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To be overwhelmed with
To feel strong emotions with over-interest or compliment or gifts: I was quite ________ with all the flowers and letters of support I received
To talk over
To discuss something thoroughly (esaslıca),to discuss a problem or situation with someone, often to find out their opinion or to get advice before making a decision about it: I'd like to talk it over with my wife first.
To drench
(Sırılsıklam etmek) to make someone or something extremely wet: The sudden thunderstorm had _______ us to the skin. / The athletes were _____ in sweat
Tendency to be sentimental (Aşırı duygusallık):
To overwhelm
to defeat someone or something by using a lot of force: Government troops have _________ the rebels and seized (take by force) control of the capital.
To hoist up
To raise or lift up someone or something (especially with a mechanical apparatus): When _______ up in the sky, the microscopic particles act as multiple surfaces on which the moisture in clouds can condense as tiny droplets.
Glacier (Gleyşır)
Very large mass of ice formed through the gradual (little by little, progressive) accumulation (gathering, collection) of snow in high cold regions: During the Ice Ages , huge glaciers advanced (progressed, moved forward, expand) and retreated (withdrawn) over the region.
Yağış: The forecast today is for dry, cloudy weather with no _______ expected. / Hail (dolu) and sleet (sulu kar) are types of ______.
To sustain (damage/loss/injury etc)
To suffer or experience from these damages, injuries or losses. :
To scour
(Skavır) (1) To scrub; rub with an abrasive (aşındırıcı) material (2) to search an area thoroughly: You'll have to ______ out those old cooking pots before you use them.
To invoke
to request or use a power outside yourself, especially a law or a god, to help you when you want to improve a situation: (1) Their sacred dance was performed to ______ ancient gods (2) To make someone have a particular feeling or to remember something: When we look into (check it out, inspect) the beliefs, we find that rose is much more than mere symbol of romantic love ______ by (used by for thier own purposes) every minor poet and painter
To contradict
To deny, (of people) to state the opposite of what someone else has said, or (of one fact or statement) to be so different from another fact or statement that one of them must be wrong: If you're both going to lie, at least stick to the same story and don't _______ each other. / Recent studies have tended to _______ established theories on this subject
To sustain
(1) To support, provide for, usually emotionally: She was ________ by the strength of her religious faith / The love of my family and my friends ______ me through my ordeal (2) to cause or allow something to continue for a period of time (Devam ettirmek, sürdürmek): The economy looks set to ______ its growth into next year / He seems to find it difficult to ________ relationships with women (3) To keep alive: The soil in this part of the world is not rich enough to _______ a large population (4) To suffer or experience, especially damage or loss: She _______ multiple injuries in the accident / Most buildings _______ only minimal damage in the Earthquake. / The company has _______ heavy losses this year
To deprive of (diprayv)
To take something, especially something necessary, away from someone: He claimed that he has been ________ of his freedom / You can't function properly when you're _______ of sleep
Clay soil
Killi toprak:
Will (n)
Vasıyet: In fact, Roman _____ frequently specified that roses were to be planted on the grave
On average
On the standard or level which is considered to be typical or usual: ___ _______, people who don't smoke are healthier than people who do. / The cities are ___ _______ one to ten degrees warmer than surrounding undeveloped areas.
Torrential (adj)
characterized by a very rapid flow, moving in a fast and violent stream, used to refer to very heavy rain: In very humid cities, heat and pollutants seem to invigorate summer storm activity by allowing clouds to build higher and fuller before releasing ______ rains.
Only, just: When we look into (check it out, inspect) the beliefs, we find that rose is much more than ____ symbol of romantic love invoked by (reminded by) every minor poet and painter
To hollow out
To make an empty space inside something, to make hollow (Hole through underground): Sand carried by the wind has ______ _______ the base of the cliff / During the Ice Ages, huge glaciers advanced and retreated over the region, scouring the surface and ______ ____ countless lakes
To deck
To decorate: The Romans often ______ the tombs of the dead with roses
To wreak havoc on
Bir şey üzerine büyük zarar vermek: The recent storms have _______ ___ on crops / There's growing evidence that urbanization has a sharp impact on climate, causing changes that can ______ _____ on precipitation (Yağış) patterns that supply precious resource of water
To Seize (Siiz)
Take by force, capture: I ______ his arm and made him turn to look at me. / He ______ the chance or opportunity of a free flight with both hands / The rebels have seized ten soldiers to use as hostages
To equate
To consider to be equal: He complained that there was a tendency to ______ right wing politics with self-interest (kişisel çıkar)
overabundance, surplus (aşırılık), an amount which is more than acceptable, expected or reasonable: An ______ of enthusiasm is not always a good thing / they both eat to _____ (=too much) / There will be an increase in tax for those earning in ______ of (more than) twice the national average wage.
Lockstep (n)
a rigidly inflexible pattern or process: the union's support had been in ______ for years /
Connection of ideas, union, and coalition; when you are involved with or connected to someone or something: His association with the university has been severed. (cutted off)
To condense
To reduce from a gas to a liquid:
Male, manly, pertaining to man: Arabs used the rose as a symbol not of feminine but of _______ beauty
Lockstep (adj)
Rigidly inflexible: Groups best work when they consist of people who have similar duties, responsibilities, and missions. However, this doesn't mean that everyone in the group must think in ______.
To sweep
If a road, river, range of mountains, set of steps, etc. _______ in a particular direction, they follow a particular curved path: (Taramak, üzerinden geçmek): The dominant feature on the map of Canada is the two-million-square-mile mass of ancient rock known as the Canadian Shield. The shield ________ in a great arc Around Hudson Bay from far northeast, touching the Great Lakes on the south and extending eastward deep into Quebec.
To tap
To obtain or make use of something: For more than a century, Eastern cities have expanded their water supplies by ______ ever more remote sources / There is a rich vein of literary talent here just waiting to be tapped into by publishers
To pluck sth out
To tear out; cause to fall; to pull something, especially with a sudden movement, in order to remove it: Caged birds sometimes _____ out their breast feathers / He ____ the letter out of my hand and ran off with it / The Saxons equated the rose with life, and they believed that when a child died, the figure of death could be seen ______ (v-ing) a rose outside the house
Sentimental (adj)
describes someone who is strongly influenced by emotional feelings, especially about happy memories of past events or relationships with other people, rather than by careful thought and judgment based on facts: Why be _______ about this old coat? There's no point in keeping it just because you were wearing it when you first met me

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