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Tarot Minor Arcana Cups


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Ace of Cups
In touch with feelings, intuition, intimacy, love, happiness, fertility, new beginning in emotional life
Five of Cups
Loss, bereavement, regret, self-blame, unhappy ending, loss of trust, separation, betrayal in love
Two of Cups
Making a connection, truce, attraction, happy union, romance, friendship, balance, cooperation
Four of Cups
Self-absorbtion, apathy, going within, discontentment, reassessment, depression, distance
Three of Cups
Energy, friendship, community, uniting with others, festivities, celebration, birth, healing
Knight of Cups
Romance, artistic talent, proposal, new offer/love/opportunity. Actions: romantic/overemotional, imaginative/fanciful, sensitive/tempermental, introspective/introverted
Seven of Cups
Dreaming, lack of focus, many options, overindulging, disorganization, laziness
Eight of Cups
Seeking a deeper meaning, moving on, growing weary, lack of energy, walking away, searching
Six of Cups
Innocence, focusing on childhood, sharing, renewing ties, emotional renewal, recover to deal with old memories
Ten of Cups
Joy, peace, family, supporting relative in need, giving, matrimony, genuine friendship, compatibility, spiritual happiness
Nine of Cups
Wish fulfillment, satsifaction, enjoying sensual pleasure, relaxing, comforts, health, happiness, plenty
Page of Cups
Start of friendships, love, warmth, attraction, kindness, feelings. Be emotional, intuitive, intimate, and loving.
Queen of Cups
Loving, tenderhearted, intuitive, psychic, spiritual. Opportunity to turn inward to examine feelings, good wife/mother, caring
King of Cups
Wise, calm, diplomatic, caring, tolerant. Assistance, respect, trust, good listener, good friend.

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