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name the lipids with 12 cs
Lauric Acid
lipid with 20C
16C lipic
14 c
18 c
stearic acid
What is the shorthand for Palmmitoleic acid?
What is the fatty acid that has 16 c and 1 double bond?
Palmitoleic Acid
What is the shorthand for oleic acid?
What is the shorthand for linoleic acid
What is the shorthand for alpha-linolenic acid?
what is the shorthand for gamma linolenic acid?
What is the shorthand for arachidonic acid?
Is oleic acid saturated or unsaturated?
Is arachidonic acid saturated or unsaturated?
Is lauric acid saturated or unsaturated?
Is arachidic acid saturated or unsaturated?
is myristic acid saturated or unsaturated?
is palmitic acid saturated or unsaturated?
Is steric acid saturated or unsaturated?
Is linoleic acid saturated or unsaturated?
How do saturated fatty acids exist in our body usually?
Attached to a carrier molecule or part of a larger molecule
Are unsaturated or saturated FA more abundant?
name an essential fatty acid
linoleic acid
fatty acids are precursors for what, name three molecules
eicosanoids, triglycerides, glycerophopholipds
All ecosanoids are derived from what FA? common name and short hand?
arachidonic acid (20:4)
What are three classes of ecosanoids?
protaglandins, tromboxanes and leukotrienes
Each palmitoyl-coA produces how many ATP, Co2 and H2O?
108 ATP, 16CO2 and 23 H20
what is the parent molecule of glycerophospholipids? Describe the structure of the parent molecule.
Phosphatidic acid. glycerol backbone with two fatty acids and one phophoric acid. attached to the phosphoric acid
common head groups of glycerophospholipids are choline, ethanolamine, serine, glycerol and inositol. what are the charges on those groups
+1, +1, (-1,+1), no charge for the last two
when considering the overall charge of a glycerophospholipid what two parts of the molecule are important to add up the overall charge?
negative charge of phosphoric acid and charge of the head group
what is the overall charge of phophatidylinositol?
what is a phopholipase?
enzyme that breaks down phospholipids in the body.
what type of lipid is a plamologen?
ether glycerophopholipd
describe differences between glycerophopholipids and ether GPL
ether linkage between alkyl group of FA chain at pos 1 on the glycerol backbone rather than and ester linkage (the ether linkage is a fatty alcohol instead of a FA.)
what is the name of the structure of terpene with two terpene molecules
how many terpene molecules is in a monoterpene?
how many terpenes are in a diterpene
how many sugars are attached to a ganglioside
three or more
what is a characteristic feature of the sugars on gangliosides
some are negatively charged like sialic acid
which of the sphingolipids are probably used for signalling
two components of a wax?
long chain fatty acids and long chain alcohols
where can you find 2 isoprene unit molecules?
monoterpenes are found in plants
where can you find monoterpenese?
where can you find diterpenes
where can you find triterpenes?
where can you find tetraterpenes?
biosythesis of retinoids and beta carotene
steroid hormones come from which type of lipid
many vitamins and coenzymes from from terpenes t or f?
where do we use coenzyme q
e- transport and biosynthesis of atp in mitochondria
coenxyme a is a terpene, sphingolipid or cholesterol?
vitamin e is what type of lipid
what does vit E do?
tocopherol; reacive oxygen species and protection of biological membranes
what does vitamin k do?
blood clotting
dolichol phoshate is a glycolipid, sphingolipid, wax or terpene?
what coenzyme acts in biosynthesis of membrane proteins or proteins for secretion/circulation
dolichol phosphate
what type of reactions in the er does dolichol phosphate do?
glycosylation reactions in the ER
biological function of vit A
retinoic acid - powerful regulator (retinal)
vit d biological function?
bone formation, calcium homeostatis
vitamin k biological function?
essential for clotting.
if there is a deficiency of vit K then what might be a problem experience during the healing process?
clotting could be slowed and that could be fatal
coumadin works how?
by reducing the recylcing of vit k after it is oxidized during corboxylation reactions. this helps to some extent to prevent small clots
what is the parental compound of steroids?
steroids are polar, non polar, or amphipathic and why?
the -oh group on the 3rd C of a ring makes it amphipathic
what do bile acids do?
digest lipids by making fat more soluable. bile is secreted into the small intestine after a fatty meal and acts as a detergent to emulsify dietary fats to make them more ready accessible to digestive lipases
name phospholipids that are as a rule on the part of the outer leaflet
sphingomylein phosphotidylcholine

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