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Social Studies test 2 2


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What is anothe name for the Chief Executive of the United States?
Who is the currend Chief Executive? Vice President?
Chief executive- George W. Bush
Vice-President- Dick Cheney
What is the term of offive of the Chief Executive?
Four years
What is the maximum number of years an individual can serve?
eight years/ two terms
What is the name of the representative body that elects the chief executive?
Electors from teh electoral college
What are the three qualifications to run for the Chief Executivee?
⬢Must be born in the US
⬢Must be at least 35
⬢Must be a resident for at least 14 years
Following the Chief Executive, list the next three positions.
1. Vice President- Dick Cheney
2. Speaker of the House- Hastert
3. President pro tempore- Stevens
Which amendment provided a clear method for a VP to take over for a disabled president or upon the death of a president? Which two Presidents caused this amendment to change?
The 25th amendment- the VP would take over for the President if they become ill or die. For example the illness of President Eisenhower and the assassination of President Kennedy.
Explain three powers give to eht Chief Executive by the Constitution?
⬢Being commander of the Chief of Army and the Navy of the US
⬢Making treaties
⬢The power to fill up all vacancies in the Senate
What are the three duties of the Chief Executive as listed in teh Constitution?
⬢Enforce laws
⬢Explain once a year what his job is
⬢Appoints positions
Explain why the 12th Amendment was added to the constution?
In the election of 1800 between Jefferson and Adams.
At that time the person with the most votes would be the President and the person with the 2nd amoiunt would be VP. There was a tie however. After representatives changed their votes, they finally appointed Jefferson as President.
What is the month and day eleced President of the US takes office? Why did it change in American History
January 20th- ORiginal date as Mach 4th they chaned it because then from Mov-March No one would be in Charge of the united states. It changed so the President could get right in and into work.
In the worst-case scenario of something happening to both the newly elected President and the VP of the US, who then has the authority by the constitution to select a President and VP?
President- Congress
Speaker of House will become President until them
Explain the purpose of the 22nd amendment. Who is the President responsible for thie amendment being added to the constitution?
22nd amendment- No person is allowed to be elected for President more than 2 terms. Franklin. D. Roosevelt was responsible for this, he served almost 4 terms.
What is the purpose of the 23rd amendment?
To let the people of Washington D.C. vote
What is impeachment?
To charge a government official with serious misconfuct. The worst thing that may happen to this official is being removed from office.
The President, VP, and all civil officers can be removed from office on Impeachment for _________, __________, and _________, and __________.
Bribery...Treason...any other high crime....misdemeanor
What is the purpose of the 13th amendment?
(1865) Abolish Slavery
What is the purpose of the 14th amendment?
(1868) Citizenship to all
What is the purpose of the 15th Amendment?
African Americans Vote
What is the purpose of the 19th Amendment?
(1880) (1920) Women vote
What is the purpose of the 26th Amendment?
(1971) Must be 18-years-old to vote.
What is the purpose of the Judicial Branch?
to Interpret the laws
(the judicial branc declares laws form the Executive branch and legislative branched constitutional or unconstitutionial- checks and balances)
What is the purpose of the Judiciary Act of 1789
To establish lower courts such as district courts and other federal courts. (the judiciary act of 1789 established the Supreme Court the highest court of the federal judiciary, adnd two levels of federal courts underneath it-the trial courts and appellate courts. The judiciay Act also established the federal court system, the federal district courts, and the office of the attorney general)
What is the name of the highest court in the lant?
The Supreme Court (Decisions made by the Supreme Court are final. No appeals can be made. The Supreme Court can decide not to hear a case. If that happens, then the decision made by a lower court would stand.)
How long is the term of office for the Supreme Court Judge?
Life- it ends whtn they resign, become ill, or anything else of that nature. (The President is responsible for selecting justices: however, checks and balances require the senate to confirm the appointment. Justices can be removed only through trsignatioin or impeachment. There are nine memners in the supreme court. It is an odd number so that there can never be a tie. The Chief Justice presides over the other right members. He does votte. he delivers the oath of office for President bush's inauguration.
What kinds of cases are decided in federal courts?
⬢Cases affecting Ambassadors
⬢Cases with controversies between states
⬢Betweem citizens from different states
⬢and between citizens from the same state fighting over land. (Cases the require and interpretation of the constitution, cases involving the United States, a state, or its sitizens are cases that must be decided in Federal Courts.)
What is the minimum number of witnesses that must come forward to convict a person of treason?
2 witnesses
The constitution gives a very specific definition for the crime of treason, what is that?
When at least two witnesses say the same thing about the same act.
What is "corruption of blood"
punishing the family of the person who has committed the treason. This is forbidden by the constitution.
What was the Northwest Ordinance?
Provided when 60,000 free people lived in a territory, then it could apple to Congress for a statehood. These territories prohibited slavery. As a result of the Northwest Ordinance 5 states were created: Ohio, Illinois, Iniana, Wisconcin, and Michigan.
What was the Missouri COmpromise?
Slavery was outlawed north of the 36Ëš 3-' north latitude of land purchase from the Louisiana Purchase. Missouri entered the Union (statehood) as a slave state. Main entered the Union as a free state. there had to be an even number of free states and an even number of slave states.
What are checks and balances?
The Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) can declare laws from the Congress unconstitutions
How Can Congress check and/or balance the Supreme Court?
AMENDMENTS! The legislative brance (congress) may propose constitutional amendments to overrule judicial decisions. Example: 13th amendment- abolished slavery in the US THE SUPREME COURT CANNOT DECLARE AMENDMENTS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
What were the Jum Crow Laws?
Laws the legalized the seperation of the races in Souther public facilities. .thes laws kept African Americans from enjoying the same services and rights as whites. Such as seperate parks, water fountains, hoteks, hospotals. ETC.
Who is the executive athority of any state? Who for Ohio?
Governor-Robert Taft
What is the Constitution?
A set of laws that defines the basic structure and powers of a government
What is an amendment
An official change to the Constitution
How many andmendments have there been?
What is the Bill of rights
A document stating all of the rights to the people. (first 10 amendments of the constitution)
What is Federaliism
Dividing the powers between the state and national government. It did thiis sho that the national government couldn't prohibit states and people making changes to the constitution.
What is seperation of powers?
The division of the powers of government into three branches:
Legislative- makees the laws
Executive- carries out the laws
Judicial- interprets the laws
President Bush appoints a new Supreme Court Justice to replace one who retired- Check and balance?
The legislatice branch can reject it
The Supreme Court declared a law passed by Congress unconstitutional- Check and balance?
Congress can propose an amendment to overrule judicial decisions
Both houses of Congress passed a bill allowing scientists to use stem cell research. President Bush is against stem cal research but the bill will be places on his desk- Check and balance?
Congress may override the veto
President Frankliin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan December 7th, 1941. Before he could declare war, a check and balance took place- check and balance?
Only congress can declare war
President Clinton lied unter oath and withheld evidence- check and balance?
Congress may impeach the President
President Bush needed an additional $87 billion to continue the war effort in Iraq. Before that money is given to him, a check and balance took place.- check and balance?
Congress can withhole funding for presidential initiatives./ THe legislatiice branch may appropriiate the money
President Bush vetoed a bill passed by both houses of Congress and sent the bill back to congress- check and balance?
Congress may override the veto
Presiident Bush's Secretary of Education retired this week and the president has to replace him. President bush notified me yesterday and I will replace Rod Paige. Before I am aworn in as the new Secretary of Educatiion, a check and balance must take pla
Legislative branch can reject it/ Senate can confirm appointment
A Supreme Court justive took a bribe to vote a certain way on a decision facing the court. The justice videotaped accepting the briibe- Check and balance?
Congress may impeach the Supreme court judge
Both houses of congress take a summer vacation during the month of August. The Capitol building of 100 Senators and 435 representatives is empty. Congress is not in session. A terrorist group from Afghanistan attacked Americal soil. president Buch wants
President can adjourn (call for a special sessiion of congress)
Congress passes a law legalizing seperate schools for whites and minorities. What can the Supreme Court do?- check and balance?
The Supreme court may declare laws unconstitutional.
In 1896 --> 1954 (58 years) people were separated by race
President Bush negotiates a treaty with North Korea to disarm all of their nuclear weapons and become a democratic nation. What must congress do next?- check and balance?
Congress must ratify the treaty.
For the following questions list if it is Checka and Balances, Seperation of Powers, Federalism, Bill of Rights.

Each branch of government has its own duties.
Seperation of Powers
Each branch of government has some power to block out the other branches.
Congress makes tha laws and the president carries them out.
Checks and balances.
The people have freesom of speech, press, and religion.
Bill of Rights
Only certaion powers are granted to the national government.
the federal court interpret the Constitution.
Checks and balances
Congress can override the president's veto of a law.
Checks and balances
All powers nor granted to tha ntaional government or denied to the states are reserved for the states.
Treaties made by the president annot be put into effect unless approved by the Senate.
Checks and balances
Due process is guarenteed to everyone suspected of commiting a crime.
Bill of Rights
True or false: Even though each branch of government has its own powers the cooperation of 2 or more branches is often necessary to complete a majoe government action. Each branch also has some ability to block or called actions by the other branches thi
False- Checks and balances
True or false: To prevent any individual or group from havin too much power, the constitution established a government of 2 branches.
false- 3
Treu or false: Checks and balances divide the powers of government between state and national government.
False- federalism
Explain the purpose of certiorari. What is the required number.
To gain information from lower courts, if they agree to see the case. 4 justices.
"You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney, and it you cannot afford an attorney then the state will prodive one" what are these called? Which supreme court case guarentees these rights to all future suspects upon a
Miranda rights- Miranda v. Arizons- 5th (right to remain silernt) 6th
President Bush's term will end January 20th 2009. How do we know his term is over then?
It is when the next election is. the 20th amendment states the January 20th a term will end. Because of the 22nd amendment which states that a president can only serve 2 terms you know he will be done.
The United States Supreme Court Brown v. board of education was significant because?
It ordered the desegregation of public schools, prohibiting the practice of segregation via "seperate but ewual" schools for the blacks and whites
President Buch recently vetoes a bill declaring Mr. Baker is the best American History teacher in the Unites states. 2/3's of the House vetoed to pass the bill over his veto therefore the bill became a law. True of false? What other opeion did presiden t
False- the House AND the Senate. He would sign it and it would become a law, or let it sit for 10 days and it would become a law.
All government officials are either elected directly by the people or they are appointed by:
Appointed by another government official or agency
What is it called the time in between January 20th and when the President is inagurated. What is the president called?
Lame duck
What are the seven hats of the president?
1. Chief of State
2. Chief of Executive
3. Chief Diplomat
4. Commander in Chief
5. Legislative Leader
6. Party Leader
7. Economis leader
What does the Chief of State do?
The President represents the united States at oficial functions both at home and overseas.
What does the Chief Executive do?
The president runs the Executive branch of the government and enforces US laws
What does the Chief Diplomat do?
The President directs and makes international treaties with foreign countries.
What does the Commander in Chief do?
The President leads the armed forces and can order troops into battle. Only congress can officially declare war.
What does the Legislative leader do?
ONly congress can pass legislation. But the President proposes legislation and signed bills into laws or vetoes (disapproves) bills passed by Congress.
What does the Party Leader do?
As the highest-ranking elected official in the country, the President leads his political party.
What does the economic leader do?
The President creates policies and programs to keep the nation's economy growing and prosperous.
How are electoral votes distributed among the states?
2 senators + number of representatives = # of electoral votes
How many electoral votes does a candidate need to be elected President of the USA?
Which state has the largest number of Electoral votes?
California- 55
How many states have only 3 electoral votes?
7 states- 8 including DC
In chronological order from largest to smalles, list the top 7 states with the largest number of electoral votes.
1. California- 55
2. Texas-34
3. New York- 27
4. Florida- 27
5. Illinois- 21
6. Pennsylvania- 21
7. Ohio- 20
What is the smalest number of states that a candidate could win to become President of the US?
Which is the largets number of states, uncluding DC, which a candidate could win and still lose the election?
What is the role of the House of representative and the senate if the 2004 election results in a tie or neither candidate recieves the required 270 electoral votes?
The house will decide a new President and the Senate will decide the new VP.
How do voters select a presicent?
Voters don't really select a presidant. A national tally doesn't vote for the President of the US. When you vote for electors, then vote for the candidate then they are politically alligned with.
On what day are electors obligated to meet?
December 13th
Where do the Electors cast their votes?
They will drive to columbus then they will officialy cast Ohio's 20 electoral votes to President Bush. After there is a joint session of new congress on January 6th, the current VP (president of the senate) certifies and announces the final results. On January 20th, the new/current president will be (re)sworn in. There are 538 electoral votes. There are 100 senators, 435 representatives and 3 for DC.
On what day does the new Congress meet in joing session to tally and officially announce the new President of the United States?
January 6th
Who is the secretary of commerce?
Carlos Gutierrez
What does EPA stand for?
Environmental Protection Agency
What does NSA stand for?
National security advisor/ agent
What does the department of Agriculture do?
⬢Inform ppl in US of reasons to conserve water and soil
⬢Make sure meat, poultry, adn eggs transported to the US are safe
⬢Assist all farmers and ranchers
What are some jobs of ther department of commerce?
⬢Gather data about patents and trademarks, ocean and costal zone research and economic
⬢Oversees international trade
⬢Lead high-tech industries
What does the Department of Defence do?
⬢Managing places that have technolody-->keep americans safe
⬢Makes sure there are enough US army members to protect the nation against war
⬢Makes sure the Army is trained with the right and bility to keep our country safe
What does the department of Energy do?
⬢Protects the nation by using a realiable course of sound energy
⬢Makes a permanant location to dispose the nations radioactive waste
⬢Protect the nation by using nuclear and advanced science technology
What does the department of healh and human services do?
⬢Try to make the health of maternal and infants better.
⬢Inforem people of dangers from certain foods and drugs.
⬢Tries their hardest to always be ready for emergencies of all sorts
What does the department of Homeland Security do?
⬢Protects the US from being attacked by ppl or things such as terrorists
⬢Make sure boarders shared with other countries will be kept safe
⬢Allow immigrants (allowd by law) to enter the US
What does the department of Housing and urban development do?
⬢Increase the number of ppl who live in and buy homes
⬢Agree with communities for building new devlopments and houses to go in them
⬢Making sure homes being sold are not being discriminated
What does the department of Interior do?
⬢Operating 1/5 of the acres in the US for wildlife loacations.
⬢Help supple water in the west for farming use
⬢Protecting the wildlife environment
What does the department of Justice do?
⬢Inform country about recent terrorist threats
⬢Keep American safe from terroest threats and national emegencies
⬢Plan what will happen in the case of a terrorist attack and what response the US will give
What does the department of Labor do?
⬢Improving the working conditions of job seekers and retirees.
⬢Give people equal change of being employed
⬢Make sure everyone is being payed at least minimum wage.
What does the department of Education do?
⬢Make laws that will give district the materials to teach students
⬢the No Child left behind act is in place
⬢Free trade, legal, and narrow reform, and tax reforms to get americans believe in them
What does the department of transportation do?
⬢Makes decisions on how highways are put 2gehter, how far. where there are brigdes
⬢makinc bicycle paths for kids instead of riding in the streets
⬢Push to recieve more funding from the federal aviation administration (FAA)
What does the department of Treasury do?
⬢Works on strenghening economis grown and creating more jobs for America
⬢Supports the North American Free Trade Agreement
⬢Reduces amount of train accidents and imrproved railroad financial performance so ther americans that take trains have less of a chance to get hurt.
What does the department of veterans affairs do?
⬢Responsible for health care services for veterans
⬢Benefit programs for what they do for America
⬢Make cemeteries fomr American veterans who fought in the war or were on the line of fighting and have past away.
What does the EPA do?
⬢ Works to protect Human health and the environment.
⬢Work to get cleaner water, sir, and land, and keep the public from complaining.
⬢Plan air and global change, water, land, communities, and ecosystem.
What does the NSA do?
⬢Controls the US military operations
⬢Keep weapons from, unauthorized people
⬢Foreign language analysis and reasearch
Who is the secretary for the NSA?
Michael Hayden
What happened in the Gideon v. Wainwright case?
In 1961 Gideon was arrested and accused for breaking and entering. He did not have enough money so he asked to be appointed an attorney. the judge said not that the right to a legal counsel didnt apply to state criminal charges. He was sentenced to 5 yrs in prison.
Did Gideon serve his 5 years in prison?
No. The jury found him not guilty after a unanimous opion stating that tha 6th amendments guarentee of counsel was fundemantal to a fair trial. He had a right to a lawyer because of the 14th amendments dur process of law. They evesually then found him not guilty
What was the question presented in the Gideon v. Wainwright case?
did the States court fail to appoint counsel for Gideon violate his right to a fair trial and sueprocess of law as protected by the 6th and 14teh amendments?
What was the future impact on American History in the Gideon v. Wainwright case?
It extended the 14th amendments dueprocess rule to all individuals rights against accused by both the federal and state officials. Also a fair poor defendent could not be guarenteed without the assistance of the counsel-6th amendment.
What happened in the Miranda v. Arizona case?
Ernesto Miranda was arrested as a suspect in kidnapping and rape case. He was not told his rights (you have the right to remain silent etc.) He was not allowed to call a lawyer. He did confess to the crime.
What was the question presented?-Miranda v. Arizona
⬢Does the police practice of interrogation individuals without notifying them of their rightd to counsel and their protection against self-incrimination ciolate the 5th amendment?
⬢Does the police practice interrogation individuals without notifying them of their right to counsel violate the 6th amendment?
What was the courts decision in the Miranda v. Arizona case?
They said peopel should not be interrogated without being told their rights. The supreme court overturned this conviction so he was not let to any sentence. nHus confession COULD NOT be used against him.
What was the future impact on american history?- Miranda v. Arizona
All officers must give the person their rights which are:
1. Right to remain silent when being questioned
2. right to an attorney
3. An accused person has a right to a lawyer even if they cannot afford one.
⬢Now called "miranda warning" to suspect at time of the arrest
What happened in the Griswold v. Connectivut case?
People wanted to give counseling to married couples about birth control. They were also giving them other medical treatment for that.
What was the question presented?- Griswold v connecticut
Does the constitution protect the right of marital privacy against the state restrictions on a couple's abiblity to be counceled in the use of contraceptives?
What was the courts decision?- griswold v. connecticut
They were guilty. THe court felt it violated the first, third, fourth, and ninth amendments.When you put them together it states that marital relations have the right to privacy.
What was the future impact on america?- griswold v. connecticut
People are unable without degree to help marital relationships.`
What happened in the Roe v. Wade case?
Jane roe (Norma N. McCorvey) wanted to have an abortion. However she live in texas and texas prohibits abortions unless it will save a persons life. At the end she enede up having the baby and putting it up for adoption. 2 lawyers cause trying to make an amendment that they were allowed to control their own bodies. They however were not successful.
What was the question preseited?- Roe v. Wade
Does the constitutioin embrace a woman's right to terminate her pregnancy by abortion?
What was the courts decision?- Roe v. Wade?
The decided the the 14th amendment (privacy) states that if it is the 1st trimester they are allowed to an abortion. After that they are not allowed unless it is like risking to have the baby. By a vote of 7-2 the court held that a woman's right to an abortion fell within the right to privacy (griswold v connecticut) protected by the 14th amendment
What was the future impact on America?- Roe v. Wade?
46 changed their abortion laws. Most do not allow it after the firts trimester.
What happened in the Dred Scott case?
Dr. John emerson owned a slave and with all the traveling he went to territory where the slaves were free. Scott sued stating that because he lived in free territory he was legally free. A st. Louis court aggreed to let him free but the Missouri supreme court overruled the decision and sent him and his family back to slavery. The supreme court then stated that he had no rightsd to sue because he was not a citizen of the US.
What was the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
Provided when 60,000 free people lived in a territory, then it couly apply to Congress for statehood. This prohibited slavery in the Northwest Territory. Fove states were created: Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
What was the missouri Compromise 1820?
Slavery was outlawed north of the 36Ëš30'N latitude of lans purchase fomr the Louisiana Purchase. Missouri entered the Union (statehood) as a slave state. Maine entered the Union as a free state. There had to be an even number of free states and slave states in Congress
What was the future impact on America?- Dred Scott
Because slaves were property, and property was protected by the 5th amendment in the bill of rights, congess has no legal authority to deprive citizens of their property including slaves, anywhere within the US> The ruling declared the Northwest ordinanse of 1787 and the Missouri compromise 1820 unconstitutional. Now Congress cannot pass laws limiting slavery in the western territories.
What happened in the Plessy v. Ferguson case?
Homer A. Plessy a black madn from louisiana, sat in the "whites section of a train ans was arrested because although the blacks and whites were seperate their railroad cars were "equal" Supreme Court justice John Marshall Harlan felt that the seperate but equal ruling was unconstitutional.
What was the future impact?- Plessy v fergusson?
After Plessy v. fergusson case, americans noticed the seperate but equal law. People started to talk about how blak and whie facilities were not equal and the white facilites were better
What happened in the Brown v. Board of education case?
8yr old linda brown went to an dafrican american school which was across the town where there was a white school nearby. Thurgood marshall argued that under the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment, segregated schools were not equal and discriminated against peopl of color
What was the supreme court ruling- Brown v board of education
IN the field of public education the doctrine of seperate but equal has no place. The court went so far as to say that even if all of the facilities in the school were equal (which they werent) segregation would still be unconstitutional under the 14th amendment because african american students might always feel interior in seperate facilities.
What was the future impact on american history?- brown v board
The Supreme court overruled the plessy v fergusson decision, stating that segregated schools were unconstitutional because they are inherently (by nature) uneqal. The court called for schools to desegregate with deliberate speed. This case overturned the seperate but equal concept unhelp by the court in plessy v fergusson in 1896. All facilities/ services used by both whites and blacks will eventually become segregated.
What does the Executive branch do?
Enforce/executes/carries out the law.
What does the judicial branch do?
interpret the laws
What does the legislative branch do?
Make the laws
What are different checks and balances the Legislatvie branch has?
⬢Writes the laws
⬢Confirms presidential appointments
⬢Ratfies treaties
⬢Appropriates money
⬢Declares war
⬢May propose Constitutional amendments to overrule judicial decisions
⬢May impeach supreme court judges
⬢May disapprove appointments to supreme court
⬢May reject appoints
⬢May reject treaties
⬢May withhold funding for presidential initiatives
⬢May impeach president
⬢May override veto
What checks and balances can the executive branch do?
⬢Propose laws
⬢Administer the laws
⬢Appointe ambassadors and other officials
⬢Conducts foreign policy
⬢Negotiates treaties
⬢May veto bills
⬢May adjourn congress in certain situations
⬢appoints judge
What checks and balances can the Judicial Branch do?
⬢Interpret the constitution and laws
⬢Reviews lower court decisions
⬢May declare executive actions unconstitutional
⬢May declare laws unconstitutional
What is another name for the Executive Branch?
What is another name for the Legislative branch?
What is another name for the Judical Branch
Supreme Court
1st amendment
Personal and political freedoms (freedom of religion, speech, press, peacefully assemple, and petition)
2nd amendment
right to keep weapons
3rd amendment
quartering of troops
4th amendment
search and seizure; search warrants
5th amendment
rights of accused person (nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law)
6th amendment
right to a speedy trial (have the assistance of counsel for his defence)
7th amendment
right to trial by jury
8th amendment
bail, fines, punishments
9th amendments
rights of the people
10th amendment
powers of the state
What were the Jim Crow laws?
Laws that enforced segregation in the south.
What is checks and balances?
Although each branch is independent of one another, the cooperation of branches is often needed for major actions
What are cabinets?
Heads of federal departments who havbe advised the Presiident
What is the purpose of having cabinets
To advise the President by focusing on specific areas of work in the country and making the areas better in thr country. They also take work away from the President.
What is the titels of the executice branch for the state of ohio?
Governor Bob Taft
Checks an balances. President Bush appoints Mr Baker as ther new secretary of education. What is the next step?
The senate confirms the appointment
Who is the commander in chief of the US? Can this person declare war? How do checks and balances work in thus situation?
the President of the US/ only congress can declare war
When President Bush appears before congress, he opens his speeches by sayind "Mr President, Mr. Speaker." Who is he addressing?
The Vice President (President of Congress, only breaks a tie) and the Speaker of the house.
What public official is elected by ordinary citizens.
Members of Congress.
President Clinton served as President of the US from 1992-2000. He has taken 8 years off. He is ready to run again in 2009. Can he do it?
No. He has already ran for 2 terms (22nd amendment)
Checks and balances. President Clinton was the 2ht President of the US to be impeached. How did the Supreme Court fulfill their duties?
They make sure the President is receiving a fair trial.
President Buch will have a rootcanal procedure done this Friday. The oran surgeon will use gas, so President Bush will be unconcious. Who si runnign the country. If somethign happens to that person, then who is next. Where is this information noted?
The VP, and after that then the Speaker of the House. It is noted at the 25th amendment which talks about presidential disibilities.
How long is the term of office for a Supreme Court Judge?
Life time
How long is the term of offics for a President or a VP?
4 years (no limit for VP)
Who is the name of ther representative body that elects the President and the Vice President of the US
electoral college

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