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Scriptures Ch. 2 test


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What method tries to understand biblcal texts in their original setting, discovering the intention of the original author.
tries to reconstruct the original wording of the biblical text
analyzes the language and meaning of the text as well as examining differences in the sources
literary coritism
breaks down a text into its smaller components to discover the literary forms that were used.
form critism
analyzes the development of the oral traditions that were handed down.
transmisssion history
investigates how an editor (redactor) used written sources and what the editing tells us about the editor's theological interests.
redaction criticism
unearths artifacts, written materials and other evidences of the civilizations of ancient Israel and it neightbors to help us understand the world of the bible.
interprets scripture in a real literal way.
Fundamentalism/ literalism
doesn't consider changes in language & cultural differences b/t our age & that of biblical times.
fund/ literlism
tries to understand the Bible in its original setting discovering the intention of theoriginal human author
what are the elements of contextualism
-language- culture- literary forms- message- situation
what is symnolism
outward sign leads to a deeper meaning.
what does Adam and eve mean
man of dirt
mother of the living
transmission of sinful condition
- human deprived of original justice (holiness)
-sinful condition inherited by transmission
-orig. sin not a personal action or fault (born into condition)
stories that reflect how sin affects the next generations
-the fall - Cain and Abel - Noah's ark
- tower of babel

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