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Force, Motion, and Energy SOL 4.2


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You can tell when an object has moved, when the _____ of the object has changed.
We use __________ words to describe an object's position.
A bottle is laying at the bottom of a ramp. If you roll a ball down the ramp, the _____ of the ball will cause the bottle to move, or _______ position.
force, change
#3 demonstrates that unless acted on by a ______, objects in motion tend to, or usually stay in ________.
force, motion
Unless acted on by a force, ____ at rest, or not in motion, will tend to, or usually stay at _______
ojects, rest
Speed is the measure _______ and how long it took to go that distance.
________ is the measure of distance and how long it took to go that distance.
Speed is the _______ of distance and how ______ it took to go that distance.
measure, long
Force can cause an object to five (5) things. 1______.
2.______ 3. ________ 4. ____ ______ 5.
move, stop, change direction, speed up, slow down
kinetic energy is _______ energy, or energy in motion
potential energy is _______ energy.
The faster an objects moves the more ____ it has when hitting another object.
When someone slowly taps a nail with a hammer the nail will _______ to go through the board.
take longer
The more ________the object the less effect the force of the object will have on the object.
_____ is energy in motion

______ is store energy


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