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Diagnosis and Psychopathology


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Schizophrenia - factors associated with good prognosis
Social support
Good premorbid adjustment
Acute onset
Later age of onset
Precipitating events
Presence of mood disturbance
Good interepisode functioning
Minimal residual symptoms
Normal neurological functioning
Family hs of mood disorder
Barbituate withdrawal
Grand mal seizures
REM rebound
Anaclitic depression
Occurs in infants who have been deprived of their mother's attention b/w 6-8 mos.
Autism prevalence
2-5 in 10,000
4-5x more common in males
Three DSM learning disorders
Reading Disorder
Mathematics Disorder
Disorder of Written Expression
Alzheimers - loss of memory, judgement abstract thought
Dementia - not aware of decline
Delerium - not alert
Smoking cessation
Most stop on their own.
Important factors:
Strong desire to quit
Awareness of neg health conseq
Social support for quitting
Brief Psychotic Disorder
Symptoms from several hours up to, but not over one month
BPI Most Recent Manic
Currently/recently manic
Hx of Dep, Manic or Mixed episode
(Hx of Dep not necessary)
Conduct Disorder
At least 3 behaviors that:
Violate societal norms/rights of others
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Hostile and negativistic behaviors
DO NOT violate societal norms/rights of others

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