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#01. What is the purpose of the reference frequency oscillator in the AN/GRC-206?
To generate a frequency that is used to control time keeping of internal clocks
#02. Which set of operation modes identifies the communications capabilities of the AN/GRC-206
#03. Which function does the AN/GRC-206 signal distribution unit provide?
Provides interface with the RSC for remote or local operation
#04. What is the maximum output power of the AN/VRC-83 that is installed in the AN/GRC-206?
30 Watts
#05. Refer to figure 1-3, how is tuning of the main receiver accomplished in the RT-1319?
By the data converter assembly in response to keyboard input
#06. What does the AN/VRC-83 guard receiver use to produce its intermediate frequency?
Internal oscillators
#07. How is the operator alerted when AN/VRC-83 source voltage drops below 20 VDC?
The decimal separating kHz and MHz on the display blinks
#08. What is the maximum power output of the AN/GRC-206 in high frequency single sideband (HF SSB) mode?
150 watts
#09. In the AN/GRC-206 HF SSB subsystem, what is the purpose of the power supply overload latch circuit?
It shuts down voltage output if an abnormally large load appears
#10. Which AN/FLR-9 subassembly combines radio frequency inputs in such a way as to produce a highly directional beam antenna?
Beam forming equipment
#11. For up to how many receivers does each AN/FLR-9 RFSM operator control unit provide operators the capability of selecting the radio frequency beam.
#12. How many rings of antenna elements and how many elements are there in the AN/FLR-9 array?
3, 192
#13. Which is a function of the AN/FLR-9 reflecting screens?
Increase the power gain of individual elements
#14. Which function is performed by the AN/FLR-9 ground screens?
Ensure uniform impedance from element to element regardless of soil properties
#15. What is the purpose of the AN/FLR-9 Central Building line tuners?
Compensation for feed cable electrical length variations
#16. What indication does the AN/FLR-9 RFSM provide to the operator to indicate a successful connection has been made?
Visible verification on the OCU display
#17. Which AN/FLR-9 RFSM assembly provides an interface between the operator control units and the control subsystem?
#18. From what source does the AN/FLR-9 RFSM operator control unit receive power?
From the IDMUX
#19. Where is the Enhanced Terminal Voice System maintenance position located?
In the central equipment racks
#20. What capabilities can be provided at the Enhance Terminal Voice System position programming?
#21. Which term identifies a display of Enhanced Terminal Voice System position programming?
#22. Which Enhanced Terminal Voice System assembly is capable of changing system passwords and displaying system fault location?
Supervisory configuration terminal
#23. Which Enhanced Terminal Voice System assembly is responsible for interfacing between the demarcation panel and radio processor cards?
Radio distribution panel
#24. How many telephone lines are provided by each telephone processor?
#25. In the digital Voice Recording System, what controls operation of the digital recording unit?
The computer workstation
#26. The uninterruptible power supply for the Digital Voice Recording System is designed to provide power for
5 minutes
#27. In the Digital Voice Recording System, what is the recording capacity of each digital audiotape?
500 linear hours
#28. In the Digital Voice Recording System, how many satellites need to be acquired by the Global Positioning System receiver for an accurate time stamp?
#29. Which signals are recorded on the Digital Voice Recording System digital recording unit hard drive?
Only signals containing audio
#30. When does the Digital Voice Recording System digital recording unit copy hard-drive information to a digital audiotape?
Every 15 minutes
#31. Which statement best describes the function of a high frequency system enhanced with automatic link establishment capability?
The ALE circuitry automatically tests several channels and selects the clearest for communications
#32. Which term identifies the process of transmitting an address code to establish a communication link via SCOPE Command?
#33. Link Quality Analysis we define as
the process of sounding and determining channel clarity
#34. If your SCOPE Command station links with a station that is not preprogrammed into your other-station address listing, this other station's address is
referred to as a floating address
#35. Each SCOPE Command station consists of three sites,
transmit, receive, and control
#36. Where is the SCOPE Command's centralized network control station located?
Andrews AFB, MD
#37. Which SCOPE Command mission provides high frequency communications for the President, Vice President, and Cabinet members?
Mystic Star
#38. What is one advantage of using SCOPE Command's high frequency signal as opposed to satellite for sending and receiving E-mail?
HF is most likely to be available during crisis
#39. Each SCOPE Command's station's three sites are interconnected by
a Wide area network
#40. What method of keying is used by SCOPE Command's digital electronic switch when a circuit is a phone patch?
#41. What is the primary difference between the receive/transmit units used at the transmitter sites and the RT units used at the receiver site at a SCOPE Command station?
There is no difference, they are the same unit
#42 What is the output power of the SCOPE Command power amplifier?
4000 Watts
#43. Which of the following statements concerning SCOPE Command RF loop back testing is not true?
The test indicates how well the station communicates with a distant station
#44. In a Demand Assigned Multiple Access system, which functions as the network control station?
Any remote unit possessing the appropriate hardware and software
#45. How many subscribers can a single transponder support by using a Demand Assigned Multiple Access system?
Several thousand
#46. Refer to figure 5-2, which module contains all of the voice/data interfaces to external equipment?
COMSEC module
#47. Refer to figure 5-2, which module of the AN/PSC-5 provides the primary operator interface for RT status control?
Controller module
#48. Which AN/PSC-5 module performs most of the unit's receive functions?
RF/IF module
#49. What is the primary purpose of a missile site's ultra high frequency communications?
To provide contact with the airborne command post and other aircraft in range
#50. What is the transmit output power of the survivable low frequency communications system (SLFCS)?
It does not transmit
#51. When the survivable low frequency communication system at a missile site receives a message, how is that message displayed?
On the higher authority visual display unit
#52. Which missile site component enables monitor and control of SLFCS, AFSATCOM, and SACDIN directly from the console?
The remote message processing subsystem
#53. What is the minimum output power of the UHF radio system?
100 Watts
#54. Which statement concerning electromagnetic pulses is true?
Newer circuitry is more susceptible to damage
#55. What requirement must be met to enable the survivable low frequency communications system's demodulator to decipher encrypted signals?
Receiver and distant transmitter be time synchronized and have identical cipher key
#56. At a missile site, The Rapid Execution and Combat Targeting is used in place of what AN/FLR-97 subassembly?
The teleprinter
#57. What does the term "ICOM" indicate when we speak of the RT-1523 SINCGARS radios?
Integrated communications security
#58. Which RT-1523 SINCGARS subassembly removes synchronization and frequency-hopping information that is embedded in a receiver signal?
The interleaver
#59. The SIDETONE DISABLE line of the RT-1523 SINCGARS can be set to logic 1 if
the temperature of the radio set rises above 105 degree Centigrade
#60 From what source does the RT-1523 SINCGARS radio's control module obtain instructions during remote and local operation respectively?
Remote I/O module and front panel
#61. In the RT-1523 SINCGARS, what happens if the VSWR goes above 5:1 and you are transmitting with a man pack antenna?
output power is reduced
#62. Which public address system component is capable of taking one input and providing several equal outputs?
Distribution Amplifier
#63. Which statement concerning public address system speaker ratings is true?
RMS power denotes the wattage a speaker can handle on a continuous basis
#64. When is it best to use a public address system amplifier's 70-volt output speaker connection?
When loud volume is not a primary consideration
#65. Why is it important to choose the correct speaker configuration (series, parallel, series-parallel), when setting up a PA system?
The configuration affects the impedance seen at the amplifier

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