.
Answer: C, E Explanation: When a drive is replaced the cable orientation and the drive select jumper must be used in an appropriate way. Incorrect Answers Voltage, DMA channel, and Controller Address are non-configurable settings on a hard drive.
QUESTION 16 Which of the following are considered types of video RAM? (Choose three)
Answer: A, C, E Explanation: VRAM (Video RAM), WRAM (Windows Accelerator Card RAM), and SGRAM (Synchronous Graphic Random Access Memory) are used on video adapters.
Incorrect Answers
D: DRAM is not specifically a video RAM type.
QUESTION 17 What is the default IRQ for COM2?
3A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 6
Answer: B Explanation: COM2 and COM4 use IRQ3.

Incorrect Answers
A: IRQ is available for general use.
C: COM1 and COM3 use IRQ4.
D: IRQ 6 is used by the standard floppy disk controller.
QUESTION 18 Which of the following is the newest type of printer interface?
B. Serial
D. Parallel
Answer: A
Explanation: The USB interface is a newer than the serial and parallel interfaces.
Incorrect Answers

B: It is unusual to use the serial interface for printing since the serial interface is much slower than the parallel interface.
C: SCSI is not a printer interface.
D: The parallel interface is the standard interface.
QUESTION 19 Which component on a printer should you check first when an error code indicates a paper jam but no paper is in the printer?
A. Tractors
B. Print head
C. Platen folder
D. Paper-Feed Sensors
Answer: D Explanation: The paper-feed sensors are malfunctioning when a non-existing paper jam is reported.
QUESTION 21 What does a 201 error indicate during POST?
A. CPU error.
B. Memory error.
C. Video problem.
D. Floppy drive error.
Answer: B
Explanation: POST errors in the 200-299 range indicates (almost always) Memory errors.
Note: In general post errors lays in the following ranges:
1xx: Motherboard errors.

2xx: RAM errors. 3xx: Keyboard errors 6xx: Floppy disk drive errors 11xx: COM1 errors 17xx: Hard drive errors 3xxx: NIC errors Incorrect Answers A, C: CPU and Video errors would not be in the 2xx range.
D: A floppy drive error would be in the 6xx range
QUESTION 22 How should you place terminations on a SCSI bus with one internal hard drive and one external CD-ROM drive?
A. Terminate the hard drive only.
B. Terminate the SCSI interface card.
C. Terminate both the hard drive and CD-ROM
Answer: C Explanation: We must terminate both ends in the SCSI chain. We should terminate both the internal hard drive and the external CD-ROM.
Incorrect Answers A, B: A SCSI chain must be terminated in both ends.
D: No SCSI chain use three terminations, only two is required.
QUESTION 23 A customer calls for support with a monitor problem but can't wait for a service technician. She describes the problem being no monitor signal, no screen saver and no hibernation and she reports that she thinks it is the video card. The custo
Answer: A Explanation: Either the monitor or the video adapter could be the cause of this problem. By replacing the monitor we could be sure if the video adapter is the source of the problem or not.
Incorrect Answers
B: It would too much trouble to replace the motherboard at this early stage of the troubleshooting process.
C: We should replace the monitor before we replace the video adapter.
D: Neither the monitor or the Video adapter use flat ribbon cables.
QUESTION 24 What is the most probable cause of a sound card and a printer working intermittently?
A. Conflicting IRQs.
B. The wrong APM setting.
C. A changed printer cable.
D. An improperly seated card.
Answer: A Explanation: The most likely cause of this intermittent problem is a hardware conflict. A hardware conflicts occurs when two devices use the same IRQ In this scenario the sound card and the printer use the same IRQ. Incorrect Answers
B: Advanced Power Management (APM) settings would not cause devices to work intermittently.
C: A changed printer cable would not affect the sound card.
QUESTION 25 You just installed a second IDE slave hard drive to the primary controller in your Windows 9x system. You double click my computer and can't see the second drive. What are the reasons for this? (Choose two)
A. Your hard drive is not par
Answer: A, B Explanation:
A: The hard drive might not be partitioned and formatted. It would not show up until it is partitioned.
B: The system might be unable to detect the hard drive. A BIOS upgrade might enable the
system to detect the second drive. Incorrect Answers
C: This is a hard drive problem, not a floppy drive problem. These problems are not directly connected.
D: IDE hard drives do not require device drivers.
E: Refreshing the Device Manager would not have any positive effect of the configuration.
QUESTION 26 Which devices can cause interference with a modem connection? (Choose two)
A. Fan.
B. Phone.
C. Printer port.
D. Fax machine.
E. Power supply.
Answer: B, D Explanation: A phone and a fax machine both use the same telephone connection as the modem. This could interfere with the modem connection. Incorrect Answers A fan, the printer port, and the power supply do not in a direct way interfere with the modem connection.
QUESTION 27 Your external modem is not functioning properly and you suspect that a malfunctioning serial port is the problem. Which tool should you use to test the serial port?
A. Multimeter.
B. Post card.
C. Loop back plug.
D. Nu
Answer: C
Explanation: Loop back plugs can be used to test local ports of a computer.
Incorrect Answers

A: Measuring the Voltage, Resistance, etc is not of much use when troubleshooting a serial port.
B: A POST card can be used to interpret BIOS POST messages.
D: A null modem cable is used to connect two PCs through the serial port.
QUESTION 28 You install a network interface card NIC that is not plug and play in your computer and see several jumpers on the card that allow you to change various settings. Which NIC setting do jumpers allow you to change? (Choose two)
Answer: A, D Explanation: The IRQ and the Memory address of a NIC (Network Interface Card) can be configured by jumpers. Incorrect Answers B, E: Token size and communication protocols are configured in the operating system and not by jumpers on the card.
C: The MAC (Media Access Control) address is a preconfigured factory setting that cannot be changed by jumpers on the NIC card. Every network adapter has an unique MAC address.
QUESTION 29 The modem will not dial out. What is the most likely cause of the problem? (Choose two)
A. Cable is not plugged in.
B. The phone line is defective.
C. The Modem is set for tone dial.
D. The internet service provider is
Answer: A, B
The most likely problems are a disconnected cable (A) or incorrect modem configuration.
The next most likely cause would be a defective phone line (B).
Incorrect Answers

C: Tone dial is the correct modem setting.
D: It is most likely a local problem and not a problem with the ISP.
E Disabling call waiting would not prevent the modem from dialing out.
QUESTION 30 What would a failed processor fan most likely cause? (Choose two)
A. CPU damage
B. System lockups
C. Hard drive failure
D. Floppy drive failure
E. CD-ROM drive failure
Answer: A, B Explanation: A failed processor fan would cause the CPU to overheat. This could damage the CPU or make the CPU work incorrectly which would cause system lockups. Incorrect Answers
C: Hard drives have their own cooling and are not dependant on the CPU fan.
D: Floppy drives have no cooling.
E: CD-ROM drives do not depend on the CPU fan for cooling.
QUESTION 31 You had just made a floppy boot disk and want to test it. You put the disk in the drive and restart the computer but it boots up to the Windows 9x GUI. Why?
A. The disk is set to write protect.
B. The BIOS is set to boot the hard
Answer: B Explanation: The BIOS is configured to boot from the hard drive before it tries to boot from the floppy. Note: GUI stands for the Graphical User Interface.
Incorrect Answers
A: A write protected floppy disk can still be use as a boot disk.
C: To boot from a hard drive partitions the partition need to be set to active. No such procedure is required to boot from a diskette.
D: The system would not boot to GUI from a Windows 9x CD-ROM. The installation process would start but no GUI would be reached initially. Furthermore if the system boots from the CD-ROM instead of the diskette, the BIOS start order should be changed.
QUESTION 32 You have an older PC that only has one IDE interface. One IDE hard drive and one IDE CD-ROM drive are also installed on the PC. How should you add a second IDE hard drive?
A. Install a SCSI card.
B. Install an add-on IDE interface
Answer: B Explanation: Each IDE interface can only support two IDE devices. To add a third IDE device we must add another IDE interface. Installing an add-on IDE interface card would provide a second IDE channel. Another two IDE devices could be installed. Incorrect Answers
A: SCSI cards do not support IDE drives.
C: Each IDE channel can only support two IDE devices. There are no IDE channels cables that allow three or more IDE devices on a single IDE channel.
D: The floppy interface cannot be used for IDE devices.
QUESTION 33 A monitor refresh rate in Windows 95 was changed and now the desktop in not available. What is the first step to correct this problem?
A. Replace the video card.
B. Boot windows in safe mode.
C. Run VIDFIX.EXE from a DOS pro
Answer: B
Explanation: We must reboot in Safe mode and change to VGA mode, and then reboot normally.
Incorrect Answers

A: It is a configuration problem, not a hardware problem.
C: There is no VIDFIX.EXE DOS utility that can help fix the configuration problem.
D: There are no video settings in BIOS for the refresh rate.
QUESTION 34 When you boot up your computer the light on the diskette drive lights up and stays lit. What does this mean?
A. Disk is in the drive
B. No disk is in the drive
C. The data cable is installed backwards
D. The diskette d
Answer: C Explanation: A floppy cable that is installed backwards would keep diskette drive light lit. Incorrect Answers A, B; D: If the diskette drive was functioning properly the diskette drive light would be turned off after the boot process finishes regardless if the there were a disk present or not.
QUESTION 36 How are toner cartridges disposed off?
A. Burned
B. Thrown Away
C. Recycled by manufacturer
D. Recycled with standard plastic
Answer: C Explanation: Toner cartridges contain material that could damage the environment and should therefore be recycled. The manufacturer is responsible for recycling the toner cartridges. Incorrect Answers Toner cartridges should not be burned, thrown away or recycled as standard plastic.
QUESTION 37 Uninterruptible power supply is also known as?
A. Surge Strip
B. Power Helper
C. Battery Backup
D. Circuit Breaker
Answer: C
Explanation: Sometimes Battery Backup is used to denote Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
Incorrect Answers

A: Surge suppressors, maybe we can call them surge strips, are devices used to filter out the effects of voltage spikes and surges that are present in commercial power sources and smooth out power variations. The they do offer any uninterruptible supply of power however.
B: There is no such thing as a Power Helper in this context.
D: A circuit breaker is out of context here.
QUESTION 38 Why should you have slot covers installed in a computer? (Choose two)
A. Keep dust out
B. Improve Air flow
C. Protect against ESD
D. CPU warmer
E. Prevent installing unnecessary components
Answer: A, B
Explanation: The slot covers keep dust out and improve the air flow.
Incorrect Answers

C: Slot covers are not used for ESD protections.
D: The CPU need to be cooled, not warmed.
E: This is not the purpose of slot covers.
QUESTION 39 You have just finished a clean installation of Windows 2000 and remove the installation CD from the drive. When you reboot the system you receive the following error message 'Can't find the bootable CD ROM device'. What should you do to corre
Answer: C Explanation: We should ensure that the boot sequence lists the hard drive before the Incorrect Answers
A: ATAPI drivers are not installed by users. They are a part of the operating system.
B: MCSD.EXE was used in older Windows versions. It is not used in Windows 2000.
D: There is no need to reinstall the OS, we just need to change the boot sequence.
QUESTION 40 What is the proper storage environment for OPC (Organic Photoconductive) drums?
A. Humidity free
B. Cool and Dark
C. Cool and Bright
D. Warm and Dark
Answer: B
Explanation: An OPC drum should be stored cool and dark.
Incorrect Answers

A: It is not of outermost importance to store the OPC drum humidity free.
C: The OPC drum should not be exposed to light.
D: The OPC drum should not be exposed to heat
QUESTION 41 You have installed a new CD-ROM drive on the secondary controller with an IDE external storage device and now neither device works. What should you do?
A. Install new CD-ROM drivers.
B. Check master/slave jumpers.
C. Plug in
Answer: B Explanation: Each IDE channel can host two IDE devices. One of the them must be configured as master and the other one must be configured as slave. Master and slave configuration are done by jumpers in the IDE devices.
Incorrect Answers
A: CD-ROM drivers would not get the external storage device to work.
C: A unplugged power cable of the CD-ROM would not cause both devices to malfunction.
D: Deleting existing drivers would make the matters worse.
QUESTION 42 What is the motherboard speed setting for a Pentium-200?
A. 50 MHZ
B. 60 MHZ
C. 66 MHZ
D. 200MHZ
Answer: C
Explanation: A Pentium 200 MHz processor runs with a 66MHz bus speed. The CPU speed is three times the bus speed.
Incorrect Answers
A: There are not Pentium motherboards with bus speed of 50MHz.
B: 200 is not dividable by 60. The CPU speed is always a multiple of the bus speed.
D: Pentium motherboards do not support bus speed as high as 200MHz.
QUESTION 43 How many 72 pin SIMMs are required when using a socket 7 motherboard?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
Answer: B
Explanation: 72-pin SIMMs are used in pairs.
Incorrect Answers

A: A single 72-pin SIMM cannot be installed.
C: Often four SIMMs can be installed, but only two are required.
D: Only two is required.
QUESTION 44 Some users on a 10Base2 network cannot connect to the server. What are likely causes of the problem? (Choose Two)
A. Faulty T-connector
B. Malfunctioning hub
C. Improperly terminated cable
D. Server not connected to th
Answer: A, C Explanation:
A: If only some of the users are unable to connect to the network the problem is most likely only
local: a faulty connector for example.

C: An improperly terminated cable could also cause some users to lose the network connection (but more likely all users would be affected).
Incorrect Answers

B. D: Hubs are not used in 10Base network segments.

E: There no things like modular connecter in a 10Base2 network.
QUESTION 46 A customer calls and says the computer will not boot. The system brings up the first screen that shows the memory count but it freezes immediately so that the user can't enter the CMOS setup screen. What should you take to the site to fix the
Answer: A
Explanation: It could be a memory problem(not listed) or a CPU problem.
Incorrect Answers

B: POST does not check modems.
C: The monitor is working so it is not a video card problem.
D: A floppy drive problem with not freeze the computer.
QUESTION 47 What is the first critical component that a fail motherboard battery effects?
Answer: D
Explanation: The CMOS memory uses the motherboard battery to keep its settings.
Incorrect Answers

A: RAM do not use the motherboard battery.
B: ROM is not affected.
C: The BIOS is the firmware that handles the settings in CMOS. The BIOS program is stored in ROM and is not affected by motherboard battery.
QUESTION 48 Which are valid types of parallel ports? (Choose three.)
E. Bi-directional
Answer: A, C, E
A: EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port) features up to 2-MB-per-second data-transfer rates, bidirectional
8-bit operation.

C: ECP (Extended Capabilities Port) features 2-MB-per-second data transfer and bidirectional 8-
bit operation.

E: A parallel port can be bi-directional.
Note: Bi-directional is not a port type, however this is the third best alternative. Bitronic would be
a better choice, but it is not present. Bi-Tronics features bidirectional communication.

Incorrect Answers

B: There is no such thing as an EEP parallel port standard.
D: USB is a serial port.
QUESTION 49 What is the main feature of SDRAM?
A. Using fewer transistors
B. Locating the boot sector
C. Transferring the BIOS information
D. Delivering the data in high speed bursts
Answer: D
Explanation: SDRAM delivers the data in high-speed bursts.
Incorrect Answers

A: The number of transistors are very high.
B: BIOS locates the boot sector.
C: RAM is used to store information, not to transfer information.
QUESTION 50 The process of refreshing memory is the process of __________________?
A. Testing the memory chip registers.
B. Cleaning the memory for reuse.
C. Recharging or reenergizing the registers.
D. Deleting memory before shut
Answer: C Explanation: The memory is refreshed by recharging and reenergizing the memory registers.
QUESTION 51 Which of the following are important troubleshooting questions to ask a user when gathering information about an issue? (Choose two)
A. Who caused this issue?
B. When did this issue begin?
C. How much did your computer cost?
Answer: B, E Explanation: In order to determine what caused the problem we should ask when the issue occurred and what was done immediately before it occurred.
Incorrect Answers
A: This is not the first step. First we determine when the issue occurred and what was done immediately before it occurred. Then we would be able to find out who or what caused this problem.
C: The cost of the computer not important when you are troubleshooting the computer.
D: For troubleshooting purposes it is not important to know the origin of computer.
QUESTION 52 What is the first step in diagnosing a completely dead computer that was working fine the day before?
A. Test the power supply.
B. Replace the CMOS battery.
C. Check the AC outlet for voltage.
D. Reseat the hard drive
Answer: C Explanation: First check the most basic possible causes of the problem. We should check AC outlet first. Incorrect Answers
A: The power supply is not the most likely cause of the problem. Furthermore, we should start to check the most basic causes first.
B: An empty battery would only cause the CMOS settings to be lost. The computer would still be able to start.
D: A unseated drive cable controller would not cause a complete dead computer.
QUESTION 53 In common ink jet printers how is ink transferred to the page? (Choose two)
A. Pressure is built by boiling ink
B. Pressure is applied by using a crystal
C. Pressure is built by a motorized pump
D. Screens deflect ink
Answer: A, E Explanation: There are two basic inkjet techniques: Bubble jet: In a thermal inkjet printer, tiny resistors create heat, and this heat vaporizes ink to create a bubble. As the bubble expands, some of the ink is pushed out of a nozzle onto the paper. Piezo-electric: A crystal is located at the back of the ink reservoir of each nozzle. The crystal receives a tiny electric charge that causes it to vibrate. When the crystal vibrates inward, it forces a tiny amount of ink out of the nozzle. The bubble-jet technique is more common so boiling ink and nozzle is the correct answer.
QUESTION 54 Which type of connector is used for a parallel connector on the end that connects to the printer?
A. 9-Pin (DB -9) male
B. 25-Pin (DB-25) male
C. 25-Pin (DB -25) female
D. Centronics (36-pin) D-shell
Answer: D Explanation: A 36-pin Centronics connector is used to connect to the physical printer (print device).
QUESTION 55 A user calls support and says that his system will not boot up. The error message that is displayed is 'missing operating system'. What can cause this?
A. A non bootable disk is in the disk drive.
B. The Windows 9x CD is in the CD
Answer: A Explanation: A non-bootable diskette in the disk drive could cause this problem if the boot sequence lists A: before C:.
Incorrect Answers
B: The Windows 9x CD is bootable. The system would be able to boot from it, however only the Windows 9x installation program would be started.
C: An empty CD-ROM drive would never cause this error message.
D: The keyboard failure could not cause this error message.
QUESTION 56 A bent pin on a three row DB-15 male connector plug could cause problems with which device or component?
A. Monitor
B. Joy sticks
C. Laser-Jet Printer
D. External Modem
Answer: A
Explanation: The monitor port got 15 pins in three rows (see below)
Incorrect Answers

B: The games/joystick port got 15 pins in two rows.
C: Printers use the parallel interface.
D: External modems use the serial interface.
QUESTION 57 How many 168 Pin DIMMs are required per memory bank?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: A
Explanation: A single 168 Pin DIMM is used for every memory bank.
Incorrect Answers

B: 168 Pin DIMM do not need to be installed in pairs. C, D: Only a single 168 Pin DIMM is required per memory bank.
QUESTION 58 A dot matrix printer is printing patchy, faint or uneven. Which action will correct the problem?
A. Replacing the ribbon
B. Replacing the timing belt
C. Adjusting the paper feed tension
D. Adjusting the tractor feed te
Answer: A Explanation: The print ribbon is worn out and should be replaced.
QUESTION 59 Which component must be vacuumed or replaced during preventive maintenance on a laser printer?
A. Ozone filter
B. Scanning mirror
C. Developing Blade
D. Photosensitive Drum
Answer: A
Explanation: The Ozone filter must be kept clean. You can vacuum it or use canned air.
Eventually the ozone filter will have to be replaced.

Incorrect Answers
B, C: Scanning mirrors and developing blades are usually not vacuumed or replaced.

D: You should not vacuum the photosensitive drum. It might be harmed.
QUESTION 60 What should you use to connect two computers in an Ethernet peer to peer network using RJ-45 connectors and Category-5 Cable?
A. Modem
B. Patch Cable
C. Cross over cable
D. Hardware Loop back
Answer: C Explanation: Two computers can directly be connected, via RJ-45 connectors, only by using a crossover cable. Note: If you are going to connect devices with use the same ports you will always have to use crossover cable. Incorrect Answers
A: A serial modem does not have any RJ-45 connector.
B: A patch cable is used to connect the computer to the wall socket.
D: A hardware Loop back is used to test if a port is functioning.
QUESTION 61 Which memory module is shown in the exhibit?
C. 30 pin SIMM
D. 72 pin SIMM
Answer: C Explanation: 30 pin SIMMs do no have a notch.
QUESTION 62 Windows uses what name of a peer to peer network?
A. Group
B. Domain
C. Network
D. Workgroup
Answer: D
Explanation: In Windows terminology a Workgroup implements peer-to-peer networking.
Incorrect Answers

A: A Group is a container for users.
B: A Domain is a logical security boundary within the network. Servers are used to centralize the administration and the resources.
C: The network consists of the connected devices and the cabling.
QUESTION 63 What is the minimum cable type 10BaseT specifies
A. Category 3
B. Category 5
C. Category 5e
D. Category 6
Answer: A Explanation: Category 3 and above can be used in 10BaseT networks. 10BaseT networks run at a speed of 10Mbps.
Incorrect Answers Category 5, Category 5e, and Category 6 supports 100Mbps.
QUESTION 66 From which location are first instructions available when a microcomputer is powering up?
B. Boot.ini
D. Config.sys
Answer: C
Explanation: The instructions are loaded from the ROM BIOS.
Incorrect Answers

A: The CPU only contains microcode for the CPU itself. It does not contain any code run by the system at startup.
B, D: The first instructions are not fetched from the hard drive, they are fetched from ROM:
QUESTION 67 Typically how many PC Type III cards can you insert into a laptop at a time?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: A Explanation: PC Type 3 cards are quite thick. A Laptop only has a single Type III slot. A type 3 PC card does not fit in Type II or Type I slots so only a single Type III card can be used at a time. Note: Type III slots are primarily for computers with removable hard disk drives. Type III cards are
10.5 mm thick Type II cards are 5 mm thick and Type I cards 3.3 mm thick. A PC Card will fit in any slot either its own size or a larger size. For example, a Type II modem would fit in a type III slot.
QUESTION 69 How many pins are on a VGA connector?
A . 9
B. 15
C. 25
D. 50
Answer: B Explanation: There are 15 pins in a VGA connector. 3 rows with 5 pins each.
QUESTION 70 When seeking to upgrade your BIOS for a particular motherboard. What do you need to know?
A. Memory Type
B. Hard Drive Size
C. Make and Model
D. DIMM manufacturer
Answer: C Explanation: To get the appropriate BIOS update we need the make and model of the motherboard or the BIOS.
QUESTION 160 Which kind of devices does SCSI support? (Choose three)
A. Modem
C. Tape Devices
D. Hard Drives
E. Video Cards
F. Sound Cards
Answer: B, C, D Explanation: CD-ROMs, Tape Devices, and Hard Drives are all example SCSI devices. Generally SCSI is used for huge data volumes at high speeds. Incorrect Answers Modems, video cards, or sounds do not use SCSI.
QUESTION 161 How does a parallel port communicate information to a peripheral device?
A. 1 bit at a time
B. 8 bytes at a time
C. 1 byte at a time
D. 16,555 bytes at a time.
Answer: C
Explanation: Parallel communication use 8 bits simultaneously. One byte is 8 bits.
Incorrect Answers

A: Serial communication use one bit a time. B, D: Parallel communication only uses one byte at time.
QUESTION 162 What could cause a larger capacity drive to format at lower capacity when you install it in an existing system?
A. The disk repository is full
B. The new drive in not y2k compatible
C. The ram does not support the larger ca
Answer: D Explanation: If the BIOS do not support the higher capacity drive, you may only be able to use a portion the available space on the hard drive.
QUESTION 163 How many print head pins would there be on a standard paper quality dot matrix printer?
A. 9
B. 15
C. 24
D. 25
Answer: C
Explanation: Using 24 pins is called Near Letter Quality. It is the standard paper quality dot on
matrix printers.
Note: Some Dot matrix printers have 48 pins.
Incorrect Answers

A: 9 pins are used in Draft mode. The quality is quite poor. B, D: 15 or 25 pins are not used by matrix printers.
QUESTION 164 Which values are held in the CMOS for hard drive?
A. Drive bay location.
B. Access Speed to data
C. Size (Head, Cylinders, Sectors)
D. Physical dimension of the drive (Height, Width, Depth, Weight)
Answer: C Explanation: In BIOS the size of a hard drive is measured in Heads, Cylinders and Sectors.
Which Type of Field Replaceable Unit is on a SCSI Host Adapter?

B. I/O card
C. Video Card
D. Hard Drive
Answer: B Explanation: A SCSI adapter is used for communication. It is an Input/Output card.
QUESTION 166 How many devices does USB support?
A. 32
B. 64
C. 127
D. 256
Answer: C Explanation: 127 devices are supported on a single USB chain.
QUESTION 167 What is the main communication method from one personal digital assistant to another personal digital assistant?
C. RS 232
D. IEEE1394
Answer: A Explanation: PDAs (personal digital assistants) use wireless Infrared (IR) to communicate.
QUESTION 168 Which of the following devices may have the same looking connector? (Choose two)
A. USB printer
B. VGA monitor
C. Serial mouse
D. SCSI scanner
E. Parallel printer
Answer: D, E Explanation: SCSI scanners and parallel printers might have the same looking connector.
QUESTION 169 What is the function of an energy star compliant monitor?
A. Used only with fast processors
B. Same as standard monitor type
C. Switches to low power status when signal does not change
D. Consumes less power than othe
Answer: C Explanation: An energy star compliant monitor saves power by switching to low power status when the video signal is constant.
QUESTION 170 When installing an AT power supply which colors are adjacent on the connector?
A. Red, Red
B. Black, Red
C. Red, Black
D. Black, Black
Answer: D Explanation: On XT, AT and Baby AT motherboards black should be adjacent to black when attaching the power cables.
QUESTION 171 Your customer decided to install a new USB printer on his Windows 95 computer but cannot get the computer to recognize it. What is the most likely cause?
A. IRQ conflict
B. DMA conflicts
C. USB cable too short
Answer: D Explanation: Windows 95 needs additional installation packages to support USB. The original version of Windows 95 was released before the USB standard arrived.
QUESTION 172 What should you replace if the brightness or contrast adjustments were malfunctioning on a Laptop?
A. Fuse
B. LCD Display
C. Adjustment Switch
D. LCD display Cable
Answer: C Explanation: We should start by replacing the adjustment switch.
QUESTION 173 After installing a sound card the system locks up when a parallel port tape backup is also used. What is the most likely problem? (Choose Two)
A. IRQ conflict
B. DMA conflict.
C. Defective LPT port
D. Defective Tape D
Answer: A, E Explanation:
A: There might be an IRQ conflict.

E: It is possible that the sound card is defective. Incorrect Answers

B: A DMA conflict would not result in this behavior. C, D: The LPT port and the Tape Driver were functioning before the sound card was installed so
both should be working.
QUESTION 174 The mouse pointer moves erratically. What is the possible cause?
A. The ball is dirty
B. Is not connected
C. Driver is not installed properly.
D. It has an incorrect IRQ setting.
Answer: A Explanation: The most likely cause of this problem is that the ball of the mouse is dirty. It should be cleaned. Incorrect Answers
B: If the mouse is disconnected the mouse pointer would not move.
C: It seems unlikely that an incorrect mouse driver would cause this behavior.
D: The mouse has no IRQ setting.
QUESTION 175 You just installed a new IDE hard drive but your system BIOS will not recognize the new drive. What should you check first?
A. Cable sequence
B. Jumpers on the hard Drive
C. Drivers that need to be loaded
D. Hard Driv
Answer: B Explanation: The jumpers on the hard drive must be correctly set either to master or to slave. If a single IDE device is used on IDE channel it must be set to master. If two IDE devices are used on the same IDE channel one must be set to master and one must be set to slave.
QUESTION 176 What would a Multimeter be used to measure?
A. CD-ROM data
B. Power-supply voltage
C. Floppy drive speed
D. RAID controller synchronization
Answer: B Explanation: A multimeter can be used to measure voltage.
QUESTION 177 What is your first action when windows report that your hard drive is developing bad sectors?
A. Replace the hard drive.
B. Run Secclean from DOS
C. Run the defrag utility on the hard Drive.
D. Run Scan Disk with the
Answer: D
Explanation: Scan disk should be run to check and repair hard disk.
Incorrect Answers

A: Eventually we could be forced to replace the hard drive, but should not be the first action.
B: Secclean is a UNIX utility.
C: Defragmenting the hard drive could make things worse. We should repair the disk first.
QUESTION 178 The resolution on a new 19" ULTRA VGA monitor was set to 640 x 480 16 colors. You change the resolution to 800x600 High color 16-bit. But the monitor goes blank. What could be the problem?
A. The video card is using an IRQ
Answer: D
Explanation: The monitor does not support the selected refresh rate.
Incorrect Answers

A: The video card should use an IRQ to be able to communicate.
B: The video card worked at 640 x 480 so it is physically installed correctly.
C: The monitor trapezoid setting would not cause the monitor to go blank.
QUESTION 179 What is a major design difference between Pentium I and Pentium II?
A. Pipeline cache size
B. Capacitor technology
C. High-core temperature
D. Additional instruction set
Answer: B Explanation: The capacitor technology is improved with decreasing size and improved performance.
QUESTION 180 The monitor is displaying mostly in green and not in normal colors. Which of the following would cause this? (Choose Two)
A. The monitor is defective
B. The refresh rate is too fast.
C. The resolution is set too high
Answer: A, D Explanation: Either the monitor could be defective or a pin could be bent. Incorrect Answers The refresh rate, the resolution, or the video adapter device driver would not cause this type of color distortion.
QUESTION 181 What is proper installation practice for installing DIMMs and RIMMs?
A. Unplug the PC.
B. Use a ground strip.
C. Leave the power on.
D. Install modules in pairs.
Answer: A
Explanation: First we should unplug the computer.
Incorrect Answers

B: A ground could be used but first we should unplug the computer.
C: We should unplug the PC.
D: DIMMs do not need to be installed in pairs.
QUESTION 182 The computer will not boot from the floppy drive. What are the most likely causes? (Choose two)
A. The floppy drive is defective.
B. There is no partition on the hard drive.
C. The boot floppy is formatted on FAT 16.
Answer: A, D Explanation:
A: The floppy drive could be defective.
D: If the boot sequence does not include A: the system would never be able to boot from the diskette, and we would have to correct it in BIOS.
Incorrect Answers

B: PCs should be able to boot from the diskette even though no hard drive is present.
C: Diskettes use the FAT16 file format.
E: The partitioning of the hard drive would not affect the diskette boot process.
QUESTION 183 What are benefits of cleaning the inside of the computer? (Choose Two)
A. Increase connectivity speed.
B. Provide better system cooling
C. Increase CPU processing speed.
D. Increase the value of your computer.
Answer: B, E Explanation: Less dust would improve the system cooling and reduce the risk of component failure.
QUESTION 185 Which device should not be plugged into a standard UPS?
A. Any monitor
B. Laser printer
C. An inkjet printer
D. External Modem
Answer: B Explanation: A Laser printer should never be plugged to an UPS since Laser Printers consumes a lot of power when printing. This could disrupt the UPS Incorrect Answers
A: Monitors can be attached to an UPS.
C: Inkjet printer does not use as much power as LaserJet printers and they can therefore be connected to an UPS.
D: External modem consumes minimal power and be attached to an UPS.
QUESTION 186 All of the following voltage/current combinations should be considered dangerous but which of these combinations is the most likely to cause serious injury or death?
A. 120 Volts DC at 500 Amperes.
B. 5 volts DC at 100milli amper
Answer: A Explanation: High Amperes could kill.
QUESTION 187 What next technology was added to the Pentium III?
A. MMX4.
B. Enhanced audio steaming.
C. Enhanced graphics capabilities.
D. Internet streaming SIMB extensions.
Answer: D Explanation: Internet streaming SIMB extensions were added to the Pentium III processor.
QUESTION 188 What does a 601 error POST (Power On Self-Test) indicate?
A. hard drive error
B. floppy drive error
C. network boot problem
D. defective power supply
Answer: B
Explanation: POST errors in the 600-699 range generally indicate Floppy disk drive errors.
Incorrect Answers

A: Hard drive errors are in the 17xx range.
C: Network adapter errors are in the 3xxxx range.

D: A defective power supply would not generate errors in the 6xx range. Note:
1xx: Motherboard errors.
2xx: RAM errors.
3xx: Keyboard errors
6xx: Floppy disk drive errors
11xx: COM1 errors
17xx: Hard drive errors
3xxx: NIC errors
QUESTION 189 What are advantages of the USB? (Choose three.)
A. Speed.
B. Safety.
C. Security.
D. Expansion.
E. Ease of configuration.
Answer: A, D, E Explanation:
A: The USB bus is faster.
D: A single USB chain supports up to 127 devices which make it easier to expand.

E: USB devices should not need any configuration. They are self-configured.
Incorrect Answers
B, C: There is no safety or security built into USB.
QUESTION 190 How much video RAM is needed to display 1024 into 768 at 24bit color?
A. 1MB.
B. 4MB.
C. 8MB.
D. 512KB.
Answer: B Explanation: With 24-bit color we need 3 bytes per pixel. In total we need 1024 * 768 *3 bytes which roughly is 2.4MB of RAM. 4 MB of video RAM would be sufficient.
QUESTION 191 What would cause a keyboard error message? (Choose two)
A. Stuck key
B. Pressing the F5 key
C. Keyboard not plugged in
D. Pressing CTRL + ALT + ESC
Answer: A, C Explanation: A stuck key or an absent keyboard would cause a keyboard error message. Incorrect Answers B, D: Pressing keys would not cause a keyboard error message.
QUESTION 192 You have just installed a 128 MB 168 pin DIMM on your ATX motherboard. You already had 128 MB in 72 pin slots using SIMM. When you turn on your system it is only recognizing only 128 MB of RAM in total. Which of the following are possible ca
Answer: A, B, D Explanation:
A: The BIOS might have to be upgraded in order to support both memory types.
B: The BIOS might need configuration in order to use both memory types.
D: If we are unlucky the BIOS will only support one memory type at a time. Incorrect Answers
C: If the motherboard has both SIMM and DIMM slots it supports both type of memories at the same time.
E: 72-pin SIMMs must be installed in pairs.
QUESTION 193 What is the highest address that can be referred on a three-position SCSI-2 jumper block?
A. 4
B. 7
C. 8
D. 15
Answer: B Explanation: The highest binary value with three digits is 111. In decimal this corresponds to 4+2+1=7.
QUESTION 197 What is a type of IDE translation?
Answer: A Explanation: LBA, Logical Block Addressing, is a translation standard for BIOS to support IDE drives larger than 528 MB. LBA is on old IDE translation.
QUESTION 198 WRAM is used on a?
A. Modem.
B. Video card.
C. Motherboard.
D. ATA controller.
Answer: B Explanation: WRAM (Windows Accelerator Card RAM) is used on Video cards.
QUESTION 199 Which of the following expansion slots can a SCSI adapter plug into? (Choose two)
D. IEEE 1264
E. IEEE 1394
Answer: A, C Explanation: SCSI adapters can either use PCI slots or EISA slots. Most modern SCSI cards use PCI slots.
QUESTION 200 When upgrading to a Pentium II, which slot or socket is viable?
A. Slot 1
B. Slot A
C. Slot 3
D. Socket 7
Answer: A Explanation: Pentium II requires slot 1. Slot 1 is used for Celeron, Pentium II and Pentium III processors.
QUESTION 201 You must service the laser printer in your office. Which part of the printer should you avoid touching because it is hot?
A. Fuser.
B. Print head.
C. Primary corona.
D. High voltage power supply.
Answer: A Explanation: The fuser heats the toner which is melted to the paper. The temperature is around 170 Celsius.
QUESTION 202 In ink jet printers what is the most common problem with the paper tray?
A. In consistent printing.
B. Malfunctioning pick up rollers.
C. Misalignment of the sheet feeder.
D. Paper jamming on the ink cartage.
Answer: B Explanation: Inkjet printer use pick up rollers. Problems with pickup rollers would prevent any papers from being pulled into the printer.
QUESTION 203 A laser printer generates a totally black paper. What is the cause?
A. Malfunctioning image laser.
B. Low level in the tonal cartage.
C. No power to the transfer corona.
D. No power to the primary corona.
Answer: D Explanation: No power to the primary corona would result in a totally black paper.
QUESTION 204 What is the paper feeder technology most commonly associated with dot matrix printers?
A. Sheet feed.
B. Tractor feed.
C. Friction feed.
D. Manual feed.
Answer: B Explanation: Matrix printers use tractor feed.
QUESTION 205 Laser jet printer speeds are measured in pages per minute (PPM). What do we use to measure the speed of dot matrix printers?
A. Lines per inch.
B. Lines per sheets.
C. Characters per inch.
D. Characters per second.
Answer: D Explanation: The speed of matrix printers is measured in characters per second.
QUESTION 206 What allows you to print on both sides of the paper?
A. Fuser.
B. Duplexer.
C. Toner cartage.
D. Paper swapping unit.
Answer: B
Explanation: Print duplexing is the ability to print on both sides of a page.
Incorrect Answers

A: A fuser melts the image onto the paper.
C: A toner cartridge just a container for toner.
D: A paper swapping unit is not required to print on both sides of a page.
QUESTION 207 With respect to the interface network card, what does the term 10/100 refer to?
A. Protocol speed.
B. A fiber network.
C. Megabits per second.
D. Minimum and maximum server speed.
Answer: C Explanation: 10/100 refers to the transfer rate which is measured in Megabits per seconds (Mbps). More specifically it specifies that the network adapter supports both the 10Mbps and the 100Mbps speed.
QUESTION 208 When installing PCI network interface you can check IRQ availability looking at?
A. DIP switches.
B. Config.sys.
C. Jumper settings.
D. Motherboard BIOS.
Answer: D Explanation: The BIOS (or even better the Device Manager) can be used to check IRQ availability. Incorrect Answers A, C: DIP switches or jumper settings might be used for IRQ configuration, but they do not contain information on available IRQs.
B: Configuration files do not contain information on available IRQs.
QUESTION 209 Which of the following are characteristics of peer to peer networking? (Choose two.)
A. Router.
B. TCP/IP protocol.
C. Centralized security and administration.
D. Limited number of computers involved.
E. Compute
Answer: D, E Explanation:
D: A peer-to-peer network should only contain a limited amount of computer, typically not more than 10 computers.
E: All computers are peers acting as both client and servers. There is no dedicated server. Incorrect Answers
A: A router is used in larger networks, not in peer-to-peer networks.
B: TCP/IP is typically used in larger networks, though it might very well be used in a
C: A peer-to-peer network implements de-centralized security and administration.
QUESTION 210 When configuring ISA network interface cards without jumpers or plug and play. What is used to set IRQs?
C. The operating system.
D. Configuration software.
Answer: D Explanation: ISA cards need either configuration software or configuration on the physical cards (DIP switches or jumpers).
QUESTION 211 What is the default IRQ for LPT1?
A. 2
B. 5
C. 7
D. 13
Answer: C Explanation: LTP1 use IRQ 7 by default. This can be checked with the Device Manager or with System Information.

Incorrect Answers A, B: IRQ 2 and IRQ 5 are available and free to use.
.D: IRQ 13 is used by the numeric data processor.
.A. Jumping for cable select.
.B. Jumping connector for slave
.C. Jumping connector for master
.D. Plugging the IDE cable into the second connector on the motherboard.
QUESTION 213 Which statement is true concerning the installation of USB mouse?
A. You can plug it in while the computer is running.
B. You must first set up a specific IRQ for the device.
C. You must first set a DMA channel for the new
Answer: A Explanation: USB devices are hot pluggable and should be detected and installed automatically.
QUESTION 215 What is the default IRQ for the floppy drive controller?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 6
D. 9
Answer: C Explanation: The floppy drive controller use IRQ 6 as default. Incorrect Answers A, D: IRQ 2 and IRQ 9 are available for use.
B: IRQ 3 is used by COM2 and COM4.
QUESTION 216 How is the LCD on a laptop powered?
A. 120VAC
B. 120VDC
C. Low voltage DC
D. Low voltage AC
Answer: C Explanation: Like in a desktop, the power supply supplies low voltage DC.
QUESTION 217 Which device contains its own BIOS?
B. Hard drive
C. Diskette drive
D. Video adapter
Answer: D Explanation: Video adapters may contain its own BIOS.
QUESTION 218 Which expansion slot can a SCSI adapter plug into? (Choose three)
E. IEEE 1394
Answer: A, C, D Explanation:
A: Most SCSI adapters use the PCI bus.
C: Some SCSI adapters still use the EISA bus.
D: Only very old SCSI adapters use the VL-BUS.
Incorrect Answers
B, E: A SCSI adapter cannot be plugged into USB or IEEE 1394 (fireware).
QUESTION 219 When replacing a power supply what must you observe?
A. Voltage
B. Current
C. Wattage
D. Resistance
Answer: C Explanation: The wattage should be checked. The replacement power supply should supply the same Wattage.
QUESTION 220 On a system with one hard drive and one CD-ROM what is the typical placement of the CD-ROM drive?
A. Slave drive on the primary IDE channel.
B. Master drive on the primary IDE channel.
C. Slave drive on the secondary IDE ch
Answer: D Explanation: The CD-ROM is typically placed as a master on the secondary IDE channel.
QUESTION 221 What does TCP/IP support? (Choose three)
A. NWLink
B. Ethernet
D. Token Ring
E. Modem dial-up
Answer: B, D, E
Explanation: With the TCP/IP protocol you can connect to Ethernet and Token Ring networks,
and use dialup networking.
Incorrect Answers
NWLink and NetBEUI are two other separate protocols.
QUESTION 222 What is the name of the process that laser printers use to produce a printed image?
A. Laser writing
B. Micro-laser printing
C. Electro-photographic
D. Ink-jet laser photographic
Answer: C Explanation: Laser printers use the electro-photographic process to produce the printed image.
QUESTION 223 The computer identifies a non-mask able interrupt error. What is most likely cause of this error?
A. Lost clusters
B. Defective RAM
C. The I/O controller
D. Corrupted software
Answer: B Explanation: A non-mask able interrupt error indicates a hardware error. A defective RAM is a likely cause of this problem Incorrect Answers A, D: A non-mask able error is not caused by lost clusters or by corrupted software.
C: The I/O controller is not a likely cause of this problem.
QUESTION 224 A NIC that has an ST or SC connector on it is an example of?
B. Thin Net
C. Fiber Optic
D. Twisted Pair
Answer: C Explanation: ST or ST-SC are examples of fiber connectors.
QUESTION 225 You install a 1.2 GB IDE drive. When you run FDISK, it only reports a drive of 540MB. What went wrong?
A. The drive is set to slave.
B. No active partition is set.
C. The ribbon cable is on backwards.
D. There is no p
Answer: E Explanation: The BIOS does not support hard drives larger than 540MB. The BIOS should, if possible, be upgraded for large hard-drive support.
Incorrect Answers
A: It is not relevant if the drive is set to slave or master.
B: The active partition only makes a partition bootable.
C: If the ribbon cable was set backwards, it would not be possible to access the drive at all.
D: If the drive had no power, it would not be possible to access the drive at all.
QUESTION 226 Which type of connectors is used on a parallel printer cable? (Choose two)
A. DB9
B. RJ-25
C. DB25
D. Mini DIN
E. Centronics36
Answer: C, E Explanation:
C: A DB25 is a typical parallel printer connection on the PC end.
E: A Centronics36 is the typical parallel printer connection on the printer end.
QUESTION 227 What is the first program to run during a system boot sequence?
Answer: A Explanation: The BIOS is the first program being run during the system boot sequence. The OS starts to load after the BIOS has finished its startup process.
QUESTION 228 The CD-ROM does not work on your system. You suspect that the CD-ROM is not getting the proper voltage. What should you use to test the power connector?
A. Multimeter
B. Continuity Tester
C. Loop back tester
D. High v
Answer: A Explanation: A multimeter can be used to measure voltage.
QUESTION 229 You are installing a modem on COM3. Which I/O address should you normally use?
A. 2E8H
B. 2F8H
C. 3E8H
D. 3F8H
Answer: C Explanation: The following IO addresses are used by the COM ports: COM1: 3F8 COM2: 2F8 COM3: 3E8 COM4: 2E8
QUESTION 231 What would cause the error message "Bad or missing operating system at boot up"?
B. Missing or corrupt boot sector
C. Slave hard drive not powered up
D. A bad floppy drive cable connection
Answer: B Explanation: The boot sector is used to launch the boot process. If the boot sector is corrupt this error message would occur.
QUESTION 232 You find that you have no audio. Which of the following does not apply?
A. The sound card is set to a 66MHz bus speed.
B. You should check to see if Windows volume control is up.
C. The speaker cable is not plugged into the
Answer: A Explanation: Sound cards are not configured with bus speeds.
Question 234 Which protocol requires unique addressing through software configuration?
D. AppleTalk
Answer: B Explanation: Each TCP/IP device must have a unique logical IP address. This IP address is either configured dynamically with DHCP or statically in the operating system.
Incorrect Answers
A: IPX use the MAC addressing to provide unique addressing. This is a physical addressing scheme, which cannot be configured through software.
C: NetBEUI requires no configuration since it only communicates through broadcasts.
D: AppleTalk does not require configuration for unique addressing
QUESTION 235 When you arrive at the customer's desk the computer is giving a continuous beep noise that will not stop. What is the problem?
A. Virus was down loaded from the internet.
B. BIOS on the motherboard was corrupted.
C. Imprope
Answer: D Explanation: A stuck key could cause the noise. Incorrect Answers It is unlikely that a virus, corrupted BIOS, or an improper driver would have this effect.
QUESTION 236 After attempting to dial-up to internet, your mouse pointer freezes. What should be your first diagnostic step in solving the problem?
A. Check for IRQ conflict.
B. Check for browser updates.
C. Check to see if the correct
Answer: A Explanation: There could be an IRQ conflict between the mouse and the modem.
QUESTION 237 A customer calls and says his computer will not boot. You have determined that no sounds are coming from the system and none of the lights are on. What should you take to the site to fix the problem?
B. Modem
C. Vide
Answer: D Explanation: It seems that the system does not have any power. We should bring a replacement power supply.
QUESTION 238 You install new local printer. When you print a test page on the printer, the printer prints the printer code and several extra blank printer pages are printed. What are the possible causes? (Choose Two)
A. Wrong printer driver.
Answer: A, E Explanation: The print driver could be incorrect or the print cable could be loose.
QUESTION 239 Which I/O port does the secondary IDE controller use?
A. 134H
B. 168H
C. 170H
D. 1F0H
Answer: C Explanation: The secondary IDE Channel uses the 170-177 address range Incorrect Answers The primary IDE Channel uses the 1F0-1F7 address range.
QUESTION 240 How should you clean the CD-ROM media?
A. Wipe it using circular motions.
B. Wipe it using center to edge motions.
C. Dip it in a diluted cleaner solution, and then let it dry.
D. Set clean mode from the CD properties
Answer: C Explanation: CD-ROM media could be cleaned by a diluted cleaner solution. Incorrect Answers A, B: We should take care not to scratch it.
D: There are no commands within the OS to clean the CD-ROM media.
QUESTION 241 Due to the possibility of brownouts which of the following items will help electronic equipment perform in an interrupted manner? (Choose two)
A. Strips
B. Extension Cords
C. Line conditioners
D. Battery backup device
Answer: C, D Explanation:
C: Line-conditioners ensure that spikes and brownouts do not affect the electronic equipment.
D: Battery backup devices will protect against power loss.
QUESTION 242 Which tools can be used to clean the inside of a computer? (Choose two)
A. Magnet
B. Canned air
C. Small brush
D. SIMM extractor
E. Ammonia based cleaner
Answer: B, C Explanation: A small brush, canned air, or a small vacuum cleaner (not listed here) could be used to clean the inside of a computer.
Incorrect Answers A, E: A magnet or ammonia based cleaner could cause harm to the computer.
D: A SIMM extractor is not used for cleaning.
QUESTION 243 How many IDE controllers are typically built into an ATX motherboard?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 8
Answer: B Explanation: ATX motherboards, like AT motherboards, have 2 built-in IDE controllers.
QUESTION 244 Which differentiates EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port) from ECP (Enhanced Capsulation Port) parallel ports?
A. ECP uses DMA
B. EPP requires more RAM
C. EPP requires a device driver
D. ECP uses 8-bits, EPP uses 4-bits
Answer: A
Explanation: ECP uses DMA, while EPP does not.
Note: Both ECP and EPP use bidirectional communication. EPP only allow communication in one
direction (half duplex), while ECP allows simultaneous bidirectional communications (full duplex).
ECP is therefore faster than EPP.
Incorrect Answers

B: Neither EPP nor ECP needs much RAM.
C: Neither EPP or ECP needs a device driver.
D: Both ECP and EPP use 8 bits.
QUESTION 245 What is modified when changing the system start up boot sequence?
Answer: A Explanation: The CMOS memory holds the BIOS settings. The boot sequence is a BIOS setting. Incorrect Answers The startup boot sequence is not configured in the OS.
QUESTION 246 What causes chip creep?
A. Thermal expansion and contraction.
B. Overheating of chips due to electrical shorts.
C. Chips that don't communicate with other chips.
D. Chips memory that is incompatible with the motherboa
Answer: A Explanation: The process of chips that work their way out over time from their slots is called chip creep. It is caused by changes in temperate that make the chip expand and contract.
QUESTION 247 In the fusing stage of the laser printing process the _______________?
A. toner transfers to the corona.
B. printer melts the written image to the paper.
C. primary corona wire gives a charge to the photosensitive drum.
Answer: B Explanation: In the fusing stage the toner is melted permanently to the page by the fusing rollers that apply pressure and heat.
QUESTION 248 Which memory module is shown in the exhibit?
A. 30- pin SIMM
B. 72- pin SIMM
C. 168- pin DIPP
D. 168-pin DIMM
Answer: B Explanation: A 30-pin SIMM does not have a notch (see illustration):
QUESTION 249 Which steps must you complete when installing a second IDE on the same IDE controller that has an existing device?
A. Set the drive identification to match.
B. Terminate the second drive properly
C. Set one drive a master a
Answer: C Explanation: One drive must be set as master and the other must be set as slave. The jumper settings on the hard drive are used for this purpose Incorrect Answers
A: IDE does not, like SCSI, require device identification.
B: IDE does not, like SCSI, require termination.
D: The boot drive is not required to be placed at the end of the IDE cable.
QUESTION 250 Which of the following are valid translations in the hard drive settings in the CMOS? (Choose three)
D. Extended CHS
E. Extended TRA
Answer: A, B, D Explanation: Incorrect Answers
A: CHS = Cylinder, Head, Sectors. Early BIOSs had a limitation on the maximum cylinder, head, and sector (CHS) values allowed.
B: LBA, Logical Block Addressing, is a translation standard for BIOS to support IDE drives larger than 528 MB.
D: Enhanced (or extended) CHS allows drives to be manufactured a little faster and more easily than LBA.
QUESTION 251 Which processors will fit in the same socket? (Choose three.)
A. AMD K7.
B. Cyrix MLL.
C. AMD K6.
D. Pentium II.
E. Pentium MMX.
Answer: B, C, E Explanation: Socket 7 is supports late Pentium Models including Pentium MMX, AMD K6 (not K7 which is much later), and Cyrix processors.
QUESTION 252 What expansion bus types do most motherboards support?
Answer: B Explanation: Most modern motherboards support ICA; PCI, and possibly AGP. However, some new motherboards do no longer support ISA: Incorrect Answers
A: MCA is an old standard which is no longer supported.
C: AGP is not supported by older motherboards or by some low-priced motherboards with integrated graphic support.
D: VESA is no longer supported.
QUESTION 253 What is the most important feature to look for when, replacing the mouse?
A. color
B. connector
C. the number of buttons
D. the manufacturer and model number
Answer: B Explanation: There are several different mouse connectors (serial, USB, IR). We must make sure that we choose the correct connector.
QUESTION 254 On the dot-matrix you only see the bottom half of the characters. What is a possible cause of this?
A. Defective print head.
B. Wrong paper thickness.
C. Paper text incorrectly on tractor.
D. Defective home position s
Answer: A Explanation: The print head is defective and should be replaced.
QUESTION 256 How many bits wide is the AGP Bus?
A. 8
B. 16
C. 32
D. 64
Answer: C Explanation: AGP (Advanced Graphic Port) is a 32-bit bus designed for the high demands of 3-D graphics.
QUESTION 260 What is the default IRQ for COM1?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: C Explanation: COM1 and COM3 use IRQ4. Incorrect Answers COM2 and COM4 use IRQ3.
QUESTION 261 Which CPU socket 7-based? (Select all that apply.)
A. Pentium I
B. Pentium II
C. AMD Athlon
D. Pentium MMX
Answer: A, D Explanation: Socket 7 is supports late Pentium Models including Pentium MMX, AMD K6 (not K7 or AMD Athlon), and Cyrix processors.
QUESTION 262 Why would the back of your page come out dirty on a Laser printer?
A. Light weight paper.
B. High humidity level.
C. Contaminated fuser.
D. Bad AC power module.
Answer: C Explanation: The fuser could be dirty, for example contaminated with toner.
QUESTION 263 Which memory address range is reserved for VGA video card?
A. C000-C3FF
B. C000-C7FF
C. D000-D7FF
D. D000-DFFF
Answer: B Explanation: The video BIOS is usually mapped to the upper memory address range C000-C7FF
QUESTION 264 When powering on a system, you receive a keyboard error. What generates this message?
Answer: C Explanation: The Power On Self Test (POST) checks the system hardware and could generate a keyboard error.
QUESTION 265 Which of the following cable types can you use to network two computers? (Choose Three)
B. Serial
D. Parallel
E. 10Base2
Answer: B, D, E Explanation:
B: A null modem cable can be used to network two computers.

D: A cross-over parallel cable can be used to network two computers.

E: 10Base2 cabling can be used to connect two computers on a small bus network segment. Incorrect Answers
IDE and SCSI are used for hard drives, CD-burners, etc. and not for networking.
QUESTION 266 How should you open the tray on an inoperative CD-ROM drive?
A. Push the eject button.
B. Push in on the lower-right corner door.
C. Right-click the CD icon and select Eject.
D. Insert a paper clip into the CD drive e
Answer: D Explanation: The eject hold of the CD Drive can be used to mechanically open the drive.
QUESTION 267 Where is hard disk information stored?
Answer: B Explanation: BIOS stores hard disk information in CMOS.
QUESTION 268 What are possible ways to print a printer self test page? (Choose two.)
A. By inserting special test paper.
B. Through operator panel on printer.
C. From the start menu of the task bar.
D. By pressing the engine contr
Answer: B, E Explanation:
B: It is often possible to print a test page through the operator panel on the printer.
E: It is always possible to print a test page from printer properties settings.
QUESTION 269 What should you do after installing a new ink-jet cartridge?
A. Reboot your computer
B. Print a very detailed picture
C. Adjust the assignment manually
D. Run the printer alignment program
Answer: D Explanation: The new ink-jet cartridge should be aligned. Most printers have a print alignment software program.
QUESTION 272 If a Laser printer pulls multiple paper sheets at one time, what are possible causes? (Choose three.)
A. Humidity
B. Worn Fuser
C. Improper media
D. Worn Separation Pad
E. Defective toner cartridge.
Answer: A, C, D Explanation:
A: Humidity could make the papers to stick together.
C: Improper paper, to thin paper for example, could get many papers to be pulled at a time.
D: A defect separation pad could also cause several papers to be used at a time. Incorrect Answers A worn fuser or defective toner cartridge would not affect the pulling of papers.
QUESTION 273 On a dot matrix printer which paper type requires tractors to feed the paper?
A. Envelopes
B. Fiction Fed
C. Single sheets
D. Continuous Forms
Answer: D Explanation: Dot matrix printers use track feeding which require continuous forms.
QUESTION 275 What can a crossover cable in an Ethernet network be used to do?
A. Test a faulty network card.
B. Connect two network devices without a Hub
C. Improve bandwidth between the server and the workstations.
D. Convert fro
Answer: B Explanation: A crossover cable can be used to directly connect (without any hub) two devices in an Ethernet network. For example two PCs, two switches, or two routers could be connected. The only requirement is that the same type of port must be used.
QUESTION 276 Which processors use a slot 1 connection on a motherboard? (Choose two.)
Answer: B, C Explanation: Slot 1 motherboards are used for Celeron, Pentium II (not Pentium II XEON however) and Pentium III processors, not for Pentium Pro and Athlon processors.
QUESTION 277 Which settings cannot be stored in the CMOS?
A. COM ports
B. hard drive type
C. LPT ports
D. time zone
Answer-D Explanation: Time zone is configured within the Operating system, not in CMOS.
QUESTION 278 Which type of cable is most likely in use with RJ-45 connectors attached to a computer?
A. 10Base2
B. 10Base5
C. 10BaseT
D. 10BaseXL
Answer: C Explanation: A 10BaseT cable is either an UTP or a STP cable. Both these cables use the RJ-45 connections. Incorrect Answers A, B: Coaxial cables are used on Thinnet (10Base2) or Thicknet (10Base5) networks.
D: Fiber connectors are used on 10BaseXL networks.
QUESTION 279 What is the maximum cable length, in meters, using 20-gauge twisted-pair shielded cable between two full speed USB devices?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8
Answer: A Explanation: The maximum distance between two USB devices is 5 meters.
QUESTION 280 Which interrupt does the real-time clock use?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 8
D. 13
Answer: C
Explanation: The System CMOS/real time clock uses IRQ 8.
Incorrect Answers

A: The system timer use IRQ 0.
B: The keyboard use IRQ 1.
D: The numeric data processor use IRQ 13.
QUESTION 283 When installing floppy drive, the A drive letter is established_______
A. by the cable
B. through Windows
C. by a jumper on the drive
D. by a jumper on the motherboard
Answer: A Explanation: The A drive is established by the location of floppy drive at the cable (before or after the twist of the cable). Incorrect Answers
B: Floppy drive letter assignment are not software configurable.
C: There are no jumpers on diskette drives.
D: There is no jumper on the motherboard for the diskette drive letter assignment.
QUESTION 284 Which items in the CMOS can be password protected? (Choose Two)
A. Printer
B. Startup
C. Modem
D. System setup
E. Screen saver
Answer: B, D
Explanation: Startup and system setup settings are stored in CMOS. Most CMOS settings,
including these two, can be password protected.
Incorrect Answers
Printer, modem and screen saver configuration is stored in the operating system, not in CMOS.
QUESTION 285 What device must be installed on a computer to provide it with a physical and electrical connection to a network?
B. Router
C. Gateway
D. BNC connector
Answer: A Explanation: A network adapter also known as a network interface card (NIC) is required connect a computer to a network.
QUESTION 286 What can cause laser-jet printer to print too light? (Choose two)
A. Too much humidity in the air.
B. Malfunctioning transfer corona.
C. Printing on wrong side of paper.
D. Duplex mechanism inside printer.
E. Ma
Answer: A, B Explanation: Too much humidity or a malfunctioning transfer corona could cause printing which is too light.
QUESTION 287 After installing or replacing a hard drive, you try to format the drive but get the error message: "invalid media type". What should you run next?
Answer: A Explanation: Before formatting a hard drive the drive must by partitioned. In older OSes like Windows 9x the FDISK utility can be used to partition a hard disk.
QUESTION 288 Assuming that the primary and secondary IDE controllers are both enabled, what is the maximum number of devices that can be connected?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
Answer: B Explanation: Each IDE controller can host 2 IDE devices; one master and one slave. So a maximum of four IDE devices could be connected.
QUESTION 289 The electrical connector between the docking station and a portable computer is
A. Used as a surge suppressor
B. Manufacturer specific only
C. Manufacturer and model specific
D. Not propriety but is an industry standa
Answer: B Explanation: The electrical connector between the docking station and the portable works is manufacturer specific: you must have the correct docking station for each specific portable computer brand.
Incorrect Answers
A: It is not used as a surge suppressor.
C: The same manufacturer usually uses the same electrical connector for all their docking station models.
D: The electrical connector is vendor specific. There exists no industry standard.
QUESTION 290 Which motherboard type allows you to turn off the computer via software?
Answer: B
Explanation: ATX has a soft power switch.
Incorrect Answers

A: AT motherboards are older and do not support a soft power switch. C, D: MCA and VESA are slot types, not motherboard types.
QUESTION 291 The IEEE 1394 is related to which type of bus type?
C. PS/2
D. Serial
Answer: D Explanation: The IEEE1394 standard (firewire) is a fast serial bus.
QUESTION 292 How would an ID logical 3 be set on a three-bit jumper block on a SCSI hard disk drive?
A. 010
B. 011
C. 111
D. 101
Answer: B Explanation: 3 decimal is 011 binary (4*0+2*1+1*1=3).
QUESTION 293 What is the smallest storage access unit on an IDE hard drive?
A. Track
B. Sector
C. Partition
D. Cylinder
Answer: B Explanation: A sector is the smallest storage access unit on an IDE hard drive.
QUESTION 294 The USB port can supply power for a device?
. • True
. • False
Answer: True Explanation: Some USB devices, such as hard drives, have their own power supply, while other USB devices, like keyboards, use power from the USB interface.
QUESTION 295 What is the newest type of serial bus architecture?
D. ST-506
Answer: B
Explanation: USB is newer serial bus architecture compared to the classical serial bus.
Note: IEEE 1394 (fireware) is an even faster serial bus architecture.
Incorrect Answers
DVD, ATA, and ST-506 are not serial bus architectures.
QUESTION 296 Which of the following are associated with ROM? (Choose three)
Answer: C, D, E Explanation:
C: The POST process is hard coded and stored in ROM.
D: The instructions of the BIOS program are stored in ROM.
E: The BIOS program stores its settings in CMOS. Incorrect Answers The concepts of Direct Memory Access (DMA) and Master Boot Record (MBR) have no direct relation to ROMs.
QUESTION 297 What is the maximum distance for a 10Base2 segment?
A. 100 meters
B. 185 meters
C. 330 meters
D. 1000 meters
Answer: B Explanation: The maximum distance on a 10Base2 (Thinnet) segment is 185 meters.

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