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The 8 steps in the audience centered model of public speaking and narrow the topic
2.identify the purpose
3.develop central idea
4.generate main idea
5.gather supporting material
6.organize presentation.
7.rehearse presentation
8.deliver presentation
what is the significance of being an audience centered public speaker?
someone who considers and adpats to the audience at every stage of the public speaking process.
what are the steps to help manage their anxiety?
1. knowing how to prepare a speech
2.being prepared,
3.focus on your audience
4.focusing on your message
5.thinking positively
6.using deep breathing techniques
7.seeking opportunities to speak
8.seeking prof. help
what are the guidelines for selecting and narrowing a speech?
considering the audience, occasion, and personal interests.
general purpose
the broad reason for giving a presentation:to inform, to persuade, or to entertain an audience
specific purpose
a concise statement of what listeners should know or be able to do, or how they should feel, by the time the speaker finishes the presentation.
What are the 5 criteria for evaluating internet sites?
central idea
the thesis statement of a presentation
a popular magazine or professional journal
available in three forms:online, traditional newspaper format, and microfilm
reference resources
material housed inthe reference section of a library;may include encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, atlases, almanacs, yearbooks, books of quotations, and biographical dictionaries.
government documents
mateial published by the government, including records of official proceedings, pamphlets and brochures, and statistical data.
what are the 6 types of supporting material?
illustrations, descriptions and explanations, definitions, analogies, statistics and opinions

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