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mod 120 unit 1 terms


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a 32/64 bit expansions slot designed by intel specifically for video that runs at 66 mhz and yields a throughput of at least 254 mbps
Accelerated Graphics Port
A silver or pink bag that is designed to protect sensitive components by ensuring that any static charge collects on the putside of the bag rather than the component inside
Anti-Static Bag
A specially designed device to bleed elictrical charges away safely. It uses a L-megohmresitor to bleed the charge away slowly and protect computer hardware
Anti-Static strap
Classically the software routines burned onto the system Rom of a PC
BIOS(basic input/output services)
Electronic chips that handle all of the low level functions of a pc which in the original pc were handled by close to 30 diferent chips. they usually consist of one two or three seperate chips embedded into a mother board tp handle all of these functions
The class of fire suppresion designed for electrical fires
Class C Extinguisher
The brain of the computer
CPU(central Processing Unit)
The tube of a moniter in wich rays of electrons are beemed onto a phosphorecent screen to produce images.
CRT(cathode Ray Tube)
A 184-pin high speed RAM that handles two signals per clock cycle, Can be installed in singling or in pars
Double Data-Rate SDRAM
The movement of electrons from one body to another. ESD is a real menace to pcs as it can cause permanent damage to semiconductors
ESD(Electrostatic Discharge)
Software that has been writteen onto read only memory ROM. it is a combination of software and hardware.ROMS PROMS and EPRONS that have data or programs recorded on them are considered this
A tool with very large needle, a guage that indicates volts and wore with an alligator clip used to discahrfe electricity from electronic devices
High-Voltage Probe
Teh type of expansion bus found in the original IBM pc for the slots on the motherboard that allowed additional hardware to be connected to the computers motherboeard
ISA (industrry standard Architecture)
The most common type of battery used in a laptop
lithium ion Battery
A document that contains safety information about given product
the primary circuit that holds all the core components of the computer
an electronic measuring insterument that combines several functions in one unit.
the federal agency in charge of ensuring that employers have a safe work enviroment
design architecture for the sockets on the computer motherboard that enable system components to be added to the computer.
peripheral component inter connect
current generation of expansion cards this has a serial bus with a rated bi directional throughout of 250mb per lane with up to three lanes
also called ppnp a combination of smart pcs smaer devices and smart operating systems to resources and ports when you install a new peripheral device
PLug and PLay
the measurenebt of the amount of electricity flowing down a wire
a patended RAM technology that uses accelerated clocks to provide very high speed memory
Rambus DRAM
a six sided star shaped screwdriver used by some manifactures
Torx Driver
rhw measurment of the pressure a current places on a wire.

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