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Parker U.S. History Definitions


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League of the Iroquois
Powerful confederation consisting of five Eastern Indian Tribes who sided with the British against the French, driving the French from North America
Conquered the Aztecs
Representatives that make laws for the colony.
Adverturers eager to improve their lives by settling new lands.
Toleration Act
Provided freedom of worship in Maryland.
Radical religious and social groups of Protestants.
Cash Crop
Crops grown and sold for profit.
Plantations in Virginia, located along the James, Potomac, Rappahannock & York rivers.Very rich.
Araea of Virginia, beyond the Tidewater area that was forest and rolling hills settled by poor farmer sand former indentured servants. It was overtaxed by the Tidewater area.
Bacon's Rebellion
Rebellion of Piedmont farmers against unfiar taxation from the Tidewater group.
Middle Passage
Passage of slaves from Africa to the colonies. Slaves were sandwiched in and many did not survive the voyage.
People skilled in trade.
New England Colonies
Main, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.
South Colonies
Colonies located soth of Pennsylvania. Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
Middle Colonies
Located south of New England, North of Virginia including New York, Pennsylvania,Delaware and New Jersey.
Mayflower Compact
Laws approved by the majority.

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