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Art History 1 S09: Later Asian Art and China


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There are two types of Hindu Temples in the Indian Subcontinent. The Northern Temples (Shikhara) tend to be __ in shape, while the Southern Temples (Vimana) tend to be __.
parabolic, rectilinear
Two religious movements within Hinduism were prevalent during their early medieval period. The Tantric movement was __ while the Bhakti movement was __.
esoteric (theory)
devotional (action)
Shiva as Lord of Dance depicts the god holding two things. What are they and what do they symbolize?
1-flame:final destruction of world
2-drum:drumbeat of life
Draw a map of India and label the cities of Delhi, Agra, Kalcotta(Calcutta) and Mumbai(Bombay).
Delhi-North center by edge of river
Agra-just south & east near river
Calcutta-southeast on mouth
Bombay-west border in middle
Ganesh has the head of an __ and rides a __.
elephant, tiny mouse
Describe the "Royal Ease" pose.
Buddhisatva-right are rests on right knee, left hand at rest, and left foot rests on a lotus flower
Neo-Confucianism is the combination of what three religion/philosophies?
Neo-Confucianism is surprisingly similar to __ Idealism in that it proposes that the world is the interaction between __ & __.
Platonic, idea, matter
In Chinese art of the Song period and later, (write dates)became the foremost subject for painting
One interesting difference between Oriental landscape painting and western landscape painting is the absence of __ __ in the Oriental works.
horizon line
True or False: The cracks in the glazes of Guan Ware were highly prized because of the contrast they provided to the perfection of the shapes.
Chinese Literati were originally Royal scholars who were denied access to the __ Royal courts and thus turned to art and poetry for friends alone.
The Ming dynasty is most famous for its __.
The Forbidden City is now known as the Palace Museum in __.
In Chinese mythology, the __ is the direction from which evil spirits come. Explain one probable reason for this aesthetic commitment.

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