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Neural tube devo


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Adult derivs of Telencephalon
Walls: cerebral hemispheres

Cavity: lateral ventricles
Adult derivs of Diencephalon
Walls: thalami

Cavity: 3rd ventricle
Adult derivs of Mesencephalon
Walls: Midbrain

Cavity: Aqueduct
Adult derivs of Metencephalon
Walls: Pons and Cerebellum

Cavity: Upper 4th ventricle
Adult derivs of Meyelencephaon
Walls: Medulla

Cavity: Lower 4th ventricle
How high up do Basal/Alar plates extend?
Brain stem
Brainstem Basal plates become:
Cranial Nerve motor nuclei
Brainstem Alar plates become:
Cranial Nerve Sensory nuclei
What forms in the Marginal layer of the brainstem lumen
Nerve tracts - connect one brain region to another
Location of brain nuclei in
Brainstem: in marginal layer (migrate from alar plate)

Forebrain: in lumen in what was the intermediate layer.
Where do nerve tracts in the Forebrain form?
In the Marginal layer.
Cerebellum grows from what part of the brainstem?
Cerebrum grows from what part of the brainstem?
Corpus striatum forms from what layer of neuroepithelium?
Spinal cord levels of sympath. preganglionic autonomic neurons:
Spinal cord levels of parasymp. preganglionic autonomic neurons:
Cervical region
4 types of Optic primordia:
-Neural ectoderm
-Surface ectoderm
-Neural crest mesenchyme
Optic neural ectoderm derivatives
Optic Cup
-Inner layer
-Outer layer
Optic Cup Inner layer derivatives:
Sensory Retina (layers 2-9)
Ciliary body (nonpigmented)
Iris (nonpigmented)
Optic Cup Outer layer derivatives:
Pigmented Retina (layer 1)
Ciliary Body (pigmented)
Iris (pigmented)
Surface Ectoderm derivatives:
Cornea (anterior epithelium)
Conjunctiva epithelium
Lacrimal gland
Mesoderm derivatives:
Extrinsic ocular muscles
Vascular endothelium
Vitreous body
Fluid draining spaces/vessels
Orbital soft tissues
Iris stroma
Neural Crest mesenchyme derivatives:
-Pupillae muscles (sphnct/dil)
-Ciliary muscle
-Pigment cells?
-Cornea (stromal cells/post epithelium

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