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psych terms from unit 3


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known as genuineness, conveys trust
ability to view a situation from the perspective of another and communicate the understanding
positive regard
ability to show respect,acceptance, and caring for the patient.
demonstrated through attitudes and understanding
being clear in communication by selection and use of language most easily understood by the patient
ability to express thoughts and feelings honestly, openly, and respectfully of self and others
the act of being responsible & dependable,adhering to commitments, and keeping promises
known as paraphrasing, information is restated to the pt., reinforcing the idea that the nurse is actively listening
pt.'s question is returned by the nurse to encourage patient acceptance of his or her own feelings and ideas
asking the pt to restate or clarify statements, which allows for reconsideration of what was said
reviews & highlights information discussed
What are the four phases that are necessary for the success and goal attainment of the task in the therapeutic nurse-pt relationship
1.The pre-interaction phase
2.The orientation, or introductory phase
3.The working phase
4.The termination phase
which phase emcompassis a variety of emotional reactions,positive & negative
the orientation or introductory phase
What is Transference, and what phase is it part of
the pt inappropriately & unconsciously displases hehavior or feelings toward the nurse
the nurse displaces feelings caused by past experiences onto the patient
Assessment info is gathered to begin formulation of a strong pt database, and Nursing diagnoses are formulated in which phase
The orientation/introductory phase
therapeutic tasks of the relationship are accomplished during which phase?
the working phase
name atleast 3 steps in the working phase can try new adaptive coping behaviors & rapport established
3.evaluation of problems & goals & redefining them as necessary
termination phase
the end of the nurse-pt relationship; the goals have been met,or the pt may be discharged from the hospital.
when does the termination phase begin?
when progress has been made toward goal attainment
during the termination what goals can be formed?
future goals can be formulated
What are some of the goal of a crisis intervention?
return to a pre-crisis level of function.
provide protection
reduce anxiety
what are the levels of care in crisis intervention?
primary care
secondary care
tertiary care
primary care
promote mental health & reduction on mental illness
secondary care
intervention during acute crises to pervent prolonged anxiety
Tertiary care
provides support to pt who have experienced or are recovering from a disabling mental state
promotes rehabilitation toward maximum level of functioning.
What therapy focuses on social functioning rather than pathophysiology?
Milieu Therapy
name some of the characteristics of Milieu therapy
Emphasis on social & group interaction
rules and expectations are mediated by peer pressure
Empahasis placed on pt rights & responsiblity for involvement in goal setting
Emphasis on interdisciplinary participation
What are the three groups in Milieu therapy?
Recreation groups
Crative arts groups
Self-care groups
Which group involves activities such as cooking,ADLs, medication administration,& community government?
self-care group
These groups focus on teamwork, appropriate use of leisure time, & increasing self-esteem by completion of a project. Also, encompass physical games and exercises to allow release
Recreation groups
The goal is for the pt to get in touch w/feelings and emotions though poetry, music, dance, and literature.
help pt who are withdrawn
Creative art groups
What are the types of psychotherapy
1.Classical psychoanalysis
2.Psychoanalytical psychotherapy
3.Short-term dynamic psychotherapy
4.Transactional analysis
5.Cognitive psychotherapy
6.Gestalt therapy
What is Individual Psychotherapy?
tx based on the development of a trusting relationship between the pt and therapist
Classical psychoanalysis
based on Freud's personality
therapist- neutral
involves use of free association
Dream analysis is used to uncover unconsciious thoughts & feelings.
transference- the pt transfers feelings onto the therapist.
Psychoanalytical psychoanalysis
free association,dream analysis, & transference.
Therapist much more involved w/pt.
More intimate relationship
Short-term dynamic psychotherapy
used for more short-term problems
with a specific symptom or problem
used w/ highly motivated patients who develop a positive relationship w/ the therapist from beginning
based on theory that people respond to each other from one of the three ego states: child,adult, or parent.
Maladaptive patterns interfere w/ relationships and effective functioning.
Transactional analysis
cognitive psychotherapy
assists the pt in developing insight into the way that an individual views himself.
through cognitive therapy attempts to alter dysfunctional beliefs & automatic negative thoughts
improved feelings can emerge when the pt utilizes positive thought
Gestalt therapy
emphasizes the creative and expressive qualities of the pt. rather than negative ones.
believes only present behavior can be altered or improved
works toward uncovering repressed feelings and needs
What is Behavior Modification Therapy?
based on the assumption that behaviors are learned and that maladaptive behavior can be unlearned. Specific observable dysfunctional patterns of behavior can be altered by means of stimulus and response conditioning.
name the five examples of behavior therapy techniques.
modeling,conditioning,self-control therapy, systematic desensitization, and aversion therapy.
therapist provides a role model for specific identified behaviors, the pt learns through imitation.
freq. used in combination w/other therapies.
based on the works of Pavlov and Skinner.
a person can learn specific behaviors if they are conditioned to do so.
use positive reinforcement -reward for good behavior, or to avoid negative responses or negative feedback
Systemic desensitization
technique that asst. persons in overcoming the fear of a phobic stimulus.
pt slowly approaches a feared object while in a relaxed state or controlled environment`
similar to systemic desensitization but, the pt. is saturated with continuous images of the feared situation/object until it no longer causes anxiety.
Aversion therapy
used to change behavior by introduction of a negative reinforcer or unpleasant experience. Ex -mild electrical shock
contract is drawn up among all parties involved.
include negative consequences d/t not meeting desired behaviors
Token economy
provides "tokens" as rewards
used to increase,decrease,or maintain a behavior
what are meds given for Alcohol detoxification?
Chlordiazepoxide (Librium)
disulfiram (Antabuse)
meds given for chemical substance addiction detox.
Antipsychotic Drugs are useful in the tx of which disorders?
schizophrenia,panic phase of bipolar, organic brain syndromes
Examples of antipsychotic meds
Phenothiazines(Thorazine, Mellaril, Prolixin)
Thioxanthenes: Navane
Butyrophenones: Haldol
Benzisoxazole: Risperdal
examples of antiparkinsonian drugs
Benztropine mesylate (Cogentin)
Trihexyphenidyl (Artane)
What is NMS?
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

potentially fatal synd. may occur post admin of drugs that alter dopamine levels in the brain,
antipsychotic agents
withdrawl of meds that inc. CNS levels of dopamine
Common s/sx of NMS
catatonic rigidity
profuse sweating
Tx for NMS
Curare based paralytic drugs
Antianxiety Drugs
Benzodiazepines -most common
Non-benzodiazepine :
Atarax, Vistaril
How do antidepressants work?
increases the concentration of norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine in the body by blocking the reuptake of those monoamines at the nerve synapse
What are the three major categories of antidepressants?
examples of tricyclic antidepressants
examples of SSRIs
What enzyme is found in food that may cause severe reactions such as hypertensive crisis and hyperthermia
most common MAOIs
Isocarboxazid (Marplan)
Phenelzine (Nardil)
Tranylcypromine (Parnate)
What are examples of foods that contain tyramine
cheese,preserved meats, or alcohol
Lithium is believed to act by altering______ in the nerve cell.
alters sodium transport
side effects of Lithium
tremors, thirst, nausea, increased uop, & diarrhea

*toxicity may occur if renal function is impaired
What are sedative-hypnotics used for?
short-term management of anxiety & insomnia
caution should be used when admin. sedatives to which pts.?
elderly- dose may need to be reduced
pts. w/hepatic or severe renal disease

sedative-hypnotics should not be used at the same time with what?
alcohol,antihistamines,antidepressants,phenothiazines, or any other CNS depressants.
A pt that is acutely suicidal, refuses to eat, fails to respond to antidepressant meds, or unable to tolerate meds may receive what type of therapy?
Electroconvulsive Therapy
What is required for the procedure?
Signed Informed consent
NPO several hours prior to procedure
heart rate and rhythm are mtr'd during & after the procedure.
supplemental O2
Support & maintain airway
post procedure the patient will experience what?
short-term memory loss
how long is ECT treatments usually gived?
series of 2-3 per week for several weeks

*not a permanent cure

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