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Social Studies Chapter 24 Notes


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Spirit of St. Louis
the name of Charles Linderbergh's plane
carefree, young women who wore make-up, short skirts, and bobbed hair, were bold and had more freedom
1928 rep. candidate
Herbert Hoover, won
bathtub gin
homemade alcohol
Amelia Earhardt
first woman to fly solo
1920 rep. candidates
Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, won
"Return to Normalcy"
Harding and Coolidge 1920 slogan
Attorney General
A. Mitchell Palmer
Jack Dempsy
boxer, nickname "Monassa Mauler"
Sacco and Vanzetti
were arrested for shooting and killing a guard
famous dance
opposed prohibition
Ohio Gang
name given to Harding's appointed government officials
1928 rep. slogan
"A car in every garage and a chicken in every pot."
first commercial broadcast
1920-Pittsburgh- KDKA-presidential returns
Emergency Quota Act and National Origins Act
identifies American foreign policy
Ernest Hemingway
famous author
19th ammendment
gave women the right to vote, first election-1920
Coolidge 1924 slogan
"Keep cool with Coolidge"
national sport
Five Power Treaty
limit the size of the nation's navies
Kellogg-Briand Pact
called for outlawing war
1924 dem. candidate
John W. Davis
Charles Lindbergh
first aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, nicknames "Lucky Lindy" and "Lone Eagle"
installment buying
consumers would pay small amounts over a period of time
automoblie affected industries
more roads, highways, gas stations, rest stops(diners), tourism, steel rubber, glass, and gasoline
Secretary of State
Charles Evan Hughes
Model T
Henry Ford, nickname "Tin Lizzie"
new appliances
refridgerators, stoves, vacuum cleaner, fans, and radios
1928 dem. candidate
Al Smith-catholic, didn't win because of discrimination towards catholics
Detroit, Michigan
auto-manufacturing city of the world
silent film star
Charlie Chaplin
John Scopes
taught the theory of evolution to a high school class-illegal in Tennessee, trial nickname "Monkey Trial"
writers who chose to live in another country
movies with sound
were illegal because they usually didn't have search warrants
Gertrude Ederle
first woman to swim the English Channel
Secretary of Treasury
Andrew Mellon
Al Capone
took over bootlegging, controlled organized crime and local politics in Chicago
making and selling illegal alcohol
1924 rep. candidate
Calvin Coolidge, won
Calvin Coolidge
succeded Harding, nickname "Silent Cal"
Secretary of Commerce
Herbert Hoover
Harlem Renaissance
movement of African American culture and pride
Bessie Smith
African American singer
18th ammendment
prohibition, repealed in 1933
illegal bars and clubs
Teapot Dome Scandal
Albert Fall leased gov. oil reserves to companies
Red Scare
the government went after communists and others with radical views
supported prohibition
assembly line
Henry Ford, a mass production technique
Volstead Act
provided the means of enforcing the ban of alcohol

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