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Vocab Definitions Week 1


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1. Abeyance
a temporary suspension of activity
2. Abstinence
voluntarily refraining from eating certain foods or drink or from doing something pleasant but not good for you.
3. Abstruse
hard to understand or grasp.
4. Adumbrate
to suggest partly, to give a hint of things to come, to foreshadow vaguely.
5. Alacrity
cheerful readiness, liveliness or eagerness
6. Ambulatory
able to walk or move about
7. Apocryphal
false, spurious, of a doubtful origin.
8. Arbiter
a judge, one who decides
9. Ascetic
hermitlike, self-denial, austere.
10. Assiduous
hardworking, busy, diligent.
11. Capricious
whimsical, fanciful, impulsive.
12. Castigate
to punish, chastise, criticize severely.
13. Chary
careful, cautious, wary.
14. Chicanery
deception or trickery.
15. Chimerical
wildly fanciful, absurd.
16. Circumlocution
wordy language, an indirect, roundabout expression.
17. Contentious
argumentative over a point, quarrelsome.
18. Belie
to run counter to, to show something as false.
19. Brook
to tolerate, to put up with something.
20. Debacle
a disaster or violent breakdown
21. Deleterious
22. Descry
to discern, to see something, to catch sight of
23. Desiccate
to dry out
24. Discomfit
to confuse, deceive
25. Doff
to take off ( usually clothing) as a sign of greeting.
26. Doggerel
comic, sometimes crude, informal verse
27. Dossier
a file of documents, letters and records
28. Dulcet
having a nice, agreeable melodious sound
29. Encomium
a eulogy or expression of high praise
30. Endemic
native, belonging to a specific region
31. Espy
to glimpse, to descry, to catch sight of
32. Evanescent
vanishing, happening for the briefest moment.
33. Exemplar
an excellent model, a typical example
34. Exigent
urgent, demands prompt action
35. Extirpate
to rip up by the roots, to abolish, to annihilate
36. Facetious
humorous, joking in a somewhat inappropriate or clumsy manner.
37. Fecund
fertile, productive, fruitful
38. Fusillade
a rapid outburst, spray of gunfire
39. Gainsay
to deny, to speak or act against
40. Garrulous
41. Halitosis
bad breath
42. Irascible
hot tempered, cranky
43. Leitmotif
a dominant or recurring theme
44. Levee
an embankment designed to prevent a river from flooding
45. Lope
to run at a steady, easy pace
46. Macerate
to soften by soaking, to cause to waste away
47. Malapropism
the humorous misuse of a word that sounds very much like the word intended
48. Matriculate
to enroll, most particularly in college
49. Maudlin
overly sentimental
50. Mellifluous
sweetly flowing
51. Mordant
bitingly sarcastic, incisive, caustic in manner
52. Moribund
being in a dying or decaying condition
53. Munificent
54. Neophyte
a beginner, a novice
55. Officious
unnecessarily helpful, meddlesome, interfering
56. Omnivorous
eating or absorbing everything, feeding on both animal and vegetable substances
57. Oscillate
to swing back and forth
58. Ossify
to become rigid, to become set in one’s ways
59. Palliate
to hide the seriousness of something with excuses or apologies, to ease without curing
60. Pallid
lacking color, wan
61. Panegyric
lofty praise, eulogistic writing
62. Parsimonious
63. Penury
extreme poverty
64. Perfidious
faithless, untrustworthy
65. Perfunctory
careless, unenthusiastic, done merely as duty
66. Perorate
to make a long, formal speech, to sum up a speech
67. Perspicacious
shrewd, astute, showing strong powers of discernment
68. Petulant
cranky, ill tempered, irritable, peevish
69. Piquant
pungent, charmingly provocative
70. Prescient
having foresight
71. Prevaricate
to deviate from the truth
72. Profligate
corrupt, degenerate, wildly extravagant
73. Propinquity
nearness in place or time, kinship
74. Protean
readily assuming different shapes or characters
75. Putrefy
to rot
76. Recalcitrant
stubbornly defiant and resistant of authority
77. Recondite
hard to understand, abstruse, over one’s head
78. Reprobate
a morally unprincipled person, a scoundrel
79. Reticent
restrained, reluctant, uncommunicative
80. Ribald
vulgar or indecent language
81. Sagacious
wise, shrewd
82. Salubrious
favorable to health
83. Scotch
to put an end to
84. Sinuous
winding, having many curves
85. Striated
marked with thin lines or grooves
86. Supercilious
arrogant, overbearing, condescending
87. Surreptitious
sneaky, secret
88. Sycophant
a flatterer, a self-serving yes-man
89. Temerity
boldness, rashness, audacity
90. Truculent
hostile, aggressive, savage
91. Vacuous
empty, lacking intelligence
92. Viscosity
a thick or sticky consistency of a liquid

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