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Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology Chapter # 5 Definitons


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sweat glands located in the axilla and genital regions; these glands enlarge and begin to fuction at puberty
smoooth muscles of the skin, which are attached to hair follicles; when contraction occurs, the hair stands up, resulting in goose bumps.
arrector pilli
a baglike point on the skin cuased by some irritant, usually full of fluid
small, cushionlike sacs found between moving body parts, making movement easier
pertaining to the skin
skin fold covering the root of the nail
blusih apperance of the skin caused by deficient oxygentation of the blood
excessive loss of body water; the most commmon fluid imbalance; and abnormally low volume of one or more body fluids
the deeper of the two major layers of the kin, composed of dense fibrous connective tissue interspersed with glands, nerve endings, and blood vessels; sometimes clled the true skin
small sweat glands distributed over the total body surface
eccrine sweat glands
false skin; outermost layer of the skin
specialized structures required for hair growth
the loose, ordinary tissue just under the skin and superficial to the muscles
a malignant neoplasm of the skin characterized by purplish spots
Kaposi sarcoma (KS)
protein substance found in hair,nails,outer skin cells, and horny tissues
skin receptor that detects sensations of cold
Krause's end bulb
the extremely fine and soft hair found on a newborn infant
cancerous growth
a sensory receptor located in the skin close to the surface that detects light touch
Meissner's corpuscle
brown skin pigment
specialized cells in the pigment layer that produce melanin
the transitional area where the skin and the nucous membrane meet
mucocutaneous junction
epithelial membranes that line body surfaces opening directly to the exterior and secrete a think,slippery material called mucus.
mucus membrane
think,slippery material that is secreted by the mucous membrane and that keeps the membrane moist
a receptor found deep in the dermis that detects pressure on the skin surface
pacinian corpuscle
small,nipple-shaped elevations
of the walls of an organ or cavity
inflammation of the serous membranes in the abdominopelvic cavity; sometimes a serious complication of an infected appendix
large,moist,slippery sheet of serous membrane that lines the abdominopelvic cavity and its organs
the serous membrane in the thoracic cavity
inflammation of the pleura
tissue below the layers of skin; made up of loose connective tissue and fat
subcutaneous tissue
oil-producing glands found in the skin
sebaceous glands
a two-layered epithelial membrane that lines body cavities and covers the surfaces of organs
serous membranes
the tough outer layer of the epidermis;cells are filled with keratin
stratum corneum
glands that secrete sweat
sudoriferous gland
connective tissue membrane lining the spaces between bones and joints that secretes synovial fluid
synovial membrane
athlete's foot, a fungal infection of the skin characterized by reness and itching
tinea pedis
serous membrane that covers the surface of organs found in the body cavity
visceral portion

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