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Maxillary Molars


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what is the eruption ages of maxillary molars
1st 6(6-7), 2nd 12(12-13) and 3rds 18(18-19)
the widest tooth in the maxillary arch is the
1st molar
from occlussal view, the only tooth that can be wider lingually than facialy is the?
Max 1st Molar
how many cusps are on the max 1 molar
what 2 cusps is the oblique ridge located between on the max 1st molar
Distofacial cusp and mesiolingual cusp
What is the special cusp that maxillary 1st molars can sometimes have named
Cusp of Carabelli - located at mesiolingual line angle on mesiolingual cusp
what is the largest cusp on the max 1st molar
What is the size relationship of the 2 facial cusps on the max 1st molar
Usually the same, but if one is bigger its the mesial
Which cusp is the smallest cusp on the max 1st molar - not counting the Cusp of Carabelli
Which cusp is the tallest cusp on the max 1st molar
Which cusp is the shortest cusp on the max 1st molar
at the time of erruption what tooth is the max 1st molar in contact with mesially
Primary maxillary 2nd molar
name the 2 facial cusps on the max first molar
Distofacial and Mesiofacial
The cusp of Carabelli lies lingual or facial to the mesiolingual cusp
Lines connecting the 3 largest cusp tips commonly form what shape
True of False. The faicolingual diamter is >= the mesiodistal diameter on the max 1st molar
what are the names of the 3 major cusps that form the "triangle" on the max 1st molar
Distofacial, mesiofacial, mesiolingual
of the 3 major cusps on the max 1st molar which is widest mesiodistally
What two ridges make up the oblique ridge on the max 1st molar
distal ridge of mesiolingual cusp and triangular ridge of distofacial cusp
T or F. oblique ridges are only found on the mand molars
on the max molars have oblique ridges- they all run the same direction
list the five(counting carabelli) cusps in size from largest to smallest on the max 1st molar
mesiolingual, mesiofacial, distofacial, distolingual, Cusp of Carabelli
The distonlingual cusp's shelf is what in relation to the 3 cusps of the triangle's shelf on the max 1st molar
How many fossae are found on the occlusal surface of the max 1st molar
3, distal, central and mesial
The oblique ridge separates what two fossae on the max 1st molar
the distal and central
what 2 structures separate the mesial and central fossae on the max 1st molar
the lingual ridge of the mesiofacial cusp and the facial ridge of the mesiolingual cusp
Where does the facial groove(coalescene of distofacial and mesiofacial lobes)orginate on the max 1st molar
Central fossa and runs out onto facial surface
If the oblique ridge is not prominent then sometimes the distal groove crosses it to join the mesial groove and form a common _______ groove
central groove
three grooves that run mesialy out of the mesial groove on the max 1st molar are called
mesiofacial triangular groove, mesiolingual triangular groove and the mesial marginal groove
there are five grooves that run out of the distal fossae on a max 1st molar, name them
distal groove, distolingual groove, distofacial triangular groove, distal marginal and distolingual triangular
what is the name of the groove that separates the Cusp of Carabelli on the maxt 1st molar
mesiolingual groove
what two grooves separate the mesiolingual cusp from the distolingual cusp on the max 1st molar
the distolingual groove off of the distal fossa and the mesiolingual groove just coronal to cusp of Carabelli
what is the general shape of the max 1st molar as seen facially
The intersection between the mesial and facial surfaces to be an _______ angle and the intersection between the facial and distal surfaces makes an ________ angle
acute, obtuse
The facial groove terminates in what are on the first max molar
middle third of crown
What is the name of the pit found at the end of the facial groove on the max 1st molar
facial pit(duh)
Which of the 2 facial cusps on a max 1st molar is widest mesiodistally
a portion of what cusp can be partially seen from a facial view on the max 1st molar, along with obviously being able to see both facial cusps
the mesiolingual cusp'
Note you can also see a little bit of distal surface due to quadrilateral twist of tooth
the four cusps of the max 1st molar from shortest to longest are the
mesiolingual, distofacial, mesiofacial and distolingual
from a proximal view of a max 1st molar which surface is more uniformly convex, the facial or lingual
describe the contact areas of the max 1st molar
occlusocervically both mesial and distal are in middle third, and faciolingually they are slightly facial
Just cervical to the mesial contact on the 1st max molar is a convex or concave portion of surface found
The HOC for the max 1st molars is what
Lingual- middle 1/3, 1/2 mm
facial - cervical 1/3, 1/2 mm
how many roots do the max molars generally have
the roots of the 1st max molar are name what
2 facial- mesiofacial and distofacial,
1 lingual
the location where the root trunk becomes the root tips is refered to as what
the furcation
on a max molars the strongest, largest, and longest root terminal root is which one
The two facial roots are generally the same size but if one is bigger it is usually which one
The order of the 3 roots on max molars from smallest to biggest is
lingual, mesiofacial, distofacial
in which direction are the 2 facial roots of max molars the biggest
NOTE: on lingual root is opposite-wider mesiodistally
at the apical third of the lingual root of the 1st max molar, which direction does the root start to lean
how many pulp horns do the max 1st and 2nd molars have
Even thought there are generally there are only 3 roots on max 1st molars what is suprising about the number of root canals
there is 4 root canals usually
Which root on the max 1st and 2nd molar typically have 2 root canals
mesiofacial-because it gets alot wider in one dimension relative to the other

NOTE: can have either 1 or 2 foramina
What percent of 1st max molars have 4 root canals
Does a 1st max molar have a longer or shorter root trunk than a 2nd max molar
1st has a shorter root trunk than 2nd.

General scheme is root trunks get longer as you go more posteriorly
What are the 2 root canals found in max 1st and 2nd molars in the mesiofacial root commonly refered to as
MB1 and MB2
Describe how the roots of max 1st, 2nd and 3rd molars relate to the confines of the crown
The first generally exceeds crown confines, the 2nds stays in confines of crown, and the 3rds are mostly fused and definitely inside crown confines
Where is the pulp chamber generally located on max molars in an occlusoapical direction
Between teh cervical line and the furcation
Which crown is taller(occlusocevically), the max 2nd molar or max 1st molar
max 1st molar is taller
Whast the relationship between the faciolingual measurement between 1st and 2nd max molars
about equal
In the mesiodistal direction which tooth is wider. max 1st or 2nd molar
Max 1st is wider
How many cusps are visible in an occlusal view of the max 2nd molar and name them
mesiofacial, distofacial, distolingual, mesiolingual
The max 2nd molar is made up of how many lobes
The max 2nd molar comes in what two occlusal shaped forms
Rhomboidal and Heart
What are the 2 largest cusps on the max 2nd molar
Mesiofacial and Mesiolingual
Which max molar tends to have supplemental grooves on the occlusal surface
Max 2nd molar
The heart shaped form of the max 2nd molar forms due to what
poor development of the distolingual cusp
The heart shaped max 2nd tends to look more like which molar 1st or 3rd
Is the max 2nd molar longer in the faciolingual direction that the 1st molar
How does the mesiodistal measurement of the max 1st and 2nd molars relate
they are both about equal
Compare the facial grooves of max 1st and 2nd molars
The facial groove is less distinct in the 2nd molar
Where and how big are the HOCs on the max 2nd molar
facial- cervical 1/3 1/2mm
lingual-middle 1/3 1/2mm
Which max molar has a root form that deviates from the norm more oftenly
Max 2nd molar
Which max molar has facial roots that have more convexities and concavities on them
Max 2nd molar
NOTE: 2nd molars have less curvature of terminal roots than 1st molars
In max 1st and 2nd molars one root is blunt, one is less blunt and one is pointed. Name them in that order
lingual, mesiofacial, distofacial
Which tooth has more variation than any other tooth in the human dentition
Max 3rd Molars
Generally how many cusps are found on the 3rd molar
3, the distolingual is not present like on 1st and 2nds
How does the max third molar compare both mesiofacially and occlusocervically when looking at a facial view to that of the 2nd molar
It is smaller in both dimensions
The molar with the least distinct facial groove is the
max 3rd molar
Compared to the max 2nd molar, the max 3rd has a lingual surface that is more or less pronounced
of the three max molars, which one is smallest in both faciolingual and mesiodistal directions
3rd molars
What are the HOCs of the max 3 molar
Facial- cervical 1/3 1/2mm
Lingual- middle 1/3 1/2 mm
The max 3rd molar may have a few as _______ root(s) and as many as _____ root(s)
1, 8(Freak)

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