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Nursing Processes


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The theory that states all living organisms are seen as interacting, unified wholes that are more than the sums of their parts is called
The tendency of the body to maintain a state of balance or equilibrium while continually changing; a mechanism in which deviations from normal are sensed and counteracted is known as
The "holistic" nurse must keep the _____ in mind when assessing one part of an individual and consider how that part _____ to all others.
whole, relates
What is Abraham Maslow famous for?
Maslow's Hierarchy of needs
What are Maslow's five basic human needs in order from bottom of the pyramid to the top?
Physiologic, Safety and Security, Love and Belonging, Self-Esteem, Self-actualization
What did Kalish add to Maslow's hierarchy of needs?
A Stimulation Level
Define compensatory.
counter balancing
What is a closed system?
a system that does not exchange energy, matter, or information with its environment
A system that exchanges energy, matter, and information is what kind of system?
an open system
An imaginary line that differentiates one system form another system or a system from its environment is called a.
What is Psychologic homeostasis?
emotional or psychologic balance or state of mental well-being
the emotional or psychologic balance or state of mental well-being
All living systems are closed systems. TRUE or FALSE
FALSE - Living systems are open systems because they depend on a continous exchange of energy with the environment.
Negative feedback stimulates change. TRUE or FALSE
FALSE - Negative feedback inhibits change; positive feedback stimulates change
In the digestive system what would be considered the throughtput mechanism?
What factors influence the the prioritization of a need?
The person's ethnocultural standards, external and internal stimuli, and self determined priorities.
Madeleine Leininger said this is the essence of nusing and dominant, distinctive, and unifying feature of nursing.
A person who doubts the existence of God or a supreme being or believes the existence of God has not been proven is known as an
A person that denies the existenc of God is an
Polytheism is the belief in one God. TRUE or FALSE
FALSE - Polytheism is the beleif in more than one God; Monotheism is the beleif in only one God.

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