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Sound Midterm


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the most basic wave form with microphones and speakers
how often we go from hi to low in one second
the difference between high and low to decibals
amount of energy it takes to achieve the amplitude in a given space
frequency response and decibal sensitivity
vital for mics. helps how far mics are from subject
how to describe an acoustic space
how can you check the reverberation in a room?
What does RAT stand for?
Reflection, Absorption, Transmission
What does reflection mean?
when sound hits a hard surface and bounces
when sound hits a hard surface and goes through it
what surface is a good transmitter?
what kind of place is anti reflective?
anechoic chamber
dirty power is
any electronic device in wall with bad wiring
how does a dynamic microphone work?
Has a moving coil that a magnet moves past and a diaphragm that the sound moves. does not need a power supply.
how does a condensor microphone work?
it has two metal plates moving back and forth. needs power to work.
which pick up pattern does an SM-58 use?
which pick up pattern do canons have?
what is required in a balanced signal?
A hot and cold signal. basically a hot signal (original signal) going in and the opposite signal (180 degrees) coming back. Also needs a ground
what happens when you put a balanced cable into an unbalanced cable?
what happens when you put an unbalanced cable into a balanced cable?
it acts like an antennae and collects electro magnetic signals which creates a hummm.
The pins in an XLR camera. 1 2 3
1: ground 2. hot 3. cold
is an XLR connector always balanced?
To tell if a connector is balanced it must have...
tip/ring/sleeve. 3 rings around the metal jack.
which is the most awful connector?
RCA, standard AV or S video...
what is a cardioid mic good for?
Reporter on the street so that the street noise behind the reporter isn't heard.
when to use omnidirectional mics?
When the distance between the mic and the speaker are small. Talking heads.
When do you use a hyper or super cardioid mic?
`When you want to discriminate the most against reverberation on the other side of the mix
when do you want to use short shotguns?
When you want directional sound that descriminates against reverberation and noise at high frequencies
When to use long shotguns
when you want a larger frequency range
what does dynamic range depend on?
how big a waveform it is even if it has the same amount of crests/troughs as a smaller form
what is clipping
when one loses the tops and bottoms of soundwaves and distorts
Mic waveform is at what decibal level
line waveform is at what decibal level?
if you put a Mic into a line input what will happen?
it will be quiet
if you put a line into a mic input, what will happen?
you will get clipping
An A Waiting dynamic range favors what range?
C Waiting dynamic range favors what range?
de-emphasizes low frequencies
what does ENG stand for?
Electronic News Gathering
what is a signal to noise ratio?
Quality of signal to pass through audio circuit without noise. The higher the ratio the better.
The A and B in a chain/circuit is what?
A : record (in) B : monitor/output (out)
what is a dual system?
when audio is recorded separate from picture
how could you eliminate any infrasonic interference from camera?
Get a compressor mic with a low freq switch.
what is acoustic mapping?
generates a chart to tell you how to equalize the room.
how many kilohertz is bartone?
Old remotes worked how?
By using audio waves instead of radio waves.
white noise is...
random noise.
pink noise is
calibrated and has less high frequencies.used to test equalization.
How and when do you set equalization?
Do not set on...set. But if you blast pink noise into a room and let it reverberate it sees how it works together. Try to reach a flat plane.
what is a node?
When audio waves collide they get soft where they collide and are loud outside of the collision.
Which is better .wav of .mp3
.wav is how many channels?
Samping frequency is
how many times it "asks" a wav where it is in the spectrum.
bit depth
is how to measure the sampling frequency. the higher the number, the better the quality and bigger the file size will be.
In a wireless system, the group number is what?
The course adjustment and special transmission frequency
in a wireless system what is the channel #?
fine adjustment

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