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FineArts test of 2-22-06


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Attributes of Manet
"Father of modern art"
Paintings shocked viewers
Attributes of Renoir
Refused to paint w/black paint (punched a hole in canvas)
Refused to paint unhappy scenes
Attributes on Impressionism
1st major revolution in art in 500 years.
Concept = doub blotches of color
Mrs. White's fav. piece of art
"Woman with a Parasol" by Monet
Attributes of Monet
"Light is color"
Took painting outside
Attributes of Degas
Spent time at circuses, ballets, & races.
Inspired by photography & East Asian Art
Attributes of Cassatt
Painted women & children.
She was American
Attributes of Rodin
1st great sculpture since Bernini
Attributes of P - Imp
More concerned w/emotional impact than w/impressions created by light.
Technique shows "movement"
Attributes of Seurat
Attributes of Cezanne
Link between P - Imp and Cubism
Attributes of Van Gogh
Fav. color - yellow
Believed in healing power of nature.
Artwork shows emotion & movement of nature.
Manet's works to know
"Olympia" oil
"The Fifer" oil
Monet's works to know
"waterlilies" oil
"woman w/a parosol" oil
Renoir's works to know
"The Boat Party" oil
"Girl with a Watering Can" oil
Degas' works to know
"The Dance Class" oil
"The Little Dancer" wax
Cassatt's works to know
"The Bath" oil
"Little Girl in a Blue Armchair" Pastels
Rodin's works to know
"The Kiss" bronze
"The Thinker" marble
Seurat's works to know
"La Grande Jatte" oil
Cezanne's works to know
"Mount St. Victor" oil
Van Gogh's works to know
"Starry Night" oil
"Sunflowers" oil

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