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Ch 16 Definitions


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chemical reaction
is a well-defined example of a chemical change.
double-displacement reaction
takes place if a precipitate, water, or gas forms when two ionic compounds in solution are combined.
synthesis reaction
two or more substances combine to form another substance
the new substances produced
an insoluble compound formed during this type of reaction.
represent the number of units of each substance taking part in a reaction
compounds that migrate through earths atmosphere and decompose.
substances that are about to react
decomposition reaction
one substance breaks down or decomposes into two or more simpler substances.
used to combine with one of the reactants.
endothermic reactions
energy must be provided for the reaction to take place.
exothermic reaction
some form of energy is given off by this reaction
balanced chemical equation
has the same number of atoms of each element on both sides of the equation.
single-displacement reaction
occurs when one element replaces another in a compound
a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without itself being permanently changed.

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