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Essentials of Psychology Ch. 9: Human Development


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Which of the following is the best example of maturation?
Prenatal development.
Dr. Rodriguez, a behavioral geneticist, has found that a certain personality trait is 75 2.972067e-308ritable. Accordingly, he might conclude that
Three-fourths of the differences between people with that trait are due to genetic factors.
Lydia, who likes to have a glass of wine with her dinner, is trying to get pregnant. Her friend Olivia, might correctly advise her that,
"Stop drinking wine immediately. You can do damage before you even find out that you're pregnant."
Harold was born a few days ago. His four sisters are standing around his crib, each one trying to capture his attention. Who is most likely to succeed?
Iris, who is wearing her "Cinderella" mask and is swaying softly as if she were dancing at the ball.
Derek, who is five years old, goes to the zoo and sees a dolphin for the first time. When Derek sees that the dolphin has fins and lives in water, he says, "That's a big fish!" Derek's error is an example of what Piaget called
Which of the following children is accommodating?
When Raul said a 'naughty' word to his teacher, she made him sit out playtime. Now, he only says the 'naughty' word to other children.
Yolanda is eight months old. She is currently in her crib, where she is playing with a rattle. As she plays with the toy, she accidentally pushes it through the bars of the crib, and it rolls out of sight. Yolanda does not attempt to search for the rattl
It was clearly demonstrated that Yong-Ku, unlike the others in his daycare group, had entered the preoperational stage when he
Drew an abstract picture and said it was "mommy."
Jorge gets out some clay and makes two balls that are about the same size. He keeps one for himself and hands one to Tim. Tim takes his clay and rolls it between his hands until it is long and stringy. Tim then says to Jorge, "Look! I have a lot mor
Which of the following children is demonstrating concrete operational thought?
Daquan, who is sorting the toy dinosaurs by size.
A one-year-old tripped and fell down. She quickly looked at her mother. Since her mother happened to be laughing, the one-year-old was most likely to have reacted
By laughing.
Selena felt terrible the first time that she dropped her baby off at the babysitter's house. When she came to pick him up, she was relieved to see that he wasn't upset. In fact, he hardly took notice of her return, continuing instead to play with a toy t
Antoinette's baby, Rudy, had formed a secure attachment to her. Accordingly, when she leaves him with a new sitter for an hour, she can expect him to behave in what manner?
He will protest mildly when she leaves, and be very happy to see her return.
Celine is a warm and loving, stay-at-home mother. Ellen is a warm and loving, working mother whose baby attends day care. If the two babies are typical, which attachment pattern will they display in the 'Strange Situation'?
Both babies will exhibit secure attachment patterns.
Silviano, who is seventeen years old, asks his parents for permission to visit a friend over winter break. His parents respond, "Well, it's not that we don't trust you, but some people just don't know how to drive in bad weather. Maybe this spring y
Christine wants her daughter Jessica to be popular when she starts school. Accordingly, she should teach her to
Empathize with others.
Sixteen-year-old Britney has been sexually active for the past year. Her friend, Pamela, is still a virgin. Compared to Pamela, Britney is more likely to
Use marijuana.
Four children were asked to describe themselves. Which one gave an answer that is typical of an eleven-year-old?
Anne-Marie, who said, "I'm Jennie's best friend. I'm funny, smart, caring and helpful."
Dina works the late shift at a local convenience store. She has many opportunities to steal money from the cash register, but she never does. If Dina operates at Kohlberg's preconventional stage of moral reasoning, which of the following will she most li
"I'd go to jail and lose my job if I was caught!"
As a typical, healthy older adult, Sven is most likely to have difficulty remembering
Whether or not he took his daily vitamin.
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Behavioral geneticists are concerned with the similarities between individuals and groups of individuals.
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If research indicates that a certain trait is 50 percent heritable, that means that people inherit half of the trait and get the other half from the environment.
True / False

It is all right for a pregnant woman to have one glass of wine a night with dinner.
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Babies are smarter today than they were in Piaget's time.
True / False

Infants develop a different style of attachment with their fathers.
True / False

Day care can damage the formation of an attachment between a mother and an infant.
True / False

Boys and girls would not develop sex-based gender roles if their parents and society would just leave them to develop naturally.
True / False

Most teenagers go through a period of serious turmoil and stress, and many adults experience a midlife crisis.
True / False

Moral ideas are not absolute and universal.
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Longevity is related to higher levels of education, income, and occupation.
Of the following, whose views of the nature of development are diametrically opposite?
Arnold Gesell and John Watson.
The process by which sperm and ova are created is called
Linda became pregnant one week ago when her husband's sperm cell fertilized her egg cell. The correct term for the now fertilized egg cell that will eventually become their baby is
Hester knows she must be careful about what she puts into her body during her pregnancy. During which stage of prenatal development should she be most careful?
Which of the following statements is true concerning fetal alcohol syndrome?
A woman who drinks moderately can have a child with alcohol-related birth defects.
Which of the following is an example of the rooting reflex?
When a baby's cheek is touched with a finger, the baby turns its head to face the finger.
The Piagetian process in which new experiences cause the child to re-think and change existing ideas is called
Because he has recently achieved object permanence, Scott will now be able to
Search for an object that rolled out of sight.
According to Baillargeon's research, at which of the following should an infant look the longest?
A new event that appears to defy the laws of physics.
Nathan, six months old, is cheerful and enjoys meeting new people. He rarely fusses and has predictable sleeping habits. Which type of baby is Nathan?
An infant monkey named Freddie is brought to the zoo and put in a special cage. On one side of the cage is a food dispenser inside a wire frame that resembles a female monkey. On the other side of the cage is a soft stuffed animal that resembles a female
He will spend most of his time with the "soft mother" because he has a need for contact comfort.
When Debi dropped off her infant son, Josh, at her sister's house, Josh cried and appeared very upset that Debi was leaving him. Later, when Debi came back, Josh squirmed when she picked him up and acted as if he didn't want to be around her. If this int
Jolene drops her three-year-old daughter, Pam, off at day care before going to work. According to the research available, how will being placed in day care affect Pam's attachment to her mother?
The attachment is unlikely to become insecure unless Jolene is insensitive to Pam's needs.
Joy is a new kindergarten teacher. According to Erikson, she can expect that the five-year-olds in her charge will be focused on
Initiating tasks and carrying out various plans.
In Baumrind's study, permissive parents were found to have children who were
Immature, dependent, and unhappy.
One difference between school-aged boys and girls is that girls
Are better at grammar and spelling.
Which of the following teens is most likely to feel embarrassed and have strained relations with his or her parents?
A female who reaches puberty earlier than most.
Carol Gilligan has found that in moral dilemmas, females tend to focus more on ________, whereas, males tend to focus more on ________.
Caring; justice.
In old age, people tend to become more
One thing that longevity is related to is

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