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Abnormal Psychology Test 3


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What is anhedonia
The inability to experience pleasure
Which Personality disorders are in the odd cluster
Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal
Which personality disorders are in the dramatic cluster
antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic
Which personality disorders are in the third (anxious) cluster
avoidant, dependent, obsessive compulsive
What are some key characteristics of Narcissism
Grandiose self on the surface, fragile self on inside; lack of empathy, sense of entitlement, self importance, exploiting others, manipulative, seeking attention and admiration
What are the 3 conditions that need to be met in parenting so the child will not be a narcissist
empathy, mirroring, and idealization
What are some characteristic of histrionic disorder
always want to be center of attention; provocative; easily influence by others; considers relationships to be more intimate than they really are
What are key characteristics of obsessive compulsive disorder
preoccupied with details/rules; perfectionism interferes with task completion; cant discard worthless objects
What are key characteristics of borderline personality disorder
fear of real or imagined abandonement; idealization and devalutation extremes; majority of those diagnosed are young women; comorbidity
What are key characteristics of people with schizophrenia
Delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech/thought; major areas of functioning are markedly below leve achieved before onset
How are odd personality disorders and schizophrenia related?
When someone has an "odd" disorder there is a high chance that they have a blood relative with full blown schizophrenia
How were the families of patients of Kohut different from the families of patients of Freud
They were disjointed from eachother
What are key characteristic of antisocial personality disorder
disregard the rights of others; many prisoners have this
What are the primary defenses of people with hysteria, obsessive compulsive, and antisocial disorder
hysteria-repression; OC-hostile and reaction formation; antisocial-identification with an agression and omnipotent control
What are the ages of onset for anorexia and bulemia
anorexia-14 to 18; bulemia-15 to 19
What is the difference between delusions and hallucinations?
Delusions are thoughts; hallucinations are the perception of a stimuli with the stimuli is not present (voices, etc)
What are positive and negative symptoms?
Positive-additions to normal behavior; negative-lack of normal behavior
What is the key characteristic of paranoid
what is the key characterisic of schizoid
loners;dont want relationships
what is the key characteristic of schizotypal
rejected by others; do want relationships
What is the key characteristic of dependent d/o
incapable of making decisions

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