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Greek Theater History Test Part 1


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What is the purpose of theater
entertainment, expressing feeling and opinions, business, and to record history through playwriting
What did Greece give us in theatre?
Theatre space, actors, playwriting
Theater's were started because of festivals honoring _________
Dionysis (god of wine and fertility)
How many actors were in a performance
three-five lead actors and a chorus of about 10-15. (only men actors)
Who was the first documented Greek actor and what did he do and what term came from him?
Thespis and he steped out from chorus to speak alon and that evolved to three to five main actors and the term Thespian meaning actor comes from thespis
What was the acting syle like?
Large and exaggerated with big and bold gestures.
Why were masks used?
Masks were used as a fixed expression so audience could know the emotion of the character and it also allowed one actor to play more than one character.
Primitive Space
natural hillside (grassy)-not built or manmade. At the bottom there is a threshing floor and in that you could find a priest's robe, a knifeand bowl. Preists would kill a sacraficial goat. People would come watch and sing and dance. The first theatrical experience.
Man-Made Structure
Horseshoe shape with seats within that shape. Seats down front for important people. The area below the horseshoe is the orchestra. and also there is the chorus. On the other end there was a large structure called the skene. with a five foot stage and in the back there was a 2 level structure with 3 doors on the lower and two on the upper. Behind that was the place for props and only 3-5 main characters on stage.
Where did the chorus enter in manmade structure?
The chorus entered throught the parados so they could be close to the audience and out with the orchestra. Tbe place could hold up to 17,000 spectators.
Permanent Structure
Ornate, elaporately decorated. marble, stone, orchestra tiled.

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