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Poli Sci 136 LV SecIII A Issues for study


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In short how does the electoral College work?
Each state is represented by presidential electors equal to the number of its representatives and senators. These electors vote according to the states popular vote.
What formal qualifications for presidency did the U.S. Constitution establish?
That a person must be a natural-born citizen.

at least thirty-five years of age.

a resident of the United States for fourteen years.
What was the “expansive view" of the presidential powers?
In what ways can presidential power be limited?
a)Allowing the president to use what every power necessary to do the job unless it is forbidden by the Constitution.
b)By Congress, and Supreme Court
What factors have promoted the growth of the modern presidency since the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt?
a)The Nuclear age and the Cold War
b)Foreign affairs
c)Domestic affairs
d)Mass Media
What is the usual cycle of presidential popularity experienced by most modern presidents?
It starts of high at the beginning of the term, then it will vary up and down , but the general trend is downward. The President usually recovers some popularity at the end of their first term as they campaign for reelection.
What kind of factors influence levels of presidential popularity?
it rises during crisis

prolonged warfare and stalemate erode popular support

economic recessions erode popularity

scandals erode popularity
Why does the text say presidential press conferences “can be a double edged sword”?
While press conferences can help mobilize popular support for presidential programs, the president cannot control the questions or limit the subject matter of press conferences.
What factors limit a presidentÂ’s capacity to control the executive branch through the appointment process?
The vast majority of federal executive branch employees are civil servants and are not easily removed or punished by the president.

Presidents have only limited power to remove the heads of independent regulatory agencies.
Why have cabinets rarely been used by presidents for decision making purposes?
The cabinet is too large for serious discussion

its members are not necessarily familiar with issues beyond their own departments sphere of activity.

They are preoccupied with managing their own bureaucracies.
What kinds of important responsibilities does the White house staff perform for a president?
Providing the president with sound advice on everything from national security to congressional affairs, policy development, and electoral politics.
What resources does a president utilize in promoting his legislative agenda in Congress?
Offering favors, promise support for a members project, issue or withhold invitations to the White House.
During which part of his administration as a president most likely to be successful in his dealings with congress?
Honeymoon period (early months of a presidentÂ’s term)
What is the most important determinant of a presidents success in dealing with Congress?
Party control, presidents are far more successful when they face a congress controlled by their own party.
How successful have presidents been in their veto fights with Congress?
More than 96% of all presidential vetoes have been sustained.
What factors give the president an advantage over Congress in the foreign policy-making process?
b)Foreign policy requires the qualities of unity, secrecy, and dispatch
c)Special interest groups.Do not exert as much influence on foreign policy as in domestic policies.
d)Constitutional power gives the president dominance
Why are executive agreements so commonly used by presidents in the making of foreign policy?
they do not need Senates consent
Under what conditions is Congress likely to seek an active role in the making of foreign policy?
Foreign economic issues that affect domestic jobs and economic activity

Immigration policy issues

Foreign aid policies

Military spending
What has been the traditional basis for selecting a vice presidential candidate?
Selecting a candidate that is well qualified to be president if needed
Why has the vice presidency been a weak office for most of out history?
Constitutionally, the only role given to the vice President is to preside over the Senate and to vote in case of a tie in that body
How was the vice presidential role changed in recent years?
more responsibilities such as, Campaign Fund Raising, serving as a partisan “attack dog”.

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