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Lighting Final exam


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what light receptor in your eye senses contrast?
which light receptor in the eye snses color?
what does gain do?
Effects amperage of wave length
What is the ISO?
International Standards Organization
Three ways that light passes through an object
transparent, translucent, opaque
What "process" is light
An additive process. Adding colors gets closer to white.
what are the 3 colors used on film stock?
cyan, yellow and magenta
what is CTO?
Color temperature orange
what is CTB?
Color temp blue
Tungston lights favor which color temperature?
when you shoot in black and white what are you focusing on?
shadows or contrast
what does a neutral density do?
Goes on camera. Used as a last resort because it pulls light down and makes it incredibly soft.
what is special about the "red camera"?
It is expensive and has many accessory arms
what is "vignetting"?
Whn light bounces around lenses and gets lost. Creates dark corners. Old Timey look.
what is a practical light?
A light that is actually seen on the set as a prop piece but is also functional as a light
How are gels measured?
In fractions and whole numbrs. They relate to how they affect the aperture
how many amps stops a human heart?
.05 amps
How many amps is a wall outlt?
20 amps
What is the US standard of voltz?
110/120 voltz
What is EU standard of voltz?
220 voltz
what color temperature is sunlight?
closer to blue than orange
what are voltz?
electrical potential
What are amps?
amount of current flowing
what is ampacity?
amount of current a device can handl
what is a watt?
measure of the work done/capacity of a bulb
What is AC?
Alternating Current. Generally any thing we plug in is AC
What is DC?
what does three phase mean?
There are 3 hot wires and one neutral
what kind of power do cameras use?
Almost always DC bcause it is safer.
what color is neutral
what color is ground?
what color is hot?
ANY other clor other than white or green
what is the IATSE?
International Alliance of Thater/Stage Engineers
What is the ASC?
American Society of Cinmatographers
what is gripping?
how lights get moved or placed. Also camera movement with dollies or carts.
what are shunts
like HUGE fuses for a HUGE circuit breaker. literally large sheets of metal.
how would you ground something that isn't ground?
tie to a cold water copper pipe
If you are measuring a light in K then...
those are huge bright lights!
How many watts is a medium light?
2000 watts
If some thing is under 2000 watts it could be considered
small light or an "inkie."
what are carbon rods?
used in projectors. Thre is distance betwen the rods and a plate. They last about 20 minutes.
what is a ballas?
it converts AC to DC power
What is a tungston light?
glass envelope filled with tungston element. made for tv and then fr movies. filld with xenon gas.
What kind of lamp is a xenon/tungstn/HMI lamp?
Arc lamps
What is an arc lamp?
When a charge jumps in an arc in a bulb. + anode - is cathode
what is a parabolic light
most common on film set. any lamp can go inside parablic. dose not always have a lens. efficient and directional.
what does PAR stand for?
Parabolic Alluminizd Reflector
what is an ellipsoidal light?
It is narrow. Edge of light varies. Not a parabolic is more collapsed
what is a gobo?
how you can effect lighting and shadows IN the light. It's a kind of filter.
So what is a PAR light?
Open faced with no lens. broad spill, no shape real shape.
The two different lenses that can go on a PAR light are
convex and fresnel
In which lights can you use a gobo?
Leko. Not in a PAR.
Which company makes most Hollywood lights and coined th stupid nickname?s
Mole-Richardson Company
what is a cam lock?
it has a huge surface area. is connector for distribution boxes.
what is an edison connector?
polarized and groudnded. household plugs.
what are twist lock connctors?
they are 2 phase, one ground and 2 hots. used for xenons and HMI.
what are bates/stage pin connectors?
three pinned stag connector. duh.
what color temperature is a halogen lamp?
What is a century stand?
Also called a C stand. It is not that flexible but can get put up very fast.
what is a combo stand?
more like a tripod. every thing is adjustable. not speedy but mroe accurate.
what is a scrim?
can go inside a PAR light. It's a screen that rduces amount of light.
what are problems with scrims?
if they are too clos to light than th scrim pattern can be seen. only used to step light down
what is a chinese lantern used for?
ambient soft light. powered by fluorescents or small HMI's.
why doesn't a leko have a lens?
because it is elliptical already!
what is back light?
Light behind the subject or back ground.
what is background light?
light that lights up the background
what is a kicker or three quarter light?
lights subject from behind at an angle.
5 point lighting consists of what
key, fill, kicker, back light and background light
what is a big problem with back light?
it gives lens flare. Effects mood the most.
What is head light?
light right above someone's head. This lights their hair and shoulders and is good for glamour lighting
what light is some times needed becaus we are human?
eye light.
Big ways to diffuse light?
1. bounce 2. move light/subject 3. dim 4. scrim 5. net 6. frost 7. flag 8. cookie
what are clothespins called?
What are other names for an extension cord>?
AC cord/stinger
how long do you wait for light to cool?
20 minutes
what is a softbox?
a canvas box that helps diffuse. it is spring loaded. usually used as a fill because it is soft

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