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Word Level One XP Definitions


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Increases or decreases the text by a percentage of its normal size ( 100% )
Choose scale options from the Scale drop-down list of type a percentage in the Scale box.
Adjusts the space between characters. Choose spacing options from the Spacing drop-down list. Use the arrows next to the By box to set the amount by which text is raised or lowered.
Raises ( superscript ) or lowers ( subscript) selected text. Choose a position option from the Position drop-down list. Use arrows next to the By box to set the amount by which text is raised or lowered.
Adjusts the amount of space between characters to compensate for different character shapes such as A & V. Kerning creates an artificial space between two letters that are too close together or far apart. Click the Kerning for fonts option and adjust the point size to suit your needs.
Sentence Case
Capitalizes the first character of the first word of the sentence selected.
Changes selected text to lowercase.
Changes the selected text to uppercase
Title Case
Capitalizes the first character of each selected word.
Changes all uppercase characters to lowercase and all lowercase characters to uppercase.
All Caps
Changes selected text to all capital letters.
Small Caps
Changes selected text to small capital letters.
Will not print selected text.
Underlining style
Allows various underlining options.
Makes selected text appear pressed into the page.
Makes selected text appear raised on the page.
Adds shadow to selected text.
Tab stop position
displays current tab stops and lets you type new tab stop positions in the box.
Default tab stop
displays the intervals between tabs when no other tabs have been set.
Left, Center, Right, and Decimal
are four types of tab alignment settings.
creates a vertical line at the tab stop position and is usedful to seperate items with a line.
is repeating a character used to fill in the blank section of a line between tab stops.
Left Tab
Aligns data or text to the left
Center Tab
Aligns data or text to the center
Right Tab
Aligns data or text to the right
Decimal Tab
Aligns data to the decimal points. If there is no decimal point present, the text is aligned to the left of the decimal point.
Bar Tab
Inserts a vertical bar
First Line Indent
Aligns the first line of a paragraph to indent position.
Hanging Indent
Aligns the second and subsequent lines of the paragraph to the indent position.
Provides other number formatting options.
Restart numbering
Starts a list from the number 1.
Continue previous list
Continues the numbering sequence from a previous list.

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